Everything You Must Know about Lash lab

by Starry

Oct 25 2021

Lash Lab is among the pioneers of the eyelash extension business in Malaysia, and their priority is to provide the best eyelash extension services. Lash Lab not only offers you customized lash services, but it allows you to choose among various extension styles like the cat eye, doll eye and more.

These days, many people think about eyelash extensions due to the exciting eyelash styles available out there in the market. With Lash Lab, you don’t have to wait any longer to let others take notice of you by grabbing the perfect eyelash extensions to make a statement.

What are eyelash extensions?

Many people confuse eyelash extensions with false eyelashes that are readily available, and one can put them on at home. When we talk about the lash extensions, these can be applied with the semi-permanent adhesive to the individual eyelashes by a professional. Usually, the lash extensions are applied only to the top lash line and not the bottom ones, but each rule can be extended.

Lab Lash professionals help you to apply for the lash extensions individually as well as in clusters. You can also get a complete set, so these can be applied to the individual lashes or the partial ones; the extensions can be attached to the lashes from the mid to the outer layer of the lash line.

Eyelash extension styles

When you pick out the right lash extensions from Lash Lab, our lash will help you choose the right style. The following eyelash extension styles can give you an incredible feeling instantly.

  • Doll eye eyelash extensions

This is one of the favorite eyelash extension styles of the majority of women and is considered ideal for downturned or wide-set eyes. The doll eye eyelash extensions use either hybrid or volume lashes by having longer lashes in the mid as compared to the corners. Because of this placement, your eyes will get opened and appear more prominent than usual.

  • Cat eye eyelash extensions

These eyelashes are in hot demand these days and are seen in magazines and runways alike. The cat eye eyelash extensions are for the ones whose eyes are close-set and round. Even with the classic lashes, this style can work well, while at the outside corners, the longest ones are given the place; therefore, it gives an appearance that is exotic and cat-like.

  • Staggered eyelash extensions

Compared to the doll and cat eye eyelash extension styles, the staggered is a sort of a mixture of the short and long eyelashes that may be combined altogether. A single area does not receive the longest lashes, and this particular style works great for the ones who have plenty of natural lashes and can be a superb option for a whole appearance.

Lash serum for extensions

There is no doubt that lash extensions are capable of boosting your lash look to an entirely new level. In order to keep the natural eyelashes healthy, Lab Lash recommends lash serums to be used for the extensions.

In order to have a healthy eyelash maintenance routine, you need a lash serum to keep the lashes healthy. It is worth noting that if you don’t use a serum, your lashes may become brittle and might be damaged permanently.

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