Best Kenzo Perfumes to Add to Your Collection in 2021

by Starry

Oct 11 2021

Kenzo Takada was a fashion designer from Japan who lived in France. He was the honorary president of the Asian Couture Federation and the founder of Kenzo, a global brand of fragrances, skincare goods, and clothing. For almost 45 years, Kenzo has been a cutting-edge and well-respected fashion house in the world of perfume in that period. Its trademark smell, flower, garnered acclaim and attention, and it has since created distinctive and extremely feminine perfumes. We have chosen some of the most popular Kenzo perfumes for you that you can add to your collection and distinguish yourself from others with unmatchable fashion tastes.

Let’s Begin!

Flower for Women by Kenzo Perfume– 3.3 Ounce EDP Spray

Kenzo Flower is a well-known scent that has been around for a long time. It also has a smell that is somewhat similar to that of baby powder. With vanilla and black currant undertones, it’s a little sweeter and creamier than the real thing. On the other hand, Flower has a powdery, gentle, and soothing finish thanks to the violet and rose.

 It quickly settles into that fresh powdery fragrance. Here, too, the rose note isn’t overpowering. As a result, don’t anticipate it to be too hefty. This Kenzo perfume is perfect for every woman who wants to smell fresh all the time.

Kenzo Perfume World

A fresh peony scent with a hint of sweetness from red berry undertones-Kenzo World is a recent release; it deserves to be included on the list because of its fragrance and originality. At times, it smells like a luscious berry, with other fruits aiding. Then there’s a burst of golden warmth and flowery notes. It smells soapy and isn’t very complex, but it’s a fascinating scent. This Kenzo perfume is a perfect choice for teens and young women ready to show their maximum potential to the world!

Kenzo Amour by Kenzo

 This Kenzo perfume is a delicate, flowery, vanilla-based fragrance for women that is inexpensive. Vanilla is paired with frangipani, heliotrope, and cherry blossom in Amour. This is an excellent example of vanilla, but it’s done differently.

 Kenzo Amour has a soft, fluffy rice note, in addition to some unique floral components rarely seen in other perfumes. The whole thing has a clean, welcoming feel about it, with a light powdery finish (and smoky incense)—very excellent performance and a scent that can be used regularly.

Jungle L’Elephant

 In addition to having an elegant elephant on the bottle, Kenzo’s Jungle is meant to “get the best out of you.” It’s energizing, with an oriental spice that makes it stand out from the throng and lasts all day.

It is pretty bold and can take over a room. As a result, it’s generally better for usage outside. Warm cardamom and caraway, on the other hand, are combined with potent cloves and a soothing vanilla note. With that spice, it has dryness and a little smokey aspect. Which, by the way, isn’t very harsh or unpleasant. Yes, it has a prominent personality, but it’s still selling after more than two decades. This Kenzo perfume isn’t for the faint of heart.


 D’ete gives a fresh, green floral with a hint of sweetness in its layers. Warm and comfortable to wear daily, it has its own distinct smell. It has a softer flowery feel to it, similar to the entry below. On the other hand, this one is much more focused on the flowers themselves, with a dreamy undertone. While L’eau Par Kenzo is cool and refreshing, this one is a little hotter, with a hint of spice.

Kenzo Backpack for Men

The KENZO backpack collection adds a contemporary edge to your clothes while being practical and useful. Choose from a range of colours, graphic logo or Tiger, supple or leather materials, cross-body design, or big or small shoulder strap. To carry your daily needs, take advantage of the various storage and spacious sections. Wear a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a cap with your KENZO bag.

Kenzo Backpack for Women

Kenzo backpacks feature a feminine, and casual shape yet is functional enough to carry all of your daily needs. The brand’s logo is available in lacquered and curved versions and an embroidered patchwork appearance, giving it a visual and urban feel. The line comes in various vibrant colours, fabrics, and textures and is occasionally embellished with the KENZO emblem or the famous Tiger. Match your KENZO bag with a sweater, a top, or a shirt, combining athletic influence with sophisticated lines.

Kenzo Clutch

Practicality, order, and urban flair are all combined in the KENZO clutch collection. Find the ideal handbag to carry with you wherever in either an XS or XL shape. Thanks to its numerous uses, it’s as suitable for a day appearance as it is for a night one. Shiny finishes with embossed KENZO logos or the trademark Tiger head… these tiny, traditional touches keep the line feeling fresh. Choose from a variety of colours, patterns, and fabrics to discover the one that’s right for you.

Kenzo Eye- T-Shirt

The distinctive Eye symbol, one of KENZO’s hallmark motifs, is featured on the assortment of men’s T-shirts. For a striking and sophisticated aesthetic, the KENZO Eye lends a bit of intrigue and character to these street-savvy fashion pieces. These eye-catching KENZO t-shirts will turn heads and pair them with Pants or Shorts and a KENZO backpack or handbag to get a picture-perfect look.

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