Surprise Your Guests with The Tableware from Nom Studio

by jiatongma

Sep 05 2022

Are your tableware and dinner set due for an upgrade? There is no better place than Nom Studio to get exquisite and durable pieces that are worth falling in love with. Considering that we are talking about inanimate objects, that statement probably comes across as a hyperbole, but it is not; the collection at Nom Studio is out of this world.

The popular expression ‘you eat with your eyes first’ underscores the significance of good presentation. Your food may be the talk of the town, but if you are not serving it with some well-deserved flair, that is unfair. Great food is worth the extra effort that goes into plating.

All this talk about plating and presentation reminds me of how the proper cutlery plays a major role in painting an alluring picture with food. Nom Studio is the go-to store for some eye-catching plates and serveware. It also carries cups, mugs, and bowls that are worth being labeled artistic.

About Nom Studio

The inspiration behind Nom Studio’s timeless tableware comes from the aim of giving people a choice to experience fine dining within the comforts of their homes. After all, one should not have to spend an exorbitant amount on enjoying a decent meal repeatedly. So, while capturing drool-worthy pictures of appetizing food, Nom Studio decided to launch gorgeous tableware unlike any in all of Malaysia.

With busy schedules hogging all our time, a meal is a reason to sit down with family and create fond memories. A home-cooked, aesthetically-pleasing one is a surefire reason to ensure that everyone looks forward to eating at home.

So far, you can choose from the five beautiful collections introduced by the brand, including English Countryside, Summer in Capri, Danish Hygge, Kyoto Kaiseki, and the latest one, Brunch in Bali.

Shopping from a collection allows you to stick to a similar theme for all the tableware. On the other hand, you can also mix-and-match pieces to create a spunky and eclectic personal set.

The pros of having a variety of tableware

Everything is great in moderation, but maybe you can make an exception when it comes to plates, bowls, and mugs that look like they belong in a painting. Here are a couple of reasons that will let you in on the importance of having a good set of tableware.

Create lasting impressions

If friends and family cannot stop fawning over the scrumptious recipes you whip up, think of how amazed they would be if you took it up a notch. Maybe you can surprise them with new and elegant tableware from Nom Studio at the next gathering. Your efforts will reflect the thoughtfulness and dedication that goes into preparing each meal. The attention to detail will have them talking about your dinner parties for a long time.

Visual satisfaction

A delicious feast becomes irresistible when served the right way. Using appropriate plates, cutlery, and serveware helps you replicate the vibe of a five-star establishment. The oohs and aahs will start reaching your ears as soon as the dish hit the table. Imagine getting never ending praises for your hard work.

Outstanding tableware at Nom Studio

While it will be impossible to mention all the spectacular plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and serveware sold by Nom Studio, have a look at some of the hot-sellers.

Kyoto Kaiseki Brunch Plate

Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese meal consisting of multiple courses that are delectable enough to keep you coming back for more. The uniqueness of this cuisine is what inspired the Kyoto Kaiseki collection. It will be at home at a formal dinner table, on the kitchen counter for midnight snacking, or on the dresser for your perfumes. You can get this 8-inch sage green brunch plate all by itself or order a set consisting of different-sized plates. This minimalistic brunch plate is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Bali Two-Toned Bowl

This two-colored bowl serves two purposes: it is ideal for having cereal, curries, noodles, soups, porridge, and rendang and will complement your kitchen and existing tableware to perfection. The combination of white and brown, with a matte dark cocoa glaze, lends this stoneware bowl an elegant look. It is 6.3 cm high, has a diameter of 19.5 cm, and features a sleek coupe design. This two-toned bowl is suited for the microwave and dishwasher.

Danish Hygge Autumn Mug

Make your mornings leisurely again by drinking your tea or coffee out of this eclectic mug. It sports a curvaceous handle and body that is rarely seen and is rather fun to look at. The use of a warm beige color perfectly balances the unique design with its subtlety. The finish resembles sand, but the mug is smooth to the touch. The exciting part is that it comes with a fantastic Round Bamboo Coaster, so you can stop worrying about scouring the markets for a match. Moreover, this mug is the perfect size to hold a sufficient serving of 230 ml.

Countryside Platter

This one is a versatile and stylish serving dish that can be purposed in several ways. You can use it to bring out flavorful dessert at the end of a meal, serve dips and sauces in it, for garnishes, serve brownies or slices of freshly baked cake, or as a decorative piece to uplift a space. The Countryside Platter is 11 cm wide and 32 cm long and can safely be put in a dishwasher and microwave.

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How to use Atome at Nom Studio?

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If you think about it, tableware has the ability to make or break how your food is perceived. The visual is just as important as the taste and smell. Having tasteful dinner sets at your disposal prevents meals from becoming monotonous and drab. Apart from food, there is something else to look forward to. Visit Nom Studio’s website and order a fresh set of plates, bowls, and mugs for your kitchen. These also make for great housewarming gifts! While you are at it, remember to use Atome.

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