What Is Ergonomics? How Will It Reflect? TTRacing Answers You

If your line of work or hobby demands that you spend the better part of your day sitting, a TTRacing gaming chair is what you need. Parking yourself in front of a console or desk might sound leisurely to many, but that is not always the case. Similar to standing, long hours of sitting can take a toll on one’s body.

The issues include but are not limited to obesity, raised blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle weakness, poor posture, spinal injuries, and back aches. You can steer clear of these problems by investing in ergonomically designed chairs that boost efficiency while keeping the troubles at bay. If you think the gaming chair at home is plush and cozy, wait until you get to sit in a chair that has been designed on the basis of ergonomics.

Thanks to TTRacing, finding such chairs is no longer an arduous task, as the brand offers a variety of the best gaming chairs in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Don’t knock it till you try it because these chairs will unveil the true meaning of comfort for you.

What is ‘ergonomics,’ and why is it significant?

The science of ergonomics is about creating products, designing workplaces, and establishing systems best suited to people. The study of ergonomics focuses on people’s strengths and limitations and then applies the findings to develop tools and establish environments that would improve productivity and competence. This simultaneously reduces the risk of injury and setbacks. The objective of ergonomics is to ensure that people can reach their potential without having to sacrifice on comfort and sabotaging themselves in the process.

Similarly, ergonomic gaming chairs are designed with the necessary features to counter problems that stem from sitting too long. The back support, armrests, base, headrest, height, and other aspects are tailored to enhance your performance while preserving your health.

This brings us to the fact that an ergonomic gaming chair, particularly those manufactured by TTRacing, is a must-have, owing to its endless advantages. Imagine being able to game for hours on end without feeling the constant urge to stand up or lie down. How great would it feel not to have a stiff back and neck by the end of each day?

About TTRacing

The brand is dedicated to providing a range of attractive and functional gaming chairs that will make you look forward to sitting in them. Each chair is a product of thorough research, an efficient production process, and a series of meticulous inspections. As a result, you are given access to top-of-the-line gaming chairs.  

Moreover, comfort and productivity aren’t the only factors that TTRacing aims for; the brand also lays a great deal of emphasis on durability. It sources the toughest and highest quality raw material to make sure that the gaming chairs stand the test of time. The frame is fitted with the most substantial steel tubes capable of bearing more than the chair’s weight. So, once you buy a chair, get used to it because it isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

TTRacing has different gaming chairs and accessories that you can choose from, each one boasting a unique set of features:

  • Duo V3
  • Duo V4
  • Duo V4 Pro
  • Swift X 2020
  • Surge
  • Surge X
  • Maxx

Here are the accessories:

  • Marvel Themed Floorpads
  • Marvel Themed Pillows
  • Roller Blade Casters
  • Hollow Chrome Casters

The benefits of having an ergonomic gaming chair

Improved posture

Nobody can be expected to maintain the proper posture when sitting down for hours, especially in the midst of intense gaming sessions. Well, ergonomic chairs are here to rectify that. Their backs sport the optimum shape and height to supplement a healthy posture at all times. A good posture is ultimately good for blood flow, muscles, and energy levels.

More productivity

Everyone will agree that discomfort significantly hinders performance. How will you give your best if you constantly have to adjust yourself in a seat? Practically designed chairs allow you to focus all your attention on the task at hand by holding your body in a restful position. Imagine how quickly you will get things done when that distracting twinge of pain is gone.

Less pain

There is no question about the fact that being hunched over a controller or keyboard for hours can lead to neck stiffness and backaches. Fortunately, ergonomic chairs can make that go away by providing the correct amount of support to the areas that are most susceptible to pain. You can finally put the difficult days behind you.

Decreased pressure on the hips

When we sit down, it is the hips that bear most of the weight of our upper bodies, which puts them under immense strain. The seat of a gaming chair designed for ease has substantial depth to alleviate the pressure on the hips. As a result, the well-being of your hips isn’t compromised.


No gaming enthusiasts or office goers have similar physical attributes, meaning that the human body’s requirements vary when it comes to comfort. A good ergonomic gaming chair can be adjusted to the user’s preference in more ways than one. Depending on the model you choose, you can alter the height, position of the armrests, depth of the seat, back recline, and position of the headrest according to your liking.   

The best gaming chairs at TTRacing

The Duo V3

If you are in search of an entry-level gaming chair, this is the one. It features an attractive exterior covered in the latest Carbon Fiber PU Leather. Both the seat and the body are tall and wide, sizable enough to accommodate people of all sizes comfortably. Moreover, the fabric covering the seat and the body is a breathable Italian Elastic Cloth that facilitates airflow and ensures quick dissipation of body heat. Most importantly, the Duo V3 is made with top-quality parts that are made to last.

This gaming chair comes in two different types of upholsteries; fabric in colors Dusk and Dawn and PU in Black, Red, and Grey.

The Swift X 2020

This gaming chair is made to provide a luxurious seating experience every single time. Bigger than the Duo V3, the Swift X 2020 showcases a broad lumbar and shoulder support along with an enclosing curvature. These two features optimize your posture. The ergonomic design ensures that the user’s weight is distributed evenly without straining any part of the body. This chair comes fitted with a plush cold cure foam and premium faux leather.

The fabric upholstery variant comes in the colors Dusk and Dawn, while the PU upholstery one is available in Black, Red, Grey, and Stealth.  

Pay for your TTRacing products with Atome

Not only your back but your pockets will also be grateful when you shop at TTRacing, all thanks to the brand’s affiliation with Atome.

Atome is a coming-of-age payment application that has made most consumer goods and services accessible to the better part of the population. This is possible because when you choose to pay your bill with Atome, the total amount is split into three equal payments. The exciting part is that these payments are free of interest, and you are supposed to pay them at intervals.

As a user-friendly application, getting the hang of it is straightforward. All you need to do is download the free application (get it here) and create an account. The app can also be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.

Another perk of being an Atome user is being able to use it at over 15,000 local and international brands. These include Nike, Adidas, ASICS, Lenovo, OPPO, etc. That’s not all; most brands offer exclusive discounts that only Atome users can avail of themselves. In fact, you get an RM15 discount voucher just by creating an account. It can be used after spending a minimum of RM50.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Atome also brings flexibility to the table since you can use it to pay for in-store and online orders.

How to make online payments with Atome?

  1. Add your favorite TTRacing gaming chair and accessory to the cart.
  2. Select Atome during checkout to pay for your purchase.
  3. Sign in to your Atome account.
  4. Type in the total amount spent.
  5. Use the discount code.
  6. Have a look at the payment schedule.
  7. Make the first payment so that the parcel can be shipped.
  8. The remaining two payments are automatically charged to the credit or debit card listed on your Atome account.

End Note

Your health and comfort are of utmost priority, and nothing should take precedence over them. If a hobby or paid work requires you to stay in a chair for long hours, you must have an ergonomic gaming chair from TTRacing. This will ensure that you give your best without your body suffering. So quit pondering about it and place an order now with Atome.

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