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by jiatongma

Nov 21 2022

Diet Monsta is well aware of our dilemma; we keep scrolling through the internet, admiring or envying the models/ influencers and their chiseled physique, hoping that we can achieve what they have, but never finding the will or the time to commit to ourselves. Diet Monsta takes all the challenges into consideration for planning the best and most healthy meal plans so that you can get in shape in no time!

Why don’t people eat on time and consume unhealthy food?

In this fast-paced world, people no longer forget to do their tasks; they can get so occupied with work that taking time to eat seems like a luxury. In the race against time, the only window of opportunity that adults find to catch up with time is in the few moments of recess that should be for respite but is rather spent meeting deadlines.

Apart from preoccupations, there are plenty of other reasons why people don’t eat on time, the most important being eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa. This condition is characterized by an excessive urge to lose weight and intense fear of gaining weight that can prevent people from eating when they feel hungry. Body dysmorphic disorder is another mental condition in which a person’s daily activities are immensely compromised by overthinking the person’s physical appearance, including body fat.

As for why people consume unhealthy food, the reasons are diverse. For starters, there is a knowledge gap. People are either oblivious to the hazards of bad eating habits/ benefits of good eating habits or are unbothered by their poor eating habits. This can be because some people don’t see the physical manifestations of poor eating habits as they are endomorphs and appear lean.

Another very important reason people eat unhealthy food is that eating healthier alternatives is often quite expensive. Most people who spend a considerable amount of their time at work have no time for healthy meal prep (which is the cheapest option of all). So as a result, most people resort to consuming canned foods, instant noodles, frozen foods, and junk food. While all this is easy on the pocket, it comes at a dire cost to your health.

And lastly, the simplest reason why people consume unhealthy food is simply that it is irresistibly tantalizing. It is an unfortunate conundrum that the higher calorie foods are delicious, but the healthier alternatives are unappetizing and unpalatable. Going on a diet and eating healthy is easier said than done because there’s compelling science to back this up. Junk food triggers the same dopaminergic pathway in our brains as an addictive substance does.

Disadvantages of not eating on time and an unhealthy diet

The disadvantages of not eating on time are based on a spectrum; there is a range of issues, but they all depend on the duration of this habit. Having a predetermined number of hours of fasting is actually healthy and forms the basis of intermittent fasting. This is good because it helps you lose weight by going into the calorie deficit state and is comprised of the duration in which your body goes into the state of gluconeogenesis to burn the stored fats (and proteins to some extent). This reduced the body fat percentage, improving insulin sensitivity and lowering many parameters of metabolic syndrome such as lipid levels, hypertension, and diabetes.

However, deliberately starving yourself for undue periods of time or not being able to eat due to a chaotic work life results in unwanted repercussions. For starters, recurrent bouts of famishing yourself over many weeks can result in the development of gastritis, which, if left unchecked, can result in gastric and duodenal ulcers. These ulcers are dangerous because unhealed ulcers can develop into stomach cancer in a chronic setting. And in the acute setting, these ulcers can erode into the rich blood vessel network that supplies these two organs, resulting in hemorrhage and subsequent death from exsanguination.

Prolonging or mistiming fasts can result in plummeting blood sugar levels throughout the day. As a result, you feel lethargic and drowsy, and your cognition and performance take a nosedive. Your daily activities are seized by slumber, and you’re incapacitated to do your daily life activities. Apart from this, lower energy levels destroy your libido and cause sharp declines in blood pressure that can result in road traffic accidents. More commonly, a person is likely to go into hypoglycemic shock, which is rapidly fatal and comatose the person and precipitate into death.

Apart from the more austere and sinister impacts of not eating on time, there’s also the fact that if you’re deliberately skipping meals, then you’re incurring the following peril as well: you get over-hungry through these bouts of self-induced starvation, and when you finally break your fast, you can over-eat and consume much greater calories than you otherwise would have, if you observed a healthy space in food consumption. Moreover, prolonged hunger strikes make you crave low-satiety, high-calorie foods such as confectionary and fried foods, jeopardizing your entire aim of weight loss.

Another potentially harmful manifestation of not eating on time is the toll it takes on your body when you’re relentlessly starving yourself and pressing beyond the acceptable limits of calorie deficit. Your skin and its appendages are directly affected. Your body is indiscriminate in breaking down proteins and fats for energy when it’s in survival mode. This means that the collagen that makes your skin firm and tight can also take a bullet, making your skin sag. Your hair and nails become quite frail and brittle. Your body begins to break proteins in your bones and hemoglobin, resulting in brittle bones (osteoporosis) and anemia.

Now onto the other extreme that tips the balance of order: an unhealthy diet. Eating unhealthy results in excessive blood sugar levels, which desensitizes the body to insulin, resulting in the development of type II diabetes mellitus. Moreover, these excess sugars are converted to lipids and sorbitol. Sorbitol is an osmotically active compound that results in cells getting swelled up. And this is responsible for many manifestations of diabetic neuropathy, retinopathy, and nephropathy. The excess lipids can precipitate a variety of cardiovascular events, such as strokes, heart attacks, and peripheral vascular diseases. Another less commonly discussed side effect of increased body fat, especially the subcutaneous fat, are the endocrinologic manifestations of fat. Fat converts the androgens to estrogens that can result in the effemination of men and the unfortunate physical manifestation, i.e., gynecomastia.

How can Diet Monsta help us?

Diet Monsta believes that you don’t have to eat less; you just have to eat right. Diet Monsta is here to help you stay in shape with healthy meal plans that cater to different goals (goal-based meals) such as muscle gain, eating well, weight loss (low carb and no carb), and custom meal plan.

Apart from the healthy meal plans, Diet Monsta is also active in healthy meal prep – you can have healthy meals delivered to your doorstep or your workspace! The best thing about Diet Monsta is that you get affordable healthy meals delivery to your doorstep, decreasing the need to rely on junk and high-calorie foods. And since Diet Monsta believes that you don’t have to eat less, you have to eat right; you can also have the correct proportion of healthy fast food meals from Diet Monsta.

Diet Monsta offers low-calorie and well-balanced nutrients that are fresh and completely natural. Diet Monsta is here to satisfy your taste buds so that your dieting is as rewarding as possible.

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Diet Monsta is an expert specializing in healthy food delivery in Malaysia that centers its attention on fitness and wellness journey to help you reach your dream body goals while adjusting to your hustling and bustling life. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or build muscle, Diet Monsta covers it all!

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