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by jiatongma

Dec 14 2022

No other meal hits the spot like a midnight snack speedily thrown together with minimum effort. The most amazing part is that there are no rules when it comes to preparing a late-night snack! You have the freedom to try out combinations previously unheard of, invent new dishes, experiment with the meager ingredients at hand, or stir up the usual dish. Each recipe may not be a success, but the process is always worth it.

The satisfaction and joy of hitting play on a movie or TV series as you dig into a plate of goodness are unmatched! It is a small window in time when you can let yourself get lost in the visuals playing on screen and the flavors coating your palate, forgoing all the stress that had a hold on you throughout the day.

However, not everyone wants to test their culinary skills during the late hours of the night, so it is store-bought snacks that come to their rescue! Even more low effort and just as scrumptious, these readymade meals need around five minutes of heating before you can gorge on them. Since midnight snacking is so important to us, it is essential to get them from a place where each option is more delicious than the next, and luckily we have DoYoo Malaysia for that! You can shop at the superstore for almost everything, including ready-to-eat meals that will make your mouth water!

Easy midnight snacks to make in 5 minutes

If you are short on time and prefer home-cooked meals, you will find this section extremely helpful.

Something savory

  1. Shred some leftover chicken and mix it with salt, back pepper, red chili flakes, and BBQ sauce.
  2. On a large plate, lay down a layer of tortilla chips or your favorite chips, whatever is readily available.
  3. Top it with the chicken mixture, chopped vegetables, and a boatload of cheese.
  4. Microwave it for 2 – 3 minutes or until the cheese is golden and molten.
  5. Enjoy as is or with some guacamole and sour cream!

Something sweet

  1. Melt some butter in a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Finely crush some graham crackers or similar cookies and add them to the butter.
  3. Give it a thorough mix and press the mixture into an even layer inside the bowl using the back of a spoon.
  4. In a separate bowl, incorporate cream cheese with a couple of drops of vanilla and sugar to taste.
  5. Spread the cream cheese filling on top of the graham cracker base.
  6. Microwave it for 3 – 4 minutes in 45-second long intervals to keep it from getting overcooked.
  7. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours before devouring it!

Another savory option

  1. In a large bowl, whisk an egg with salt, black pepper, red chili flakes, oregano, and milk.
  2. Put a frying pan over a medium flame and melt some butter in it.
  3. Take a few slices of whatever bread is available – bonus if it is a day old – and dip it into the egg mixture.
  4. Add them to the pan and make sure not to overcrowd it.
  5. After both sides of the bread are golden and toasted, add a handful of cheese to one side, cover the pan, and give it a minute to melt over a gentle flame.
  6. Enjoy it with your favorite condiments.

Readymade deliciousness at DoYoo

DoYoo Malaysia has a host of ready-to-eat options from various cuisines that you can heat up during the day or enjoy as a midnight meal. Have a look at some of the appetizing dishes.

Fruit and Yogurt

If you identify as a sweet tooth and are looking for a nutritious option to snack on during the night, these Fruit and Yogurt cubes from DoYoo are going to be a game changer. These adorable-looking bite-sized cubes are prepared from 100 percent original fruit and fresh yogurt, so you can binge on them without feeling guilty! They also contain active probiotics to boost bowel movements and overall gut health. They come in four indulgent flavors: Strawberry Yogurt, Mango Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt, and Yellow Peach Yogurt.

Nongfu Spring – Chawu

This fruit-flavored tea has the potential to become your favorite beverage! You can sip it during the day or pair it with your favorite snack to binge on. This refreshing drink will also stave off the heat and keep you feeling fresh. You will find the Master Kong Mango Cheese or Jasmine Honey Tea flavors at DoYoo.

Taro Flow Core Crisp

This authentic Japanese snack will have you licking your fingers clean! This sensational treat has quite the hype surrounding it, and rightfully so. The crispy exterior of these taro cakes has a hearty center of salted egg yolk; these flavors strike the perfect balance between sweet and salty. The Taro Flow Core Crisp’s unique flavor profile will make a fan out of you.

Effects of midnight snacking on your body

It is time to let the harsh reality in; no matter how much we love a late-night binging session, it is not the healthiest of practices. If you find yourself having a hearty post-dinner snack more often than not, it is time to address the issue. This fact check might motivate you to break the habit.

  • Since our body expects us to rest at night, most processes, including metabolism, slow down during nighttime. Slow metabolism may cause the calories from your midnight snack to be stored as fat.
  • This will induce some unease, but a slow metabolism can also lead to bloating and abdominal discomfort due to gas.
  • If you lean towards sweeter snacks, the sugar rush might counteract oncoming sleep, making it difficult for you to get in some sleep.
  • Laying down to sleep on a full stomach can prove to be an ordeal, especially if you prefer falling asleep on your stomach. You may end up restless for some time before drifting off.
  • A poor night’s sleep will have adverse effects on the following day; you may feel low on energy, experience a lack of motivation, or be irritable and cranky.

So, does this mean that you will have to live a dull life devoid of the luxury known as midnight snacking? Absolutely not! If you wish to continue this gratifying practice, be a little mindful about it:

  • Cut down the number of late-night snacks you consume on a weekly basis.
  • Switch to healthier alternatives that do not wreak havoc on your metabolism.
  • Eat a smaller portion than you usually would.

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