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Furniture, be it wooden, metallic, or leather, plays a vital role in embellishing any place. It makes a space hospitable and inviting, encouraging a person to kick back and relax. In fact, if you go ahead and remove even a single piece of furniture – bed, sofa, coffee table – from a furnished room, it would lose quite a bit of appeal.

Typically, the first step in refurbishing any place is choosing the interior design style so that you can buy furniture that matches the elements of the interior. When it comes to furniture styles, there is a great deal of variety to choose from; you have shabby chic, vintage, contemporary, modern, retro, minimalist, antique, industrial, rustic, classical, and many more. Wherein each category boasts its unique quirks and charms. No matter how you design a space, it cannot be complete without ornate wooden furniture to bring forth the aesthetic.

If you are in the midst of redecorating, you have arrived at the right place. Read along to learn more about the pros and cons of having wooden furniture and the best place to get it.

Reasons to opt for wooden furniture


You do not have to be an expert to know that wooden furniture stands the test of time, so much so that pieces are passed from one generation to another as heirlooms. Furniture crafted from hardwoods such as walnut, oak, and teak is incredibly durable and manages to retain its charming qualities for years to come. Hardwood furniture also tends to be expensive as compared to softwood pieces. Softwood might not be as solid as hardwood, but its furniture acquires rich character in the form of scratches and grooves with the passing of time. Sunlight exposure also deepens the lighter colors of softwood furniture. As long as the quality is intact, furniture made from wood becomes more valuable.

Low maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, wooden furniture does not require you to put in extra effort. Regular dusting with a soft cotton cloth does a great job of restoring its appearance. In case of a spill, you can opt for a diluted solution of detergent and water to prevent staining. But make sure to dry the spot immediately, as wood is quick to absorb moisture.


The same kind of wood can be turned into contrasting pieces of furniture to fit entirely different aesthetics. You can have a rustic cherry dining table customized to suit a classically designed house, while a minimal coffee table can be fashioned out of walnut to furnish a modern home. The final appearance of wooden furniture can also be altered using different stains and finishes. The possibilities are endless.

Renewable resource

Unlike most raw materials, wood is a sustainable natural resource as new trees can be planted to replace those harvested to make furniture. Moreover, wood also falls into the category of recyclable materials making its use less harmful to the environment in the long run.

Rockwood Furniture

If you are looking for an authentic online store to acquire wooden furniture in Malaysia or Singapore, there is no better place than Rockwood Furniture. Rockwood Furniture has been doing a tremendous job of furnishing spaces since its inception in 1988. Thanks to its unmatched dedication and thoughtfulness, the brand has managed to garner a sturdy reputation in the world of wooden furniture. They are mainly known for pieces crafted in luxurious teak wood. The furniture company deals in reclaimed teak furniture, refurbished classics, and restoration works.

Rockwood Furniture specializes in curating unique one-off pieces as opposed to manufacturing rows upon rows of the same product. However, sometimes you will find furniture pieces that belong to a particular range. The brand is home to the following collections, each featuring distinctive attributes: Bondi, Brighton, Bronte, Byron, Noosa, Petani, Ramberg, Santorini, Torquay, Tweed, Varamon, and Velden.

Here is a glimpse of their beautifully crafted wooden furniture.

Hand Carved Teak Mirror with Shutters

It would not be misplaced to label this mirror a one-of-a-kind creation; it is bound to add a fantastical touch anywhere it is hung. It boasts an intricately carved frame made entirely of teak, with the mirror sitting in the center. The shutters feature thin wooden slats to make sure that the mirror isn’t completely hidden when they are shut. You can have it customized in two sizes: 80 cm x 70 cm and 90 cm x 80 cm.

Rustic Bedside Table

This bedside table comes in 10 different variants, each one showcasing an individual style. They are all crafted using solid reclaimed teak wood sourced from Central Java, so you know they will last for a long time. The varying designs guarantee that everyone finds a bedside table that matches the vibe of their home and their taste in furniture.

Round Log Stool/Plinth

This stool is a replica of a log, which makes it an ideal and quirky choice for outdoor seating. It will add a natural element to your backyard and garden. Like the rest, it is also made from solid teak, making it durable and resistant to wear. The diameter is 30 cm wide to provide comfortable seating, and the height is 40 cm.

Decorate your home with Atome

If you are tempted to visit Rockwood Furniture’s website and order all the best furniture pieces, but the fear of a hefty bill is holding you back, we have great news. You can now pay for your furniture haul with a convenient payment plan, all thanks to Atome.

Atome is a payment application that has streamlined the process of buying now and paying later with its seamless technology. It works by splitting the bill into three smaller payments that the user needs to pay according to a convenient schedule instead of making the payment in one go. The best part is that the process is free of interest and added charges.

Becoming an Atome user comes with a lot more perks. Firstly, you can use it to shop at over 15,000 other local and international brands. Secondly, most affiliate brands offer tempting and exclusive deals and discounts to Atome users.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

In order to join the Atome community, you need to download the app (get it here) and create an account in a few steps. It is free of cost and hassle-free. The payment process is also very straightforward, and you can make use of it during in-store and online shopping sprees. Here’s the most exciting part: new users receive a welcome discount of RM15 that can be used upon spending RM50 or more.

How to place an online order at Rockwood Furniture with Atome

  1. When you get to the checkout, select Atome as the payment method.
  2. Log in to your Atome account or register then and there.
  3. Fill in the total cost of your purchase.
  4. Use the available discount voucher.
  5. Have a look at the payment schedule.
  6. Make the first payment to have your furniture shipped.
  7. The app will automatically charge the subsequent payments on the due dates.


If you are tired of the monotony of the decor at your home or workplace, it is time to spruce things up a bit. And there is no better way to do it than introducing brand-new wooden furniture. Simply adding a piece or two and rearranging the existing furniture will entirely transform the space. Since there is no better place to shop for amazing wooden furniture than Rockwood Furniture, head to their website and place an order with Atome.

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