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by jiatongma

Feb 03 2023

Skin sensitivity differs from an allergy.

Sensitivity refers to a state of the skin that is susceptible to various external stimuli. It is mainly related to external factors such as false care methods, being exposed to wind and sun, abusing inferior cosmetics, etc. Without proper care, redness, itching, tingling, fever, and other discomfort symptoms will often appear.

Allergies are allergic reactions. In other words, after the skin is stimulated by various allergens, it will be followed by adverse reactions such as large areas of erythema, pa pules, wheals, redness, and itching. Allergies are mainly related to allergens, which can be pollen, dust, certain drug ingredients, and certain foods.

Although there are similar symptoms between skin sensitivity and allergies, the severity of their consequences varies. When allergies occur, patients must promptly seek medical attention because the condition is more serious than allergies, and allergic symptoms frequently last for a long time. Therefore, ensuring the type of your injured skin is important to take appropriate steps in treatment.

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is an unhealthy skin type with an incomplete sebum membrane and a thin cuticle. This makes the skin barrier fragile and unable to resist external stimuli to the skin. At the same time, it is also unable to keep the skin hydrated and lowers the immunity of the skin. As a result, various discomfort symptoms will appear after unhealthy skin exposure to irritating substances or poor environments, especially in environment with UV light, polluted air, unclean water, pollen, and cosmetics that contain irritating ingredients.

The common symptoms of sensitive skin are skin heat, redness, burning, itching, stinging, or even redness and rash, which are easily caused by stimulation from external factors. Patients that have sensitive skin problems, they tend to have an uneven skin tone due to marks or spots caused by skin problems. At the same time, skin that has a poor ability to trap water could cause the skin to become dehydrated and taut. Then, their skin is prone to having dandruff, as thinner skin might easily result in damage to the stratum corneum, and the weak skin barrier can let people easily get allergic to cosmetic products. Last but not least, not only the face is often accompanied by red bloodshot, but also feels itchy and red-hot while facing the wind and heat.

There are some ways to determine whether a person has sensitive skin. First and foremost, when someone is exposed to the sun outdoors for a little while, the skin will turn red, and then it will become drier. Although in an air-conditioned room, the skin will also feel dry, tight, or even itchy. This is because the barrier of the skin is incomplete and thinner to protect subcutaneous tissue. Other than that, the skin will be prone to redness, fever, and acne after eating spicy and irritating foods. The problems will also appear after using skin care products that contain irritants, such as alcohol, pigments, and fragrances. When someone notices that their skin has the problem above, they should take care of it to avoid the symptoms becoming severe.

What should we take note of when dealing with sensitive skin?

There are two points to take note of in order to care for sensitive skin.

  1. Do not exfoliate frequently.

The renewal cycle of skin surface cells is 28 days, and this cycle will become longer and longer with age. The horny skin does not need to be removed frequently, as it has its own metabolism. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous merchants who constantly spread all kinds of skin care rumors. They claim that the skin is rough, dull or the product does not absorb well, just exfoliating the skin surface cells will do. This is not entirely true but there are ladies out there who enjoy the smoothness of the skin after exfoliation. Practicing this method will eventually damage the skin barrier, which results in damage to the sebum membrane and thinning of the stratum corneum. The skin will become more sensitive to external stimuli due to the damage. Some ladies practice exfoliation 2-3 times a week. In addition, some of them have gone too far by applying the kind of cleanser with scrub particles everyday which could easily damage the skin. If the stratum corneum is really thick and needs to be assisted to exfoliate, then an exfoliating mask or scrub cleanser should

do the job once every 1 to 2 weeks.

  1. Do not casually smear medication on the face.

While browsing on social media, there are tons of attention-getting posts that recommend methods or medication that can rapidly cease the pimples’ growth. After applying the method for a while, the face would feel unwell and have to stop applying it. Through research, this kind of product contains hormonal drugs that cannot be used on the face, as it suppresses cell metabolism and causes thinning of the skin surface. At the same time, capillary blood vessels are broadened, it will further onwards trigger the red bloodshot. On the occurrence of acne, some people are due to the strong secretion of the skin oil gland during puberty. Sometimes, it could be the excessive mental stress that stimulates the growth of acne, while it could also because of an irregular diet. To conclude, do not look for the suggested methods on the internet because each individual’s skin problems differ from one another. Therefore, anyone who has skin problems, especially serious cases, should seek help and advice from professionals.

Clinelle and its calm+care collection

The name Clinelle is a combination of the terms “clinical” and “Elle,” which means light. The name perfectly captures the brand’s mission to provide high-quality skin care products produced with the best, clinically tested ingredients that guarantee healthy, glowing skin. When the company was first introduced in 2004, it made a commitment to provide products without 1,600 recognized toxic substances that might irritate the skin, promote premature aging, or worsen the condition of the skin. They are dedicated to supplying fresh and cutting-edge goods, providing a variety of skincare and even body care options.

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To conclude, there are a lot of issues to be considered when acne occurs. Acne growth could be due to taking meals unreasonably, lack of sleep, or maybe because of the abnormal secretion of hormones. As such, when people are not sure of the ingredients that are contained in the products, they are strongly encouraged to see a doctor. Through Clinelle, they provide a series of skincare and body care to help in solving the skin problems of modern people.

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