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May 24 2022

Aihome is a retailer of innovative home and personal technology products. Shaw Tan and Chris Ng founded the company in 2018 with the aim of being a leading source of smart home appliances and automation products for homeowners. Aihome started with its first outlet at Sunway Velocity and gradually expanded to include more outlets across Malaysia.

Why your home needs smart devices

In the past couple of years, technological developments have made people rethink and evaluate the new normal. From relying on corded phones to smartwatches, our generation has come a long way in very little time. Smart home automation is a step toward a “connected home,” and smart devices are a way of achieving a common integrated system for all home devices.

One of the major benefits of home automation is the convenience factor. The ability to control and use home devices and appliances through a single user interface (mobile phone) is an enthralling idea. Imagine how that would reduce the learning curve of new users for different devices.

Smart appliances have improved functionality that simplifies and enhances regular tasks, making your life easier and more enjoyable.

Exploring Aihome Malaysia

Aihome aims to become the largest retailer of smart IoT products in Asia. The team at Aihome believes that every household deserves a chance to upgrade their living the smart way. Therefore, the company provides innovative home solutions at affordable rates so everyone can experience the home of the future.

By combining superior quality with modern technology, Aihome Malaysia delivers modern home devices, appliances, and gadgets for everyday use. Aihome is also set to launch its first mobile app that will enrich the user experience and make its products accessible at the convenience of touch.

The company doesn’t limit itself to retail products but also offers other services for a complete customer experience. Its services include:

  • One year Malaysia warranty
  • Aihome care (Extended 12 months warranty)
  • 7-day exchange
  • Shipping insurance
  • Local shipping
  • Instant delivery in Klang Valley
  • Service installation consultation
  • Live video-call consultation
Aihome Malaysia

Aihome Stores

If you want to browse through Aihome products physically, you can visit the following stores in Malaysia.

  • KL Sunway Velocity
  • One Utama Shopping Center
  • Mid Valley Shopping Center
  • Outlet state in Setapak (Coming soon)
  • IOI City Mall Shopping Center (Coming soon)

What is Aihome Care?

Aihome is a product underwritten by AIA General Berhad (aiagb) that provides an extended 1-year warranty on Aihome devices and appliances bought from Aihome stores. Aihome Care protects your purchased products against electrical, mechanical, or electronic breakdowns by giving users the option of repair or replacement.

This extended warranty is provided for 12 months after the insured product’s original (manufacturer’s) warranty expires.

Aihome products

There’s no denying that smart homes are the future of high living standards, and Aihome is the perfect place to shop for modern products that can transform your lifestyle. You can browse through Aihome product categories to find the perfect smart appliance for your home.

Aihome offers the following products:

  • Smart home
  • Smart home appliances
  • Smart mobile and gadgets
  • Smart things
  • Smart travel and automotives
  • Smart entertainment

As a leading retailer of innovative home products, the store offers top brands such as Google, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Panasonic, Nokia, Philips, Sensibo, Smart Life, Sony, Tp-link, Wanbo, and more.

With Aihome technology, you can upgrade your home using smart products and make your life easier. For example, you can install an Aihome security camera outside your home to feel more secure or invest in an Aihome robot to tend to all your home cleaning needs.

Ai Home is Atome’s partnered merchant

BNPL companies have taken the retail space by storm, with more consumers adopting the buy-now-pay-later model for shopping payments every day. Atome is a similar payment app that users can partner with to pay their shopping bills.

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR to download Atome app

Aihome is one of Atome’s partnered merchants, which means if you buy something from their online store or physical outlet, you can use Atome’s flexible payment plans to make your shopping experience more gratifying.

This payment service allows you to split your Ai Home bill into three parts that can be paid over two months. The first part of the bill is paid at the time of checkout, while the remaining balance can be paid over subsequent months.

What is Atome?

Atome is a Singapore-based company that follows the BNPL business model. It was first launched in 2019 and has since grown into a leading buy-now-pay-later service in Malaysia. It has over 6000 partnered merchants, including top brands such as Shein, Agoda, Sephora, Club 21, Duck, Machines, Lush, OSIM, etc.

Atome currently operates in 10 markets, including Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Mainland China. If you want to use this flexible payment service for your next shopping spree, download the Atome app (Get the app) on your phone and create an account. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Once you have registered on the platform, you can start shopping from any of Atome’s partnered merchants’ stores without worrying about large upfront payments.

How to pay at Ai Home through Atome

  1. Scan the QR code or use the Atome app to pay for your Aihome in-store purchases.
  2. For online shopping, select Atome as your payment partner when checking out.
  3. You will be redirected to another page to enter your user details.
  4. Continue the checkout process.
  5. Pay the 1st part of your bill and defer the remaining payment.

It is time to update your home to a smart home!

Upgrade your home with smart devices and appliances by Ai Home to immerse yourself in a brand new living experience. You can shop with ease using the Atome app, which is trusted by thousands of users. Download the app today and hop on the IoT bandwagon with Ai Home.

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