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Nov 18 2022

Titanium is the greatest option since it often will not react on the skin, but still being seldom utilized in jewelry (apart from for manly accessories). CELOVIS pavilion now has a solution for everyone! CELOVIS bangles and CELOVIS necklaces can’t be missed.

This metal, renowned for being robust, resilient as well as lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, has been used in the creation of pieces by CELOVIS Paris.

In engineering, aircraft, and even medicine, titanium is often employed. What about in the world of fine jewelry, though? How does this somewhat “masculine” metal fare?

Using titanium imported from Germany, CELOVIS Paris creates jewelry, elevating this traditionally masculine metal to “a whole different level” by creating chic, feminine designs for contemporary ladies.

There is a piece to fit every scenario in the hectic schedule of the urban professional lady, from basic bracelets and bangles for everyday use to spectacular earrings, necklaces, and stunning rings.

CELOVIS Malaysia sells a selection of jewelry that can be worn in various ways and doesn’t tarnish, bend or break easily. These are the ideal accessories for ladies who lead active lives because you aren’t required to take them off before going to the gym or while swimming. Because the jewelry is hypoallergenic, it won’t cause rashes, itching, or the redness that some women suffer while wearing fake jewelry. The customers could portray a harmony between the gentle and the dramatic design by using CELOVIS Malaysia.

What is CELOVIS?

The first female jewelry company in the market to specialize in imported titanium is CELOVIS. CELOVIS is the only female jewelry company in the business that specializes in German Imported Titanium and is recognized as the “Brand of The Year” at the “International Prestige Brand Award 2019”.

According to CELOVIS, jewelry can communicate a person’s narrative, making it more than just an accessory. Their choice of jewelry expresses what they are both emotionally and artistically. The atmosphere their jewelry emits also symbolizes their brand image and our unique living style.

A fundamental CELOVIS concept has always been the value of personal adornment. Nothing feels more nearby than jewels with a unique touch that belongs to oneself, especially with an on-site gratis engraving service.

Go affordable with CELOVIS Paris

It’s a common misperception that titanium jewelry is pricey. Okay, so it’s not. To begin with, titanium cannot be traded, unlike gold, platinum, and silver. Due to the variety of roles that modern women take, titanium can reflect them. Since tradable materials are often classified as fine jewelry (apart from silver, which is semi-fine), CELOVIS is regarded as a quick fashion brand with prices ranging from RM179 to RM359 in Malaysia.

The night markets are typically where one purchase fast-fashion jewelry, which can be purchased for as little as RM10. Some people could be allergic to brass, which is used in this inexpensive jewelry. If they use it for an extended time, they may experience swelling and irritation in the afflicted area. A visit to the emergency department could be necessary for the worst-case situation.

Most fast fashion labels are made of brass when you buy them. However, CELOVIS uses titanium, which is great for people with allergies.

Because it is identical to the titanium used by surgeons during orthopedic procedures, the firm stated that the titanium utilized by CELOVIS is biocompatible. CELOVIS jewelry reviews will never disappoint!

Collection for pet lovers

Typically, we would regard our dogs as members of our family. We may even treat them more compassionately than our relatives! A new line from CELOVIS is made especially for animal lovers and allows users to engrave their pet’s paw print onto jewelry. You may easily take a paw print off your cat and deliver it to us if you have one. After that, we may have it translated and engraved on your jewelry.

Some of them can even serve as little urns for storing cremated remains of deceased pets. The proprietor of CELOVIS thinks this would signify the deep bond between pet owners and their animals.

The “Love and Eternity” and Roman collections are two of CELOVIS’ most popular offerings.

FRIENDS collection

This year, celebrate your relationship with CELOVIS! Show your gratitude to your mother, sister, best friend, or girlfriend for constantly being with you.

La Devotion CZ Heart Tag Pendant Toggle Clasp Bracelet

This is a top seller at CELOVIS!

  • Chain Length Overall: 170mm Pendant Size: 20 mm by 17 mm (width)
  • Rose gold, silver, and gold
  • Material: Cubic Zirconia and Titanium Imported
  • 18K Rose Gold, Titanium Silver, and 18K Gold plating
  • Coating PVD technology (up to 7 layers of real gold coating)
  • CELOVIS Warranty: Permanent (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)
  • Engraving: Yes, with a maximum of 10 letters.

