POLYWATCH: Unraveling Why Most People Like Mechanical Watches

by jiatongma

Jul 19 2022

PolyWatch was established in 1990 and has been serving fashion goals to its consumers for over 30 years. What started as a traditional watch shop has become a hub of high-quality branded watches where you can find popular labels like TISSOT, EONE, JUNGHANS, Seiko, CITIZEN, and more. 

This article will explore mechanical watches and why most people still love them. We will also delve into the options PolyWatch has to offer and how you can buy your favorite mechanical watch through Atome’s easy payment plans.

How it all began

Civilizations have been trying to perfect their time-keeping methodology for years. The earliest device invented was the sundials that originated in Ancient Egypt. Later on, other devices such as water clocks, hourglasses, mechanical clocks, automatic clocks, and digital clocks attempted to replace their predecessors. 

The first mechanical clocks appeared as massive devices installed in buildings and churches, the earliest one recorded in 1283 in England. For several years, people relied on the bell of these clocks to keep track of time. The 15th century made way for portable pieces that were placed in households, and eventually, clocks that were compact enough to be worn or carried around were created- a mechanical watch.

Initially, people used mechanical watches in the form of pocket watches, but they soon fell out of popularity around WW1 when a more reliable and convenient successor took its place- the mechanical wristwatch. Before the war, wristwatches were considered an adornment for wealthy women but all that changed when soldiers started wearing them to keep track of time during the war. Endorsed by masculinity and bravado, mechanical wristwatches began gaining traction in the fashion industry, slowly making their way to communities at large.

The difference between watch movements explained

If you have recently started learning about watches, you must have come across different terms that make little sense to you. It may feel like you are reading a secret code language only watch experts can understand. Let’s look at some basic watch concepts so you can identify significant differences between terms relating to watch movement.

Every watch is powered by mechanics concealed within the watch case called the caliber or movement. It is the most elaborate section of the device and is responsible for its functionality, accuracy, and price. All movements can be classified into mechanical and quartz. Watches with quartz movements employ a watch battery to control the watch’s movement. Quartz watches are highly accurate and much easier to mass-produce than mechanical watches.

Watches with mechanical movements are much more complex, where every part and system is carefully designed to turn the clock’s hands at a predetermined and consistent pace. These watches don’t require batteries since they draw power from a tightly wound spring. 

Considering the detail and intricacy needed for creating mechanical movements, it is no wonder that it entails considerable skill and knowledge. This is why mechanical watches are a popular choice for luxury accessories, even though they are less accurate than quartz watches. Mechanical watches have successfully survived becoming obsolete even after a cheaper and more precise version became available. In fact, they have proven to be valuable collector’s pieces for people who appreciate fine watch-making. 

Now that you know how to differentiate between quartz and mechanical movements, let’s talk about another term you may have come across: automatic movement. This refers to the mechanical movement where the energy captured by your wrist’s motion is used to power the watch. Some hybrid automatic quartz watches also use the same idea to power a rechargeable battery within the watch case.

Reasons why people love to buy mechanical watches

Mechanical watches represent an investment in time-keeping precision. People who appreciate the art of watch-making would agree that these watches aren’t merely a fashion statement but have a nostalgic feel about their design and inner workings that keeps buyers hooked. A good mechanical watch can last for generations if taken care of properly, which is one reason people gravitate towards them- to leave behind a legacy.

Here are some more reasons why people want to own mechanical watches.

  • They are a timeless classic. While trends in wristwatches come and go every few years, mechanical watches are more than just a fad in fashion, and they have survived the test of time with their elegance and craft.
  • They are unique pieces of handmade art as no two watches are alike.
  • Mechanical watches have a rich history that dates back to the 1800s. It serves as a reminder of when each watch was crafted by hand.
  • They can be passed from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

PolyWatch- Mechanical Watches in Malaysia

Finding a high-quality and original mechanical watch can be challenging, but with PolyWatch Malaysia, you can browse through a wide variety of options that you can trust to last a long time. While the company started as a traditional watch shop, through the years, it has shifted its operations online. Their e-store offers original timepieces that are top-quality and well worth your money.

PolyWatch is the first authorized retailer for Eone Brandley in Malaysia, apart from carrying several other famous brands. All the watches available on their website are brand new and authentic with an original warranty. When you make a purchase from PolyWatch, you get an extra 12 months warranty on your wristwatch on top of the original warranty. Isn’t that a great deal?

You can find over 160 different designs of mechanical watches on PolyWatch’s online store. So, if you want a mechanical watch in Malaysia, you should check out their store and enjoy free shipping with your purchase.

PolyWatch offers easy monthly payments through Atome

Atome is a monthly payment app that allows users to purchase products and services without paying the full amount upfront. The company has over 10,000 partnered merchants, and PolyWatch is one of them. This means you can purchase a high-quality original and branded mechanical watch from their online store without worrying about disturbing your monthly budget with a significant expense.

Are you interested to find out more about Atome? Read on to explore this BNPL company more.

What is Atome, and how does it work?

Atome is a Singapore-based company that operates in 8 markets, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. Aimed to facilitate tech-savvy consumers, this payment app allows them to split their bill into three parts instead of paying the entire amount at once. This way, purchasing and owning expensive products and services becomes easier.

Atome has an extensive portfolio of merchants that offer products and services ranging from lifestyle, fashion, sports, apparel, accessories, and more. Through Atome, users can access thousands of branded products they can pay for over time, making the shopping experience more enjoyable. 

To become an Atome user, you can download their app (Get the app) from their website and create an account on its platform. Once your credentials are approved, you are eligible to access over 10,000 online and offline stores through Atome’s payment service. 

If you download the app, you can avail a welcome voucher of RM15 on your first purchase from PolyWatch.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to pay at PolyWatch through Atome

  1. Select Atome as your payment partner when checking out of PolyWatch.
  2. Enter your user credentials when directed to another page.
  3. Continue to check out.
  4. Pay one part of your PolyWatch bill and defer the remaining payment to the subsequent months.

Shop at PolyWatch with Atome’s convenient payment plans

Owning a mechanical watch is a prestigious moment- one that you cherish for many years to come. If you appreciate the fine art of watch-making, invest in an original mechanical watch by PolyWatch. Don’t let the price tag intimidate you; instead, rely on Atome to make your purchase easier and more convenient with its interest-free monthly payment plans.

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