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Sep 16 2021

The flat shoes with a small leather strap became popular when a strip from the comic buster brown in New York broke all the fashion benchmarks back in 1902. The start of this comic was a girl called Mary Jane, and from that day onwards, Mary Jane’s shoes were the best ones in town.

Mary jane shoes specifics

The typical Mary Jane shoes are black, flat, and have a characteristic strap on the top. When you look at these shoes, they look like old school shoes that have been worn almost all our lives and therefore also known as the school shoes.

The brown shoe company launched the earlier Mary Jane shoes. But with time, there is the evolution of this style, now; in the year 2021, you can find such shoes with heels, but all designs and styles have a characteristic shine, and the toes are pointy.

If you are looking for a straightforward specification for these shoes, the basics are;

  • They are black and shiny.
  • These shoes have a somewhat pointy toe and have a characteristic shine.
  • These shoes are flat, though, with modernization, these shoes have also been seen in heels.
  • These shoes have a thick leather strap as their special characteristic.

Damiano Marini Malaysia

A brand that has every style and design in shoes. It is like walking through a memory lane rich with history. Damiano Marini Malaysia is a brand that understands style and comfort.

Some of its designs are so iconic that people actively want to wear them, such as the Mary Jane shoes, which have been the star of 1902 and have made history line throughout. Even though Damiano MARINI is a fairly new brand, it has all the fashion-related footwear that you need. Apart from classical shoes, this site has pretty modern shoes as well in their collection.

This brand is a premium one which means the prices for their shoes are a little higher than the usual collection on the internet market. But it should also be kept in mind that a designer’s shop or a brand has their raw material of very good quality.  

If you look at Damiano Marini’s Mary Jane shoes, they look as if they were made for your feet, created on personal demands. The finesse of each shoe speaks for itself regarding its quality and guarantees it. Buying from a brand such as Marini ensures quality, fashion, comfort, and confidence.

There are plenty of other shoes that you can look into at the Damiano Marini Malaysia;

1. Marni sandals

Sandals are your feet’ best friend in the summer. The Damiano Marini sandals are easy to wear and help maintain the body when it gets too hot. The Mary Jane shoes may look like a sandal due to the strap on top and the flat make of the shoe, but when it comes to sandals, they have a very open-toe look; they have a strap on the back of the foot and also on the top.

The Damiano Marini sandals are very popular for their use, as they have longer durability and are a very comfortable step. Another intriguing specification of this sandal is that it is water-resistant to some extent.

2. Sneakers

Apart from the Damiano Marini sandals and the classical Mary Jane shoes, you can find different sneakers for both men and women. When it comes to sneakers, it is a one-time investment; no one can afford sneakers every year.

When it comes to pricing, you should buy the best product even though it is a little more expensive,f there should be no holding back on quality. You may buy a sneaker for half the price anywhere on the market, but they may fall apart in a few months, or it may start hurting your feet. With the Damiano Marini shoes, there is no chance such a mishap will occur.

3. Fussbett

A specific type of sandals that looks like a hybrid of sandals and slippers. They have a characteristic cross on the top; they are always bilateral in color and contrast. They are very similar to Mary Jane’s shoes being flat and have upper straps. While sandals and Mary Jane shoes are used for small distance walks and even mild active work. But the fussbett is worn as slippers or casual beachwear.

4. Pumps

Even though the Mary Jane shoes can be considered pumps but softer fabric and rounder, pumps do not have a strap on them and are mostly made up of leather or any other fabric prone to getting wet. Pumps are used for walking and even day-to-day work. They are for casual wear with jeans and a t-shirt. Pumps are very practical shoes that are also very easily available at different shops.

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