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by jiatongma

Nov 21 2022

Cocodry is the answer to your prayers if you have been struggling with hair problems that just wouldn’t end. If you want to know how to maintain the perfect hair care routine, then you’ve tuned in to the perfect blog. Buckle up as we navigate through the commonly encountered hair problems. These include how to take care of your hair, especially how to take care of curly hair, hair care tips, hair care steps & hair care routine steps, 360 hair care, and how does Cocodry provide the best hair care products and services to you, and why is Cocodry the Rapunzel of hair care.

What are the usual hair problems?

Hair is an appendage of our skin, and just like any other organ, our skin and its appendages are also vulnerable to many disease processes and debilitation. Here is a list of the usual hair problems encountered by men and women alike.

Hair loss

Though most of the problems that will be discussed subsequently all ultimately culminate in hair loss, hair loss is therefore of prime importance for discussion. Hair loss is a multifactorial issue, and there isn’t an isolated cause for it. The common identifiable causes of hair loss include genetics, diets lacking essential vitamins, minerals, and protein-calorie malnutrition, stress, endocrinologic disorders, occupational hazards such as radiation, and other hair problems that eventually end in progressive hair loss.

Dry hair

Dry and desiccated hair is yet another problem that equally impacts both sexes. It is a frustrating condition since it causes irritation and is very annoying for the sufferer to comb their hair the way they want to. There are many identifiable causes of dry hair that include excessive shampooing, relatively high salinity of water used for shampooing or excessive swimming in chlorinated water, excessive exposure to a windy or sunny climate, etc.

Split ends

Split ends of the hair are another marker of hair weakness. However, contrary to the factors discussed for hair loss, split ends are usually due to exogenous hair damage. These include overbrushing, excessive perming, heat damage from straightening and curling, not using a conditioner or using a poor conditioner, not oiling hair that frequently, etc.

Color and heat damage

People wishing to color their hair for any reason are always puzzled by the conundrum of the plethora of problems that are incurred by coloring the hair. In order to color the hair, caustic chemicals are used that damage and break open the hair shaft so that the hair color penetrates the hair for the longevity of the color. However, this comes at the price of making your hair porous, brittle, and predisposed to breakage.

Heating also wreaks devastating havoc on your hair. Though hair has a tensile strength comparable to or arguably better than that of steel, the chemical nature of hair is an almost pure protein (it is made up of keratin), and proteins are extremely vulnerable to heat damage. If you have ever seen how flammable hair is, you’d realize that it wouldn’t be an understatement to call it fodder for the fire. And unfortunately, many hair modification processes involve heating the hair. This includes blow drying, curling, straightening, and other miscellaneous singeing processes for hair trimming.

Gray hair

It is commendable how far the human race has come in self-acceptance. Gray hair was looked up with disdain and dismay not long ago. But in the current times, gray hair is viewed as a symbol of charisma and beauty. However, gray hair is still a mentally taxing situation if caused too prematurely. Senile graying of hair is completely different from premature greying of hair. And most of the time, gray hair is related to stress, poor diet (especially one lacking vitamin B12), endocrinologic deficits such as thyroid dysfunction, and genetics.

What are the usual scalp problems?

Now that we have discussed the usual hair problems let’s discuss the structure having direct involvement with hair – your scalp; and what are the confluent issues that simultaneously damage your hair and scalp.


Of course, how can we discuss the scalp problems without having a foreword about the notorious and devastating scalp condition, i.e., dandruff? Dandruff is a complex condition and has many different forms, some more austere than others. The most common forms include Seborrheic dermatitis, Cradle Cap, and fungal infection dandruff. Other dermatologic conditions can also have manifestations similar to dandruff, such as psoriasis-related dandruff.

The exact pathophysiology of dandruff is complex and multifaceted. There is a genetic component to dandruff, but it is also caused by oily skin, which is then infested with the fungus, Malassezia Furfur, leading to excessive buildup of dead skin. Seborrheic dermatitis is a severe form of dandruff that results in excessive pruritis and reddening of the skin. Cradle cap is a variant of Seborrheic dermatitis that affects infants and is a nasty condition causing crusting skin.

Greasy hair

The oil produced by our skin is called sebum and is produced by the sebaceous glands. However, the activity of these glands is under the influence of androgens. This is why we see a spike in acne during puberty because this stage of growth is marked by skyrocketing serum androgen levels. Excessive androgen production due to genetic, hormonal, environmental, or any other reason leads to greasy and sticky hair.

Folliculitis and other infectious processes

Folliculitis refers to the infection of the hair follicle. Folliculitis usually occurs in a setting that favors bacterial or fungal infection, such as greasy hair, improper hygiene and shampooing routine, and sleeping on dirty pillows or mattresses. A single comedone or two aren’t that big of a concern, but when there is widespread folliculitis, it is an excruciating condition for the sufferer because even combing and resting your hair can be too painful. Similarly, scalp ringworm is also an infection, but this is caused by a group of fungi rather than bacteria called the dermatophytes. And this type of infection is called dermatophytosis. This is also usually caused by poor hygiene but can easily be transmitted through direct contact with an infected individual.

Head lice

This is one of the less concerning issues of the scalp. It is rather more embarrassing than cumbersome to have head lice due to people’s bad social perception about head lice. This is fairly common in small children and uncommon in adults and is an easily amenable condition that can be treated with anti-lice shampoo and overnight application of permethrin lotion 1%.

What can Cocodry give your long hair?

Cocodry is the pioneer of hair care. Cocodry brings the most diverse range of healing options for your hair. It features completely natural, cruelty-free products that are completely free of artificial fragrances, paraben-free, and silicone-free. It is found and led by women (from diverse backgrounds), for women. Cocodry strives to give the best there is for your hair so that you look your best because Cocodry believes that you feel good when you look good. Cocodry offers a blow dry bar that just washes and styles your hair and a treatment bar that offers natural scalp and hair treatment for your hair.

Cocodry has in-store services and also offers a myriad of hair care products (these are not just your basic hair care products). You can shop according to categories, such as shampoos, hair conditioners, masks, scalp tonics, stylers, and leave-ins. Or, you can shop by concerns and hair types such as Normal scalp and hair, dry flakes and dandruff, oily scalp, hair loss, dry & damaged hair, colored hair, and curly hair.

The Cocodry treatment bar is where the fun begins; these are handpicked natural ingredients that are all that your scalp and hair needs. These include Coco scalp treatment, Davines multi-masking treatment, virgin hair treatment, and O’right yogurt treatment.

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Hair care is quintessential for a good outlook and appearance, and hair problems are a real cause of concern and worry. Cocodry is here to combat all hair problems by offering natural products and exceptional hair care services.

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