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by jiatongma

Jan 03 2023

XP-Pen is a leading provider of drawing tablets with pen and displays that combine innovation with trend-setting designs. The company believes in offering reliable products and efficient service to the new generation of designers and art enthusiasts. Each product is aimed to magnify user experience with an extraordinary design and smart use of technology.

Digital art is a process where artwork is created through computers and software. Considering the rapid pace at which technology is evolving, it’s no wonder the digital art world has become more accessible, with the quality of artwork produced reaching new heights. After experiencing physical art for hundreds of years, creating art on a digital medium is like a breath of fresh air.

Benefits of creating digital art

Traditional and digital art have their own charm, and it would be impossible to choose between them. Nevertheless, the ability to make art digitally comes with its set of perks. The following are just a few benefits:

  • It saves time

Anyone who loves oil painting knows how much time they spend mixing colors and cleaning paint pallets and brushes. But when you are painting digitally, you can get started in only a few seconds, and once you are done, cleaning up is as simple as clicking a button. You are no longer restricted to a physical space such as a studio to make artwork; instead, you can make something worthwhile riding the bus from work.

Another time-saving aspect of digital art is the feature of copy-paste. If you want a picture with 30 flowers, you can draw one and simply copy-paste it 29 times to achieve the result. How’s that for drawing speed?

  • It saves money

Painting is not an inexpensive profession, especially with the ongoing cost of canvases, paints, brushes, etc. You must be wondering how digital art is any cheaper with the high price of drawing tablets. It is because when you create artwork using canvases and other mediums, once you use a canvas, you cannot repaint it, and you have to buy another one. The same goes for paintbrushes and other essential accessories. But creating digital art is a one-time investment. You can use and reuse your digital drawing tablet as often as you want, which is why we say it’s good value for money.

  • It saves space

Do you constantly worry about storing your canvases- finished and unfinished? Drawings and paintings take up a lot of physical space, but digital art takes up ‘digital space’ aka hard drive. With the option of cloud storage, you basically have unlimited space to create and save art.

  • It is good for beginners

If you are learning to draw and paint, a digital medium is much more forgiving than a physical one. In case you make a wrong move, a simple ‘Undo’ will do the trick.

Challenges of drawing on a tablet

A graphics tablet is a fantastic invention because they effortlessly bridge the gap between artists and machines. Not only that, it has helped millions of creators across the globe move their careers forward. However, drawing on a tablet is not the same as drawing on paper, and the learning curve for digital art can be unnerving for some people.

Here are some problems users generally face when drawing on a tablet.

  1. The tablet’s surface is too slippery

Tablets have smooth surfaces, unlike paper and canvases. Even the styluses that come with them have a smooth nib, so when you combine the two, everything just keeps slipping. While you can’t do much about the tablet’s surface, you can try different styluses to find the nib you like. For example, the felt nib mimics the feel of drawing on paper and could help you with pen stroke control.

  1. The tablet doesn’t respond like paper

This is obvious since a tablet isn’t like paper; it cannot respond as such, either. If you draw too fast on paper, you get sharp edges, but if you do the same on a tablet, you will be left with blobby squares. The reason is that the tablet’s response rate is slower, and it can never match how paper responds to your pencil strokes.

A good way to work around this is to keep a slow pace and pause between strokes for a second or two.

  1. The difference in tablet and canvas size

Your tablet’s display is not as large as the canvas’ size; if it were, it would not remain portable and easy to use. However, this difference may seem like a deal-breaker for some users, but it’s not a problem you can’t fix. You can use the software’s hand tool to drag your canvas in the direction you want while drawing. Just hold the Spacebar and drag the canvas.

  1. It can feel like drawing at two areas at once

When you’re used to drawing on paper and viewing the result in the same place, drawing on the tablet and seeing the picture on another screen can be unsettling. To avoid this bizarre feeling, you can place the tablet in one position and keep it that way, so you get used to it. For example, you can place it side-by-side with your keyboard and monitor or parallel; whatever position works for you. Draw basic shapes and practice brushstrokes while following the cursor with your eyes. Eventually, you will get your hands and eyes in sync to create masterpieces.

  1. Brushstrokes can appear shaky

The stylus and tablet can sometimes be highly sensitive to movements and might register every little action. This ends up making your brushstrokes appear shaky. That can also result from brushstrokes that are too slow or if the brush settings aren’t correctly calibrated. Regardless of how it happens, this is nothing a little ‘smoothing’ can’t fix.

Exploring the products at XP-Pen

XP-Pen is a popular brand of the digital art innovation that’s well-known for its spectacular product designs and cutting-edge technology. The brand was established in 2005 in Shenzhen, China, and has since expanded into six overseas subsidiaries. It has over 50 agents that serve more than 130 countries and regions with its products.

XP-Pen Malaysia offers a variety of innovative products that are perfect for digital artists who want to take their creative skills one step ahead. Here are some popular products that you can find in-store:

  • XP-Pen Artist 12 drawing display (2nd Gen)
  • XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro
  • XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro
  • XP-Pen G640

XP-Pen’s products are designed to be very user-friendly. For example, the Artist Display 12 Pro comes with a convenient 3-in-1 cable design, so you don’t need any adapter and can quickly connect the tablet to your computer. It also offers a 60-degrees natural tilt support to avoid adjusting the brush direction in the software over and over again.

The Artist Series offers other functions like screen split and screen projection which works well for movies, games, entertainment, etc.

The Smart Chip Stylus by XP-Pen delivers sharp, stable, and precise strokes for a perfect picture. It uses advanced digital signal transmission technology that improves its overall accuracy. With the XP-Pen stylus, you can draw with virtually no broken lines or lag.

XP-Pen is Atome’s partner merchant

Atome is a BNPL company that operates in 8 countries, including Malaysia. XP-Pen has partnered with Atome to offer its customers the opportunity to buy drawing tablets without paying the total amount upfront. You can find out more about how Atome’s payment service works below.

How does Atome work?

Headquartered in Singapore with over 15,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases across three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Atome is the perfect solution for digital-savvy consumers. If you want to become part of their vast network, download the app (Get the app) and register an account. You can start shopping immediately after your account is verified. Also, if you download the app now, you can avail a welcome voucher of RM15 on your first purchase.

How to pay at XP-Pen with Atome

  1. Scan the QR code from Atome’s app when checking out from XP-Pen’s physical store.
  2. For online purchases, select Atome as your payment partner at the time of checkout.
  3. Pay the first part of XP-Pen’s total bill and forward the remaining amount.

Explore your creativity with XP-Pen’s best drawing tablet

XP-Pen is an industry leader in digital art tablets and software. If you want to take your artistic skills to the next level, it is crucial to upgrade your drawing medium to always stay one step ahead. Invest in the latest XP-Pen products to experience art quality and equipment efficiency like never before. Partner with Atome to enjoy the best of both worlds: innovative products and flexible payments.

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