Choosing your next bed with a ripple mattress

by Mavis

Nov 11 2021

No doubt having a night of restful sleep has its own importance for a busy day ahead, and one can achieve it with the help of a good mattress. But when it comes to buying a top-quality mattress in Malaysia, the majority of people may not know their way around it. Although there are many mattress brands in the market, SIMMONS is among the most well-known brands that have been in business for 150 years. It continues to distinguish itself by offering the Ripple mattress, Neckpro mattress, and baby mattress through its modern-day sleep technology that is specially designed to improve people’s lives.

How do you choose the best mattress?

When looking for a new mattress at SIMMONS, you must understand all the essential characteristics, which include the sleeping position and the body type. Once you can check those off, you can go to the next step regarding the specific mattress features, and there are plenty of things for you to consider.

  • Type of mattress

You must be wondering which type of mattress can be suitable because you will be required to determine whether to go for a foam mattress, a spring mattress, or a foldable mattress. SIMMONS offers different types of mattresses that with distinct features; therefore, you need to choose the right one according to your specific needs.

  • Firmness

It is the mattress’s firmness that describes how it will make you feel under the body. You will be getting a good blend of support and comfort from a medium-firm mattress, as it can improve your sleep quality and relieve any pains. It is worth noting that firmness can be a subjective measurement because a mattress that may be hard for one person might feel quite soft for somebody else.

Best mattresses that you can buy from SIMMONS

  • Ripple mattress

Primarily the ripple mattress is used for medical purposes, as it offers comfort as well as proper back support to people, but many ordinary people use it to improve their sleeping posture and promote good sleep. This particular mattress can offer great relief to people who suffer from back pain.

A ripple mattress is made in such a way that you will find a series of tunnels for airflow and a pair of distribution channels. Because of this, the air pressure in the ripple mattress gets uniformly distributed throughout the mattress by avoiding any of the pressure spots.

  • Foldable mattress

Another great option can be a foldable mattress when you are searching for a portable, comfortable, and easy-to-store sleeping surface. This particular mattress is usually made from a variety of supportive as well as ultra-soft foams. When you buy a high-quality foldable mattress from SIMMONS bedding, you can be sure to get a good night’s sleep for yourself and your kids as well.

  • Single mattress

SIMMONS offers its single mattresses in a range of firmness levels. A single mattress is available in many types and a good choice of fillings. It is worth noting that single and twin are the two terms that are actually being used for the exact bed size, whereas the dimensions of both the single and the twin beds are the same. A single mattress is specially designed for minor children and cribs and is among the smallest of mattresses.

  • Baby mattress

You will find the SIMMONS baby mattresses to be meeting the safety standards so that you and your baby can have a good night’s sleep. A baby mattress has a removable and machine washable cover designed specially to offer ventilation and comes with child-safe zippers.

Why do we need a mattress protector?

Those who have purchased a mattress must be thinking about how to protect this investment. SIMMONS offers a solution, a mattress protector, through which you can enjoy the comfort and breathability of a mattress while giving you protection from any allergens, liquids as well as bed bugs.

With a mattress protector, you can make sure that your mattress remains clean even after a single spill, and therefore, you cannot find a better way to protect your health than going for mattress protection. The majority of protectors have a fitted sheet, and one can easily throw it to wash with the pillowcases and sheets.

Use Atome when buying at SIMMONS

SIMMONS has been offering better night sleep to its customers for more than a century and continues with its commitment to helping its customers achieve high-quality sleep through their superior mattresses like the Ripple mattress and the Neckpro mattress that encourage an intelligent and sound sleep routine.

Atome is a leading BNPL company that is headquartered in Singapore and is offering its buy now, pay later solution to customers in Malaysia, and is partnered with thousands of merchants, including SIMMONS bedding company, for a better life through the use of technology and excellent financial access.

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