Coffee Cup | 5 Reasons why you need reusable coffee cups

Penulis Starry

Feb 17 2022

Takeaway coffee has taken over our morning routines without realizing the impact of thousands of coffee cups that find their way to landfills every day. Did you know that one takeaway drink a day creates over 10 kg of waste each year?

Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable coffee cups help reduce waste and preserve our environment. Here are some reasons you should invest in a reusable coffee cup rather than a disposable one.

  1. We can reduce waste and protect our environment. Coffee drinkers assume that cardboard cups are more eco-friendly. Still, in truth, only one out of 400 cups are recycled, so buying a reusable coffee mug is a small step towards the sustainability of our environment.
  2. You would be interested to know that major coffee chains like Costa and Starbucks offer their customers a discount for bringing their reusable cups for coffee. Hence, buying a reusable cup saves not only trees but also your money.
  3. Many times, you’d grab your disposable cup of coffee and walk to work, only to find that your coffee has turned lukewarm by the time you take your first sip. Save yourself from this disappointment with reusable coffee cups that have durable, insulated caps to keep your hot drinks warm and toasty.
  4. Have you noticed that your morning latte is laced with an unpleasant taste of plastic? That’s because certain lids contain BPA, which is a harmful form of plastic and can potentially contaminate your drink and body if you drink hot drinks through the BPA plastic lid.
  5. Gone are the days of boring flasks. You can now find durable coffee cups and flasks in exciting colors and designs. Buy one that complements your personality and make it a fashion statement.

Are you convinced to buy a reusable coffee cup yet? If yes, we know a great place for you to buy durable and stylish cups.

Coffee cups at Bunamarket

Bunamarket is a coffee heaven where you can find everything from coffee beans espresso tools to coffee accessories. You can browse through a variety of coffee accessories and buy one that meets your needs.

You can view Bunamarket’s complete collection of coffee cups.

Here are some options to consider.

Fellow – Carter move mug

This mug simplifies your commute woes. It has a snap-in splash guard that protects the liquid inside from bumps and sudden brakes, making it a perfect travel companion. The inside is lined with ceramic coating, which unlike, stainless steel, keeps your fresh brew free from oils and strange odors.

You can choose between four trendy colors: matte black, grey, corduroy red, and buttered popcorn.

Sttoke reusable tumbler – Lite edition

The Stokke classic is an award-winning coffee cup that has combined a sleek minimalist design with shatterproof ergonomics. While the Sttoke Classic was focused on bringing out each note of a cup of perfectly brewed coffee, the Lite version is developed to maintain the freshness of the liquid inside.

So whether you want to carry your coffee cup or fresh fruit juice, this mug is an ideal choice.

Incafe reusable stainless steel cup

If you are ready to reduce your environmental footprint, this reusable thermal cup is a sustainable solution to paper cups waste. The insulation in the cup will help keep your coffee hot and fresh, and the stainless steel body will ensure that you don’t experience plastic or paper aftertaste.

You can choose between three colors: red, marble, and black.

Kinto Kronos double-wall glass

We love this double wall coffee cup design because it gives your drink the appearance of floating in the air. The cup is thermally insulated, so your drinks stay hot and cold for longer, and the ring helps in easy gripping. The use of this cup isn’t limited to coffee, but you can also serve desserts and appetizers in it because of its shape and style.

What Bunamarket has in store for you!

Bunamarket is one of Malaysia’s largest online marketplace curated especially for coffee lovers. It brings its customers various coffee beans from both local and international roasters and offers coffee equipment and tools, making it a complete coffee store.

Bunamarket aims to make the coffee-drinking culture more accessible to homes and businesses by offering a wide range of coffee-related products to the local community. At Bunamarket, you can find:

  • Various coffee beans
  • Ground coffee, capsules, and drip packs
  • Tea
  • Coffee equipment such as coffee machines, coffee grinders, etc.
  • Coffee accessories, including coffee cups, coffee servers, paper filters, etc.
  • Bar tools and accessories
  • Coffee camping gear, including burner, grinder, etc.
  • Pantry items such as baklava and delights
  • Various ingredients like powder mix, syrup, etc.
  • Coffee Books and magazines
  • Commercial coffee machines and grinders
  • Commercial tools and accessories

Bunamarket is Atome’s partnered merchant

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How to pay at Bunamarket using the Atome app

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A cup of coffee is what we all need in the mornings to snap out of our reverie, and to be able to carry your coffee to work and find it to be steaming hot is what coffee dreams are made of. Bunamarket is a coffee heaven where you can find everything related to coffee making.

If you are passionate about freshly brewed coffee and reusable coffee cups, you should explore the large variety of products that Bunamarket has to offer. Select your favorite products, add them to your cart, check out using Atome, and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience.  

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