The most important ingredient is freshness

by mylovesiren1

May 18 2023

Fresh Greens is on a mission to make farm-fresh and chemical-free produce accessible to every consumer in Malaysia, that too, at supremely reasonable rates. Thanks to the elimination of intermediaries from the supply chain, each ingredient that reaches your dining table comes directly from the farms.

The past few decades have observed an overwhelming rise in the consumption of processed foods and ingredients that have been stripped of most – if not all – of their nutrients. Not only that, most store-bought edibles are saturated with unhealthy amounts of sugar, fats, salt, artificial ingredients, and preservatives, and each one of these plays a massive role in aggravating health risks.

Consuming processed foods may be unavoidable, but that does not mean all hope is lost, as there are ways to counter the drawbacks. We can make a conscious decision to look after our bodies by inculcating fresh vegetables, fruits, and protein into our daily meals. Luckily for us, Fresh Greens makes it very easy to fill your pantries with a variety of high-quality and nutrient-dense produce by delivering them straight to your doorstep. The best part is that this fantastic facility saves you a lot of effort and makes it easier to stick to a balanced diet and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Fresh vegetables vs. store-bought

Bursting with flavor

It is no secret that the freshness of ingredients plays an essential role in determining how flavorful your dish turns out; the fresher the produce, the richer the taste. Whole foods that reach you straight from the farm are often harvested on the same day, which means they are not covered with a wax coating, and the flavor comes through in every bite. Unlike shelved fruits and vegetables found in supermarkets, local produce is not refrigerated for long periods, which prevents ice crystals from altering its texture and shape, saving you from soggy salads and soft apples.

Free of chemicals

Supermarkets and other vendors selling vegetables, fruits, and proteins purchase everything in bulk quantities, which means when you buy ingredients off the rack, there is no telling how fresh they may be. Furthermore, store-bought edibles are laden with preservatives to prolong their shelf-life; they also spend a lot of time in transit, during which they are subjected to different treatments to prevent spoilage. On the contrary, with locally-grown fruits and vegetables, there is no prerequisite to use chemicals as they are sold fresh, saving you from consuming unknown and potentially detrimental substances with your food.

Better quality of life

Hectic schedules, overnighters, and heaps of responsibilities take a massive toll on our health and mental well-being, making it imperative that we practice mindful eating by incorporating nutrient-rich foods into our lives. Less processed and organic ingredients are packed with vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, fibers, antioxidants, and good fats that are necessary for maintaining energy levels and sustaining good health. Simply put, an apple sourced directly from the farm will benefit you more than a store-bought one.

Sustainable for the environment and the economy

Getting fruits and vegetables delivered from Fresh Greens is an excellent way of supporting local farmlands, the economy, and the environment. The removal of the middleman from the supply chain saves tons of fuel and creates a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, purchasing locally extends immense support to local farmers and farmlands, ensuring they stay in business. Ordering locally-grown ingredients also means that you are getting seasonal fruits and vegetables, which reduces the burden of imports on the economy.

About Fresh Greens

The brand is dedicated to making sure that you eat nothing but the best, and it does so by bringing you the freshest ingredients straight from the source. That’s right! You get to eat healthy while avoiding the inflated charges that come with an extensive supply chain.

Not only that, but by trusting Fresh Greens, you can rest assured that everything you put on the table is made with one hundred percent authentic ingredients. Since the brand promises same-day harvest and delivery, you can expect each meal to be scrumptious and brimming with flavors, owing to the freshness. And if you are not satisfied with the product quality, you can make use of the money-back guarantee but don’t worry; it will never come down to that.

Fresh Greens’ farm-to-table business model also plays a significant role in supporting local farmlands and hardworking farmers who swear by eco-friendly cultivation methods. In the long run, this will yield incredible advantages for the environment.

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, you can rely on Fresh Greens to deliver high-quality protein and seafood.

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  • Follow these simple steps to place your grocery order at Fresh Greens:
  • Log on to the official website and add whatever you need to the cart.
  • During checkout, click on Atome as the mode of payment.
  • Sign in to your Atome account.
  • Plug in the total amount of your bill.
  • Use the discount code.
  • Make a note of the payment schedule.
  • Transfer the first one on the spot to have the products shipped to your address.
  • Leave it to the application to automatically charge the other two payments to the credit or debit card linked to your Atome account.
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Cultivating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it can be challenging, but it becomes more doable with the right resources at your disposal. Fresh Greens aims to provide easy access to the freshest produce while uplifting local farmers and their business. By employing their services, you will benefit yourself and the regional economy, so visit their website and place an order now!

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