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by jiatongma

Dec 26 2022

Do you often find yourself worried about your family members? If so, Master Secure has phenomenal security gadgets that allow you to stay updated with your loved one’s location and activities so that you can remain at ease.

In today’s world, safety has become a major concern for most of us as each day sees a new wave of crime in different parts of the world. The apprehension you feel when stepping out of the house is valid because there is no guarantee that you will be one hundred percent safe on the streets. All of this has made devices like GPS trackers and maps a necessity so you can be aware of your location and share it with acquaintances to avoid emergencies.

Master Secure understands all your concerns and has dedicated its resources to designing security gadgets that are a step above your run-of-the-mill GPS devices. The vast range of functions they bring to the table will have you rushing to place an order. Once you have your hands on Master Secure’s innovative technology, you will be more certain about the well-being of your family members.

What is GPS: its meaning and purpose

GPS is an abbreviation of Global Positioning System, and you will find that most electronic devices come fitted with this handy technology. Have you ever wondered how the map on your phone knows where you are? Well, it is the work of the GPS feature in your mobile phone. This technology figures out your location and assists you with navigating the streets and reaching any destination at any given time. Thanks to GPS, the map application on your device is able to show the fastest routes for going from point A to point B, helping you avoid traffic jams.

The intricate system of GPS depends on over 30 navigation satellites constantly orbiting the Earth. These satellites continuously send out signals that are intercepted by the GPS receiver in your mobile device; this is followed by the receiver calculating its distance from four or more satellites; and that is how the Global Positioning System can locate you anywhere in the world, as long as you have a suitable device and Wi-Fi.

This outstanding technology has come to play a significant role in ensuring people’s safety and making travel more convenient.

What situations need you to be vigilant about your family?

As much as we may want, it is not always possible or feasible to stay around your family members at all times. Everyone has got places to get to and responsibilities to fulfill. Security devices such as those created by Master Secure let you stay connected to your loved ones without being physically present. Here are certain situations that warrant the use of these devices:

When neither parent is at home

Working parents often have to leave their children in the care of relatives or babysitters, which can be disconcerting at first. The constant slew of worrying thoughts and repeated calls can adversely affect focus and productivity. Using security cameras and related devices will help you keep an eye on your kids and ensure they are well taken care of.

When a loved one falls sick

If you are unable to go to work, attend school, or run errands because you can not bear the thought of leaving an unwell family member home alone, Master Secure technology is what you need. These devices will let you check in on the sick without needing to call them multiple times and track their movements around the house.

When your teenager is leaving home

There are multiple occasions that require adolescents and teenagers to travel far from home; it can be for a school competition, a social event, or a game. If you are an anxious parent with a vivid imagination, packing a GPS tracker in your child’s luggage might help you stay calm while they are away.

About Master Secure

Master Secure has been successfully looking out for your and your loved one’s safety since 2020. In the few years since its inception, the GPS Technology Company has made it very easy to stay updated with your family’s whereabouts and ensure they are out of harm’s way.

The best part is that Master Secure skips the preliminaries and gets straight to the point by introducing you to two revolutionary devices: M-Pro Plus and MS Bank.

M-Pro Plus

The M-Pro Plus is a petite cuboid device that can help keep those close to you safe. It connects to the Master Secure application on your phone and allows you to track someone’s movements, find out their location, keep track of their mobile phone activity, and listen in on and record conversations happening around them. Keep in mind that for the M-Pro Plus to work, the device needs to be with the person you are keeping a check on so that it can relay crucial data to your phone.

Master Secure offers three different packages you can choose from; Package A comes with a single M-Pro Plus device, Package B comes with 2, and Package C comes with three. The former deals will be beneficial if you are concerned about multiple people’s well-being. Simply make sure that they have the device on their person, and Master Secure will take care of the rest.

MS Bank

The MS Bank is a special edition GPS tracker that is custom-made for individual users. The aspect that sets the MS Bank apart is that it is a power bank that doubles as a security device; this means that it will help you stay aware of a family member’s activities along with charging their electronic devices.

The MS Bank serves the following security purposes:

  • It allows you to access a snapshot of their location on Google’s Map.
  • It lets you actively monitor their movements at all times.
  • You can listen to sounds and conversations within the device’s range.
  • The multipurpose power bank also records voices.
  • It also records a person’s journey.
  • As a bonus, one can use it to charge their devices anywhere.

What makes the MS Bank special?

Not everyone may be open to the idea of carrying a GPS tracker on their person; they may misunderstand your concern and consider it a breach of their privacy. Additionally, someone might be okay with the idea but resistant to taking along the M-Plus Pro as it would not be useful to them. In situations like these, you can gift the custom-made MS Bank to a loved one and play your part in keeping them safe.

You can place an order for one of the three MS Bank packages; Package A consists of a single power bank, Package B consists of two, and Package C gets you three. You can gift one device to each family member and stay updated with their location and everything happening in their surroundings.

Feel secure with Atome

Master Secure cares about your safety and finances, which is why it has partnered with Atome to make the M-Plus Pro and MS Bank more accessible to everyone.

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Your fears and concerns about your family’s safety are not misplaced, especially when you all are apart. The rapidly increasing crime rate has all of us on edge 24/7, road traffic accidents are pretty common, and there are various ways in which things can go wrong. Master Secure realizes the seriousness of the matter and has accordingly designed two cutting-edge devices to help ease your stress. Visit their official website to order the one you like, and remember to pay with Atome for amazing deals.

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