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This article aims to highlight the importance of a good mattress and share with you the best mattress Malaysia that helps enhance the sleeping quality.

If we are being perfectly candid, mattresses do not get due credit for the important purpose they serve.

Did you know that the quality of sleep plays a major role in setting the tone of your day? A solid eight hours of undisturbed sleep leads to productivity, better immunity, a good mood, and a million other benefits. And what is the key to a peaceful sleep? A great mattress!

A quality mattress might be underrated, but we are here to rectify that. Read along to learn everything there is on the subject, including where to find the best mattresses in Malaysia!

What to consider when choosing a mattress?

A comfortable mattress is synonymous with good sleep. However, since mattresses aren’t the cheapest of investments, it would benefit you to be mindful of certain details before heading down to the nearest mattress store.

  1. Know the type of mattress you want to sleep on for the next few years. Would you prefer a spring mattress or a foam one?
  2. Keep in mind the required size. Mattresses come in different sizes, such as King, Queen, and Single; decide based on how many people will be sleeping in one.
  3. If you have back problems, then an Orthopedic mattress bed might be a good fit for you. Make sure to consult a physician before getting a new mattress.
  4. Quality is key. If you are spending a good amount on a product, ensure that it’s worth it.
  5. If you have allergies, you would want to know about the materials used to manufacture the mattress.
  6. A good, long warranty period is another thing you should check for before purchasing a mattress.

The best mattress Malaysia brands

The top three names that rule the mattress market in Malaysia are Joey, Sonno, and Vono. Now let’s take a look at the best mattress Malaysia.

Joey mattress

Joey mattress was created with the idea of uncomplicating the process of mattress shopping. They believe that buying a mattress should feel no less pleasant than sleeping on one! Joey delivers one of Malaysia’s best mattresses to your doorstep, and that too, at a very reasonable price. The online reviews of Joey mattress will back this up for you! The fact that their only store is online saves you the trouble of going from store to store and dealing with salesmen.

Sonno mattress

Founded in 2017, Sonno offers you one mattress that is ideal for everyone! This saves a lot of time that would normally be spent choosing one mattress out of many. Moreover, Sonno is an exclusively online business that takes middlemen and retail stores out of the picture, reducing the cost and the hassle of mattress shopping.

Sonno mattress

Vono mattress

Based on the British Intalok Springing System, Vono mattresses guarantee a rejuvenating sleep and added support for your back. This is made possible because of the mattress’s ability to mold to your body’s contours. These mattresses have been around since 1896 and continue to remain a popular choice.

Joey mattress vs Sonno mattress

At Joey, you get the Joey mattress only.At Sonno, you can choose between the Sonno Original and the Sonno Lite.
Available in four sizes: King, Queen, Single, and Super Single.These also come in four sizes: King, Queen, Single, and Super Single.
The Joey mattress is made of foam, and it has the J-Foam Comfort layer and a J-Foam Support layer.The Sonno Original has three layers: 100% Natural Malaysian Latex, Memory Foam, and Support Foam. The Sonno Lite has two layers: Memory Foam and High-Density Support Foam.
The foam is a breathable material that ensures air circulation to help maintain an ideal body temperature.The layered design allows air to flow through the mattress to keep it cool and fresh.
Zero Motion Transfer Technology.Zero Disturbance Technology.
Treated with chemicals to repel dust mites.Resistant to dust mites, fungus and mold.
Offer free shipping.Shipping cost varies according to your residence.
Warranty of 10 years.Warranty of 10 years.
A free trial of 99 nights.A free trial of 100 nights.
Worth RM1,350.Sonno Original: RM1,699. Sonno Lite: RM999.

Invest in the best mattress in Malaysia for a better sleep

Before you decide upon which mattress to buy, there is another thing you should know, the three mattress stores mentioned above are all partners of Atome.

Atome is an application that is highly relevant to modern times. Its ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ facilities make it possible for one to shop and save simultaneously! The name is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘Available to Me,’ and this aptly reflects the app’s motto to make everything more accessible for its users.

The application has its head office in Malaysia and is presently providing its services across ten countries. Furthermore, more than 10,000 international brands let you make payments through it.

There are no hidden charges or interest that are tacked on to your bill. You are only required to pay off the total amount spent and not a penny over that.

Even downloading and registering on the app is free. You can get the Atome app from the official website, Google Play, or the App Store. Fortunately, it works on both Android and iOS devices.

Now’s the time to get your hands on the best mattresses in Malaysia!

How to pay for the best mattress Malaysia using Atome

Another wonderful thing about this app is the ease of navigating it. Once you are done creating an account, which hardly takes ten minutes, you’ll realize that it’s just as simple to pay using Atome as traditional means.

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR to download Atome app

It has both online and offline partner stores. While the physical ones have Atome’s QR code on display, the online stores, like Joey mattress and Sonno mattress, mention Atome as a mode of payment.

Once you have added the mattress to the cart, follow these steps:

  1. At checkout, select Atome to pay for the mattress.
  2. Log in to your account or create a new one.
  3. Enter the total amount and apply the available discount vouchers.
  4. Make the first payment and note down the due dates for the other two.

For your ease, it automatically charges each payment to your credit or debit card on the scheduled dates.

Final Word

A comfortable and supportive mattress is more of a necessity than a luxury. A poor-quality mattress can damage your spine and your posture. To avoid such complications in the future, invest in a good mattress that will facilitate restful sleep and spinal health. You now have a decent idea about the best mattress Malaysia, so there’s no keeping yourself deprived of relaxing sleep; buy one now.

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