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Sep 07 2021

ALDO is a renowned name in footwear brands. It has brought the best footwear to its users, combining style and trend with simplicity but prioritizing comfort. You are lucky as you can buy simple yet stylish shoes at one place without any issues. They believe in providing high-quality fashion footwear with affordability to their customers. They are well known for not just their footwear but also leather goods and accessories.


In 1972, Mr. ALDO, a cobbler, started as a workman in the district of Quebec in Canada. From there, his son turned his father’s workshop into a shoe shop. The superior craftsmanship was passed on from father to son. The expert shoe-making techniques soon made them sand out as the best shoemakers, and soon the son spread the shops in first Montreal, then Ottawa.

When the grandson took over, he started spreading the business to the European shores, and from there, there was no looking back. In 1972, ALDO became a brand of shoemakers that believed in providing simple yet stylish shoes that carried exemplary craftsmanship at affordable prices from a cobbler’s shop.

ALDO is dedicated to bringing the best footwear on your feet that is trendy, comfortable, and stylish. It follows the vision and value of its founder, which is love, respect, and integrity. They believe in showing compassion and embodying an open-heart attitude while being honest and conscientious.

The ALDO Group is now a worldwide corporation with 3000 stores across 100 countries. They broke into the Malaysiaan market in 2003 and now have 14 stores island-wide.


ALDO started with a cobbler shop that rose above all others because of its distinct craftsmanship. Their eye on detailing lifted them over and above every other shoemaker. They are committed to bringing their customers stylish yet simple shoes, bags, and other accessories at affordable prices. When they broke into the Malaysiaan market, their main aim was to give their customers a memorable shopping experience.

They cater to the needs of both men and women. Their products can be divided into roughly three categories.

FOOTWEAR is what ALDO started with. They are known for the comfortable and trendy shoes they make at affordable prices.

Sneakers are a must-have for every wardrobe. Whether it’s for men or women, a good pair of sneakers is a must-have, even if not for exercising and just for an add-on to your shoe collection. Men wear sneakers with just about anything, may it be with jeans or gym shorts. There are slip-on sneakers and low-top sneakers that can go with some colorful funky socks.

Sandals are the best when you are just chilling around or lounging with your friends and family. Sandals have been around for like forever, and they are your feet’ best friend in the hot and humid weather of Malaysia. For men, the sandals are available in the shape of flip flops, ideal for your home wear and beachwear, and the slide-on style you can use when going out casually.

For women, the variety of sandals is endless. There is the slip-on for your casual day, wedges to give your feet support during a long, casually formal day, flats for going out or even visiting, slides for your day at home, flatform sandals to give your outfit an edgier look, and the ultimate game-changers, casual heels! Equip your wardrobe with all of these, and you have a new look for every day!

Boots are your ultimate footwear. We all have clothes that go only with boots, so it is another essential item for your wardrobe. ALDO has boots for both men and women that would look great. For men, there are cool, relaxed suede shoes to formal leather shoes. The timeless classics that never go out of fashion and for women, there are the ankle boots to go with their dresses above the knee for a chic look, the mid-calf boots that can be paired with a short dress for a sassy look, or the riding boots to accentuate your legs.

Other shoes are also available with ALDO that are simple yet stylish. For women, there are the ultimate high heels that every woman owns a pair or two of. Put your best forward in these high heels. At ALDO, you will find the perfect pair of high heels for every occasion, or try the loafers, which look perfect for a casually formal occasion. There is a perfect variety of simple yet stylish loafers and slip-ons for men and a huge variety of casual and dress shoes for men, including the lace-on.


Any shop dealing with leather is incomplete without bags. The same is the case with ALDO. They have bags in various styles to please both men and women. For women, the variety is endless. Ranging from wallets to tote bags and everything in between, the bags are stylish yet simple. There is a variety of bags for men, like backpacks, briefcases, messenger bags, and office bags.


Accessories are also available for both men and women. ALDO deals in stylish yet simple accessories like sunglasses, wristwatches, belts, hats, and scarves. Some jewelry is also available.

Why Buy Aldo Products Through ATOME?

ATOME is an online payment service that helps you in shopping by buying in installments. It breaks up your total amount into three easy installments that you can pay monthly. The first installment is due at the time of purchase, which means you pay a third of the total amount, and you can enjoy your shopping. This would help in easing your monthly budget, and you can shop for what you desire. ALDO is a brand that does not settle for anything less than perfection.

They have stylish yet simple products that you can enjoy. They prioritize comfort so that you can choose your style and comfort from the same place because that is what ALDO wants. Giving their customers the perfect shopping experience!! So go ahead and enjoy your shopping experience using the services of both ALDO and ATOME.

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