Why Using An Anmyna Face Towel Instead of Regular Towels Will Make A Difference

by jiatongma

Dec 14 2022

Anmyna face towels might seem overrated, but there’s a reason experts always recommend that you keep a separate towel for your face. Some tips can seem small, but they have a significant impact in the long run, and this is one of them.

Keeping a separate towel for your face seems obvious, but people can often just use the one they wiped their body with on their face if they’re in a hurry. You might not notice at first, but when unexplained pimples pop up on your face, you are reminded of the careless mistake.

This article will discuss the skin problems you can face from using an ordinary towel and why Anmyna face towels are an ideal solution.

Why Experts Recommend Not Drying Your Face With a Towel

It might surprise you, but experts recommend that you let your face air-dry instead of using a towel to dry it. There are several reasons you might not have considered.

  1. Causes Acne

Just like it skips our minds how dirty your phone screen is, you probably don’t realize how much bacteria can grow on towels. Since they’re usually in bathrooms, the damp environment encourages their growth.

When you use them on your face, it inevitably leads to unexplainable acne outbreaks.

  1. It Leads to Skin irritation

Towels can be pretty rough on your skin, especially if they aren’t specific face towels. Most towel fabric will be too harsh on the skin, especially if it’s sensitive, causing redness and irritation.

  1. Can Make Skin Oilier

Following the same logic, the harsh fabric can wipe off your natural oils and does more harm than good. This causes your sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum, to become active to compensate for the lack of moisture.

This causes your makeup to separate and leaves your face looking greasy.

  1. Causes You to Age More Quickly

As mentioned, the rough towel fabric can cause wrinkles faster because your skin gets tiny tears. It can also cause unnecessary friction, making you age more quickly.

If you want to continue using a towel for your face, it’s best if you get a softer fabric.

Advantages of a Face Towel over Towel

As mentioned, there are several downsides to using a towel to dry your face, but a face towel can be a great alternative if you don’t always have time to let it air dry.

Keeping a Face Towel Clean

First, you can store it in your room, which is much drier than in the bathroom. Even if it’s beside your skin so you can use it efficiently, make sure to bring it out after each use to let it dry. It’s crucial to clean your towel frequently since bacteria can grow anywhere.

If you have acne-prone skin, you must wash your towels daily unless you switch to one-use options like the Anmyna face towels.

Using a Face Towel Correctly

No matter how high-quality your face towel is, you must still use it correctly for the best results. Remember that it’s all in the details.

Never roughly swipe the towel across your face because it’ll stretch and irritate it. Instead, always use dabbing motions to suck up the water.

Applying Skincare to Your Face

Stop dabbing the towel on your face when your face is still damp so whatever product you apply is layered onto smooth skin.

One excellent option is the Anmyna Nectar Gel, which has Vitamin C and Retinol to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing.

What Sort of Face Towel Should You Use?

It’s necessary to pick your face towels carefully because they have a significant impact on your skin. No matter how many products you use, your skin won’t recover from issues if you don’t focus on the little details.

Turkish cotton, cotton, and microfiber are the most common fabrics for face towels because they’re soft on the skin and are less likely to wear them down. These types are also good at absorbing moisture and are durable, so they’re a good investment since you’ll need to wash them frequently.

Always avoid muslin fabrics because they are harsher and can lead to irritation. Any material that feels crude to the touch is out of the question. Remember that your face requires extra care because it’s more sensitive than other body parts.

Of course, the best option is to let it air-dry, especially if you have time to enjoy your bath. You can use an Anmyna hair mask to add haircare to your routine and enjoy the final results. Drying your face correctly will definitely give results.

Why choose Anmyna?

Established in 2009, founder Manman Lin aimed to bring confidence to women around the globe. The brand started in Taiwan and has since become a household name in China and is famous worldwide.

Anmyna’s strong point is creating products that any woman can use and feel good about herself, from skincare to haircare and cosmetics. It focuses on quality ingredients and a natural base to cover a large demographic.

Their products suit sensitive skin, expecting mothers, and even children. And their face towels and hair masks are popular among customers for their excellent results. The former can be used anywhere around the house but are the perfect pair for your makeup remover or toner for something soft on your skin.

Go for the Anmyna Face Towels for the Best Skincare Results

Face towel prices are generally cheap, but if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin but don’t want to experience the hassle of washing the towel daily, go for the one-use Anymna face towels.

You can use them to dry your face after cleansing, and since they’re 100% cotton, they’re very forgiving on the skin. Apart from drying, they’re also an excellent choice for your skincare routine.

A small pack is just RM18; you can use the towels to apply your toner instead of cotton pads. They’re also perfect for makeup removers because they’re soft and have no added color.

Of course, you can also utilize them for other chores around the house, and it’s also okay if you use them to wipe your children’s faces.

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