Hwoofit’s sports bras in Malaysia: A sexy sports bra for every woman

by Starry

Jan 07 2022

Every female needs an excellent sports bra, but it’s more than simply a workout garment. Sports bras, in fact, have been shown to provide health and athletic benefits. Wearing a sports bra every time you work out can protect your body and help you level up your exercise game. Discomfort, soreness, and drooping can be caused by prolonged and frequent movements if your breasts don’t have proper support. Sports bras are designed to keep this movement to a minimum. Although the skin and Cooper’s ligaments have no muscles, they can tear up and cause sagging if not properly supported. Cooper’s ligaments do not re-stretch once they have stretched out. That being the case, every woman, regardless of the size of their breasts, should wear a sports bra when going out for a jog or hitting the gym.

Benefits of wearing a sports bra

Sports bras are more than just bras that support and uplift your breasts. Here are some benefits of wearing a sports bra.

  • Provide support during exercise

Sports bras are essential in sustaining the breast wall’s stability as well as the appearance of the breasts. Too much vigorous activity might stretch and rupture the ligaments that envelop the breasts. Much of this impairment is permanent, resulting in droopy, saggy breasts. However, the right sports bra provides enough pressure to prevent this condition from developing too soon.

  • Limit breast motion

The capacity of sports bras to decrease breast motion is by far the most well-known benefit. Engaging in athletic activities can be uncomfortable and painful due to breast mobility. The correct sports bra will keep everything in place without causing discomfort to your breasts.

  • Regulate heat inside the body

Owing to technological breakthroughs, sports bras today are made from a variety of fabrics. Sports bras, for example, now have the capacity to siphon all the sweat away from the body while also improving the flow of air to the skin; this helps regulate your body temperature.

  • Extremely comfortable to wear

Sports bras provide relaxation in ways that ordinary bras cannot since they are meant to do so much more than regular bras. Their enhanced covering and broader straps, for example, help evenly balance breast tissues. Sports bras’ lack of underwires, tight ribbing, and sensitive fabrics allows you to move more freely. Sports bras reduce chafing and friction because they limit breast mobility.

Sports bras in Malaysia offered by Hwoofit

Knowing the importance of having a sports bra in your wardrobe, it’s time you buy a sports bra for yourself. Let’s look at some of the sexy sports bras in Malaysia offered by Hwoofit, a women’s store in Malaysia.

Up for It Medium Impact Bra

  • 80% nylon, 20% lycra.
  • A medium impact sports bra with mesh detailing that helps your woman-parts ventilated as you exercise.
  • It is available in crisscross strappy back design and v-shaped, twin-straps design.
  • Extremely breathable.

Pushing Limits Bra Sports

  • 80% nylon, 20% spandex.
  • Four-way stretch.
  • Breathable and soft.
  • Pullover style.
  • Racerback design for support.
  • Longer cut for maximum coverage and support.

Happy Warrior Sports Bra

  • 63% nylon, 37% lycra.
  • Soft and breathable.
  • Four-way stretch.
  • Removable pads.
  • Racerback design.

Keep It Simple Bra Sports

  • Extremely soft, supportive, quick-drying.
  • Straight-strap bra for separation and coverage.
  • Best for high to medium impact workouts.

Energy Boost Bra

  • 75% nylon, 25% spandex.
  • Optimum coverage.
  • Four-way stretch.
  • Removable pads and adjustable hook.
  • Extra bust seam for 3D push support.

Air Support High Impact Sports Bra

  • 80% nylon, 20% spandex.
  • Optimum coverage.
  • Brushed, wide underband.
  • Scoop back and neckline.
  • Designed for high/medium-impact exercises.

Elite High Neck Bra Sports

  • 80% nylon, 20% spandex.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Additional coverage.
  • Removable pads.

Blare Zip Front High Impact Sports Bra

  • 80% nylon, 20% spandex.
  • Good coverage.
  • Optimum support according to your body type.
  • As you zip up, a hidden bra hook secures the opening in place.
  • The front zipper fastening makes it simple to put on and remove.
  • The bonded under-band will not tighten, dig in, or ride up.

Hello Hwoofit!

Hwoofit is a store in Malaysia that has a wide array of sports lifestyle activewear and daily wear, including sports bras for women. Hwoofit’s aim is to motivate women to live healthier lives and #BeComfy at all times. They are constantly pursuing partners in the healthy lifestyle to join their affiliate program.

Hwoofit and Atome working as partners

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Paying for Hwoofit’s sports bras using Atome

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With Hwoofit’s line of sports bras in Malaysia, you are all set to slay your workout routine while protecting your assets simultaneously. These bras are soft, comfortable, and gentle to the touch.

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