JoomDecor Will Increase the Storage Space With TV Cabinets

by Mavis

Nov 18 2021

You must know the importance of storage whether you are in a home or an office. There are a number of reasons why storage has its own importance, but as a sensible owner, you must be looking to pick the best storage method. There are chances that you may have an awkward area underneath the stairs that can be a waste of space, or you have a smaller apartment, and you would like to maximize the storage space with the help of cabinets like a tv cabinet, shoe cabinet, and even a wall cabinet. JOOMDECOR is an online store that offers you a wide variety of cheap home décor in Malaysia. THE JOOMDECOR products include wall art décor, furniture which includes a tv cabinet, drawer cabinet, display cabinet, table décor, and lighting.

What are the majority of cabinets made of these days?

  • Solid wood

This kind of cabinet is made of cut wood that is not artificial. You will find a solid wood cabinet to be more expensive than cabinets of other materials. The main reason is the high cost of the natural wood as well as the required manufacturing process. Primarily a solid wood is used in the construction of cabinet doors, trims, face frames, but not the box of the cabinets.

  • Plywood

This is basically an engineered wood product that is made of thin wood sheets that are glued together. You will find the majority of cabinet dealers advising you to go for this particular option, as it will increase the durability and the stability of the cabinets and weighs a lot less than the particleboard.

  • Particleboard

This particular product is made of wood pulp mixed with a binding agent and is pressed into sheets. It is a pretty dense and heavy option and is less expensive as compared to plywood.

  • Medium-density fiberboard

It is also known as the furniture board and is manufactured through the same process as the particle board, but sawdust is used instead of wood pulp. Therefore, the density is increased, and the air pockets within the sheet get limited. Medium-density fiberboard is prone to swelling when it gets exposed to water.

Different types of cabinets

You can find different types of cabinets on JOOMDECOR and choose the one according to your needs.

  • TV Cabinet

A tv cabinet is a kind of a tv stand that contains different doors which can open. These doors can be made of glass partitions or solid wood. You will find some tv cabinets on JOOMDECOR that may have open shelving that is an addition to the cabinets. A tv cabinet is usually designed to have a television placed on its top-shelf.

  • Shoe Cabinet

A shoe cabinet or a shoe rack is a piece of furniture or a built-in storage unit where you can keep and organize all the pairs of shoes together. A shoe cabinet can offer you the advantage that your shoes will be prevented from cluttering inside a hallway or foyer.

  • Display Cabinet

When it is about designing your room, storage is always a critical consideration that you have to make, and therefore, a display cabinet can be an ideal way to provide you with that. You can have endless options when it is about the freestanding cabinetry and a choice of using different colors, materials, and finishes.

  • Drawer Cabinet

This is a type of cabinet that comes with a draw set into it. Usually, a drawer cabinet has a single drawer on its top end, and then there is a cabinet door that can open to a compartment that can be around two feet deep. The base cabinet area comes with a whole shelf, half shelf, or without a shelf in a drawer cabinet.

  • Wall TV Cabinet

This is a type of TV cabinet that can be great for standing as well as wall-mounted TVs. You will find a suspended rectangular cabinet design that happens to incorporate the display shelves on both of its sides. A wall tv cabinet can look just like a portal to the entertainment world, and you will find some excellent designs of these cabinets on JOOMDECOR.

  • Wall Cabinet

This is a kind of top cabinetry that is usually placed above the counter space compared to the base cabinets typically found sitting on the floor. Usually, a wall cabinet comes with a paneled door, a hanging rail, and a box frame.

Choose the best cabinets on JOOMDECOR with Atome

JOOMDECOR was founded with the aim to offer you great designs of furniture at an affordable price. It can always be tricky to choose between a piece of over-priced furniture and a low-quality design, but JOOMDECOR provides you with furniture like a tv cabinet or a wall tv cabinet at an affordable price. You get the option of buying cabinets from JOOMDECOR and getting some exclusive discount vouchers of Atome for the JOOMDECOR products and services. Then you can select Atome as your method of payment during checkout. Atome is a BNPL service that has partnered with JOOMDECOR to offer you the option of paying in 3 easy, interest-free installments.

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