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Feb 09 2022

There was a time when crossbody bags reigned supreme, but people used to invest only in a single bag style, but now, the majority of people talk about having a shoulder bag as it is rising in popularity. You may find a number of brands offering shoulder bags, which means that these bags are on their way to achieving their status. ALDO is also a popular Malaysian brand offering top-quality shoulder bags out of the many brands.

Although ALDO is famous for its contemporary footwear, there are several other accessories like shoulder bags for women, scarves, belts, and much more that they offer. The company has the highest standard in providing new trends in footwear and accessories; ALDO has become a very lifestyle brand for those who want to step up in the world. The main reason for the popularity of its shoulder bags Malaysia is that the brand happens to pay close attention to all the details and fine craftsmanship.

Why do women prefer buying ALDO shoulder bags?

No matter what brand it is, a woman and a shoulder bag are inseparable. One can say that a woman’s life is incomplete without it, and when it is from ALDO, the best brand in Malaysia, there could be several reasons why women need them.

Carry their personal items easily

A shoulder bag Malaysia is among the most useful products for women to carry any personal items wherever they go. These personal items include any belongings like their purse, cards, medicines, and most important of all, the makeup items.

ALDO shoulder bag is a style statement

These days, shoulder bags for women by ALDO have become an important statement of women’s style in Malaysia, and it can either make or break their style. This is one of the main reasons why having only a single shoulder bag is never enough for them.

ALDO reflects their status

Another great reason why women prefer buying shoulder bags by ALDO is that these bags have become a reflection of their status. Therefore, in the past few years, these bags have been very much sought-after by the majority of women.

What features the best shoulder bag must possess?

The present trend of shoulder bag Malaysia has not only added up in the style statement, but it is also helping them to carry the useful things without having any trouble. There is a wide range of shoulder bags for women, but the quality may not be an assurance in most of these bags. The following are the features that a good shoulder bag must-have.

High-quality material

The most important feature that one needs to consider when buying a shoulder bag is its material. Whether it is a cloth or any other material, you need to figure out how much rough and tough it is. It must be strong and must be made of a top-quality material so that it can bear the weight of different items.

An easy to carry strap

The shoulder bag’s strap is another important aspect that should be considered when buying, as it should never be irritating when exposed to the skin. Apart from all the other qualities, the strap must be adjustable so that it becomes convenient for anyone holding it along.

Top-quality zips

Many people notice that rough zips are one of the main causes of annoyance, as it really becomes quite hard to open the shoulder bag, especially when you are out somewhere in the market. When you have a smoother zip, then it will obviously become very easy to use the bag. It should contain opening heads that support opening the zips; otherwise, it can become quite difficult to open it.

More pockets

The majority of women prefer to have more pockets in their shoulder bags, as this becomes helpful for them to carry the maximum number of items that are necessary. Therefore, when there are more pockets, it can become very convenient to have different things. Good space in the bag is useful when it is used by the mothers of small kids or students.

Easy to wash

Apart from all the important features, another important part that should be taken into consideration is whether the material of the shoulder bag can be washed easily without spoiling its look or not. If the material is leather or cloth, it can be easy to clean, whereas the look can also be maintained for a long time.

Get your favorite shoulder bag at ALDO with Atome

Besides having a wide range of shoes of good quality, ALDO offers some of the best shoulder bags for women that look good and give a good feeling. From the special fabrications to classic leathers and unique details, you will find the ALDO shoulder bag to be designed with a fresh sensibility that can be referred to as the ALDO look.

If you want to buy your favorite ALDO bag, you can use the buy now pay later option. As there are several BNPL platforms in Malaysia, Atome is at the top of the list because it is available in 8 different markets of Southeast Asia and has partnered with over 5,000 merchants, including ALDO. Atome is headquartered in Singapore and offers a choice of paying flexibly for a number of products and services.

With the help of Atome app, the buyers get the option of splitting their purchases into three equal monthly payments by scanning an in-store QR code or when checking out of the website. Through splitting payment, Atome users can better manage their finances, whereas quality products and services become more reachable to them. In order to get the best products, you can check Atome’s merchants at

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