Fun Valentine’s Day makeup looks

by Starry

Aug 21 2023

Every makeup enthusiast knows the importance of flawless eyeliner. It ties the entire look together, taking it to another level. Sadly, getting your eyeliner right is the most challenging part of makeup, more so than blending. On some days, it is impossible to get both sides to match.All makeup lovers will agree that much time, effort, trial and error, and money go into perfecting a decent makeup routine and figuring out what works for you. In addition to skills, product quality also plays a pivotal role in determining how satisfying the final look will be. This is why getting your hands on trusted products from the best cosmetic retailers is essential. So, if you have been thinking about upgrading your cosmetics collection, now is the time. Keep reading for more information and some fabulous Valentine’s Day makeup inspiration.

Pink graphic eyeliner

This Valentine’s Day, let your eye makeup do all the talking! Bring out your pink eyeshadow palettes and pink eyeliner pencils for the perfect Valentine’s-themed look. Use a good eyeshadow primer and a neutral-colored shadow to prepare a base for your eye makeup. Create a fabulous look by blending different shades of pink, and top it off with bright pink eyeliner. Try something new on this special occasion; swap out your regular eyeliner style for a double-winged eyeliner. You can use YouTube and Pinterest for guidance and inspiration. Since your eye makeup is supposed to be the star of the look, go for a subtle blush and use nude pink or brown lipstick. You can find a variety of colored eyeliner pencils at Sephora from different brands. It is well-known for being home to the best cosmetic brands, and you can restock your entire collection.

Bejewel your face

Imagine tiny red crystals in the shape of hearts and stars adorning your face. Now, that’s a unique and easy look worth trying! Do your makeup as usual, and apply the crystals however you like; you can go on the internet for inspiration. You will also need tweezers and eyelash glue; remember to do a patch test with the adhesive.A great way to incorporate crystals into your makeup would be to pair them with smokey red eyes. You can apply the crystals to extend upwards and outwards from the corner of your eye. You can finish the look by adding a crystal under the center of each eye. Keep in mind that removing the crystals will take time and a high-quality makeup remover. One of Atome’s affiliate brands, MLEN, carries makeup remover wipes that will do the job effectively without damaging your skin. These are perfect for when you are feeling lazy, as the breakthrough technology removes makeup in three seconds! MLEN makeup remover wipes are made from fine velvet spun lace cotton and come in Orange Blossom and Chamomile.

Paint some hearts

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like hearts. Paint some cute hearts on your face and make heads turn.Cut out paper hearts in different sizes, place them on your face, take some blush or eyeshadow on a fluffy brush, and dab the pigment around the borders. Remove the paper and use a clean brush to blend out the sharp edges. Some concealer and a fine brush will help clean any messes. There are no rules to this, so do what your heart desires. You can adorn your eyes with false eyelashes to make the look even more dramatic. MLEN has an unbeatable collection of soft magnetic eyelashes that feel weightless on your eyes. These comfortable eyelashes are designed using segmented magnetic attraction technology that keeps them in place and ensures painless removal. They are easy to apply and sit gracefully on your lash line without sticking up. MLEN magnetic lashes are good for over 300 uses, making the investment worth it.

The French girl makeup

Compared to the looks mentioned above, this one is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It’s simple and understated, with a bold red lip, and if you have seen French women, it looks breathtaking.You start with a good pre-makeup skin prep to ensure a natural-looking foundation. A good makeup primer is crucial for this look, and Sephora has some fantastic options from Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Rare Beauty, Pixi, Tarte, Clinique, Fenty Beauty, and more. You can order one that best suits your skin type. After preparing your skin, apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes and by the corners of your mouth. Next, go in with some foundation and blend it well. Then apply a thin eyeliner close to the lash line and smudge it with a fluffy brush. You can purchase the Maybelline eyeliner or use the one at home. Finish it off with a lengthening mascara, bold red lipstick, and a light dusting of blush. Always remember that less is more when it comes to nailing the French girl makeup look.

Slay on Valentine’s Day with Atome

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It is always good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new occasionally. Consider this Valentine’s Day the perfect opportunity to experiment with makeup; who knows, you may discover a great new product or your new signature style. Sign up with Atome to make the process pocket-friendly and spread some love! Gift yourself and your friends great new makeup products from Sephora and MLEN!

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