Birth Month by Flower and Color Engravable Pendant Chain Necklace in Rose Gold

Another hot-seller at CELOVIS you must get your hands upon!

  • Product: Imported Titanium
  • 18K rose gold coating Chain length: 46 cm plus 5.5 cm (ext.)
  • Pendant with a flower: 1.3 cm
  • Pendant with birthstone: 0.8 cm
  • CELOVIS Warranty: Permanent (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)
  • Engraving: Yes, with a character limit of 20.

Georgia Zirconia C Hoop in Rose Gold Stud Earrings

The color pink is associated with compassion, sweetness, and romance. Perfect for folks with a kind attitude who can make others feel better. Buy this perfect piece from CELOVIS are celebrate life!

  • Dimensions: 14mm wide by 12mm long (width)
  • Color: Pink, Purple, and Black
  • Zirconia and titanium are imported materials.
  • 18K Rose Gold Coating for plating PVD technology (Up to 7 layers of real gold plating)
  • CELOVIS Warranty: Permanent (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)
  • Not engravable

Signature couple bangle collection

The Amour Collection uses a pair of custom bangles to help create a couple’s love tale, much like the bond that is as strong as titanium.

The bangles, one for him and one for her, evoke the indisputable elegance of classic jewelry and eternal love.

Get yours engraved now with CELOVIS!

  • Size S is 5.6 cm wide by 4.9 cm long by 0.6 cm (Band)
  • Size M: 6 cm wide by 5 cm long by 0.6 cm (Band)
  • Size L is 6.3 cm wide by 5.9 cm long by 0.8 cm (Band)
  • Rose gold, silver, and black
  • Material: Titanium imported
  • Warranty: Permanent (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)
  • Yes, up to 15 alphabets, including spaces and symbols, can be engraved.

Bold collection

CELOVIS Paris has an entire collection devoted to those who love bold jewelry. There are a lot of articles in the bold collection. Few are mentioned below, but not limited to:

Cadence Roman Numeric Adjustable Bracelet

You should spend money on jewelry since you will wear it frequently. Anything that gives you positive feelings. —Buy Alexandra, a resident of Everett, inspired piece from CELOVIS.

The Cadence bracelet has a watch design and can be used to complete every ensemble effortlessly. You won’t know how fantastic you can be if you always strive to be normal. Grab the perfect and chic bracelet RIGHT NOW!

Lucie Round Pendant Toggle Clasp Necklace

Simple on, simple off. Effortlessly slips in or out of the clasp, the perfect pendant at CELOVIS.

Lucie Round Pendant in Rose Gold with glossy Black Finish and Toggle Clasp. Suitable for name engravings and suitable for regular usage.

Love eternity collection

There are a lot of articles in CELOVIS Malaysia’s love eternity collection. Few are mentioned below, but not limited to:

Amora Simple Love Rose Gold Necklace

This is for someone who respects both oneself and the people around one. Despite what she accomplishes, she is admired by others around her. CELOVIS Paris’s Amora necklace can’t be missed!

You will be the only person in the cosmos. If you take it away, the world has lost its treasure. Always be true to who you are, and remember your uniqueness. Ever had the sense that you were born to stand out? Bring the object that most reflects you or your pals home right now.

  • Necklace measures 38 cm plus 5.5 cm (extension)
  • Rose Gold in color
  • Material: Titanium imported
  • CELOVIS Warranty: Permanent (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)
  • Yes, eight letters, including spaces and symbols, can be engraved.

Fayre 100 Languages I Love You in Projection Necklace

CELOVIS bangles and CELOVIS necklaces can’t be missed. This article is a unique pendant with a love message engraved into the pendant eye using nano-micro embossing technology in 100 different languages. The message is visible via your camera from the front of the eye pendant and under the light beam projected from the rear of the eye.

  • Chain Length in Total: 390mm + 55mm (extension)
  • Pendant Size: 13 mm by 17 mm (width)
  • Rose gold or silver in color
  • Material: Titanium imported
  • 18K rose gold plating with a titanium coating PVD technology (up to 7 layers of real gold coating)
  • Warranty: Permanent (Guarantee Will Not Turn Rusty)
  • Yes, with only six letters engraved.

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Now buy yourself and your loved ones chic and long-lasting jewelry from CELOVIS and win their hearts forever! CELOVIS reviews talk about the brand image and how people love their collections. Get yourself a CELOVIS piece now using Atome!

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