Sequins: It’s What to Wear this Season

by jiatongma

Mar 23 2023

Sequins are great for parties, but the end of the year means several gatherings and stressing over fashionable outfits. You can only buy so many things without breaking the bank.

You’ll need a new outfit for every gathering you attend, and who doesn’t want to be eye-catching in a fantastic outfit? But it can be hard to put something together, especially since you usually need to attend several gatherings.

You might think sequins are only for significant events or look too gaudy on regular days, but they’ve been all the rage in 2022. And the trend’s expected to carry into 2023, and they’re definitely what you should wear this season.

Here’s a look at all the ways you can incorporate sequins into your outfit and why you need them in your closet.

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Sequins Have Been Seen All Across the Runway this Season

What makes its way onto the runways inevitably appears in stores. After all, posters on billboards certainly attract attention. But there’s a reason any trend makes a comeback, and sequins have been all across the runway this time.

One of 2022’s most prominent fashion presences was metallics and glitters, and nothing screams both of these like sequins. They were present on almost every designer runway, whether it was a sequin dress or other accessories.

The Clothes

Many designers have brought back fully-sequinned dresses, including midi dress styles by Prada. But sequins have always looked best on skirts and blouses, and this comeback is no different.

Whether it’s a sequin gold blouse by LaQuan Smith, a classic black skirt from Des Phemmes, or even a Prada sequin mini bag, you’ve never seen this much glitter and shine on the runway before.

The Colour Scheme

Sequins look good in every colour, but if you want to keep up with what’s dominating fashion week, you’ll want to stick with shades of gold, silver and black. It’s a timeless combination that looks good on everyone, so it’s a great fashion option.

Of course, that doesn’t mean other colours are out of the running, and even pairing one of the items in the mentioned colour scheme with others as a statement piece would make a fabulous outfit for any event.

Carrying into 2023

Most are wondering if the sequin trend will hold, and you can definitely expect to see it in the spring/ summer 2023 collections as well. They’ve been big even out of the holiday season, and you might see more colour.

Especially as the latest collections arrive, sequin dress Malaysia in lighter tones look wonderful for brunches and more informal parties. Apart from clothes, bags have made the biggest impact when it comes to the sequin trend.

How to Pair Sequinned Fabrics

When people usually think of sequins, they conjure up images of glamorous outfits that are inappropriate at most gatherings. But the runways this year have proved that bringing them to your dining room parties is possible.

Sequins were all the rage back in the 1960s, with singers like The Supremes popularizing them. But those were fully-sequinned dresses, and it’s hard to wear them at daytime soirees without looking out of place.

  1. Wear a Blazer

While wearing a sequin dress could mean one with less shine with details at the sleeves or neck, you could also have a dress you really want to wear. The best way to pair it is with a simple blazer, and it makes your outfit more lowkey.

You should skip the accessories and go for simple footwear because you’ll get all the bling you need with the dress. Another tip is to keep your makeup on the neutral or natural side; a nude look is best.

It’ll create an impression without being over the top.

  1. Make it a Statement Piece

If you don’t want to wear a formal dress but want the glitter in your dress, there’s nothing better than arranging your outfit around a statement piece. You could choose a sequin skirt or blouse and work your way up.

Apart from that, a simple dress with a sequin blazer also works. Choosing one loud piece and arranging the rest around it makes it much easier to create a fantastic combination.

  1. Create a Colour Scheme

We’ve already mentioned that black, silver and gold are the way to go, but you don’t need to follow the colour scheme for every outfit. These three colours come in every shade, and you can pair them with different colours to create a synergy.

There are screaming yellow golds and more muted champagnes; both will look great, depending on the occasion. Black is a flexible colour that goes with anything, and though silver is less forgiving, it’s still easy to create a basic palette.

  1. Just Go All-Out

If the occasion calls for it, why not just go all out? If you’re getting ready for a party or get-together with friends, there’s no harm in wearing all the shine you have.

Just try to wear simple accessories and keep the hair natural to let the sequins work their magic. It’ll make a striking outfit, and you’ll feel good if you look good.

Sequinned Shoes and Bags

If you’d like to add a touch of sequins to your overall look, there’s no better way than accessories. Sequin fabric is all the rage, but shoes and bags are also perfect for a statement piece with a more laid-back outfit.

If you wish to add a little spice to your brunch clothes, you can choose a coloured sequin mini bag with a jumpsuit or a blouse with wide-legged pants. Wearing comfy but tasteful clothes with a touch of shine will look amazing.

Sequins aren’t always comfortable to wear for long periods either, so using them as an accessory is perfect if you’re going to be out for a long time.

Besides bags, sequin shoes are also a great way to impact. Whether it’s flats or heels, they’re the perfect addition. If it’s for a party, sequin heels with a simpler dress will definitely attract attention.

It’s even better if your accessories match since it brings a certain harmony to your overall look and makes sure nothing looks out of place. You should keep the colour scheme in mind, and one idea is to pair a dark maroon clutch and heels with a dark blue dress.

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