Ezbuy – An Ultimate Checklist For Your Next Resort Vacation

by jiatongma

Nov 07 2022

ezbuy is a one-stop shop for everyone where you can find almost everything you need. You can find anything easily, whether it is furniture for your home, fashion accessories, groceries, or clothing for any upcoming event. Founded in 2010, ezbuy aimed to offer quality products to local customers.

The primary goal was to make customers’ online shopping experience more enjoyable and convenient, which was achieved with the love of more than three million customers. ezbuy has grown into a widely trusted national and international shopping place where values like love, passion, humbleness, and efficiency are prioritized.

Ease Your Trips with ezbuy

Planning a holiday at a resort can be an exciting time in your life. You can revel in the fact that very soon, you will be relaxing on the beach, enjoying your cocktails, and witnessing exhilarating views. But, while you’re preoccupied with your beautiful daydreams, you often forget to plan your trip smartly.

Planning a trip could be done wisely by making a checklist of all the must-have items you need. Since ezbuy has a wide range of products and multiple payment methods, it is a go-to option to buy all the essentials for your upcoming resort holidays.

Most resorts have almost every basic necessity available, so you don’t have to carry too much luggage. However, if you want to make your stay more comfortable, budget-friendly, and relaxing, it’s better to have the necessary clothes and items listed below.

Must-Have Outfits to Wear at Resorts

When visiting a fun-packed place where you can enjoy windy days at the beach, beautiful evenings at resorts, and entertaining bonfires at night, you must go fully prepared. Here is a list of some essential clothes perfect for taking a resort trip.

  1. Swimwear

Resorts call for funky swimwear and bikinis. As people love to spend most of their time at the beach while swimming and dancing in the water, having cute swimwear sets is extremely important. Moreover, swimming costumes are less space-consuming, more comfortable to put on, and easy to dry. Therefore, these can prove to be the best summer resort outfits.

  1. Extra Tee Shirts and Shorts

For a relaxing time, both men and women must have their comfortable set of tee shirts and shorts. This attire gives a vacation vibe and makes a person feel relaxed and away from all the workload. Men can style the shorts with cute leafy collar shirts, while women can pair them with tank tops or crop tops. This is a perfect go-to option if you want to save time creating a look with long dresses or skirts.

  1. Floral Dresses

Floral dresses and tee shirts give a perfect summer and vacation vibe. These dresses go perfectly with heels or sandals, so no matter if you want to slay your looks in the resort or go to the beach to take wonderful summer photos, these dresses will grace your look.

  1. Long Skirts

Long skirts with beautiful prints like polka dots, lines, or floral look stunning on vacations, especially on islands. These are easy to carry, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. You can style your long skirts with any of your favorite shirts, crop tops, knotted blouses, and even bikinis.

You can complete the look with contrasting sneakers, sandals, and a beach hat. Not just this, long skirts with bright blouses and classy accessories are perfect to create a formal look for nighttime events like bonfires and parties.

  1. Jumpsuits

For long walks on the island, you can slay your look by wearing jumpsuits. These are easy-to-carry and comfortable outfits that go well with any adventure. Especially when you are out exploring the resort or the island, this outfit accessorized with classy jewelry can look picture-perfect.

  1. Undergarments

The most important thing is having extra pairs of undergarments with you. You should have at least three to four extra pairs with you so that you can easily create stylish looks while being comfortable on the inside.

Must-Have Items to Bring at Resort Vacation

While resorts do offer essential items, the charges can be pretty high, especially in summer. Therefore, you must bring things to help you maximize your comfort and cut extra costs. Don’t worry; we have done the hard work for you. Below is the list of all the indispensable items to bring on a resort vacation.

  1. Sunblock

Spending time in the water and soaking up the sun is all good and fun until one gets sunburned. Therefore, to prevent any rash or severe skin burns, you must have SPF with you. Sunblock is very important to spend tension-free time on the beach and enjoy the water for a long time.

  1. Sunglasses and sun hat

Sunglasses and sun hats also serve the same function and prevent you from getting rashes or sunburns. Because the sun is exceptionally bright in tropical regions and the daytime can be dazzling, these items will help you have a good time. Hats and sunglasses are most commonly sold at an expensive price to tourists; therefore, it is better to take your glasses and hats with you.

  1. Insect Repellent

Who would like to spend most of their time fearing and scratching bug bites? In open areas like beaches and resorts, there are usually more bugs and insects; therefore, taking a pocket-size insect repellent with you is better. This will help protect you from bugs and the worry that bug bites will cause.

  1. Foldable Bag

A foldable, easy-to-carry cloth bag is also an important thing to carry with you. This item will help you take your beach stuff like sunblock, an extra pair of sandals, beach towels, and cover-ups.

  1. Power Bank and Extra Charging Cable

Although resorts have charging ports available and you can easily charge your devices there, it is still better as a tourist to carry your power banks and extra charging cable with you. In case of any mishap, you will not have to buy at a high price.

Other important items include beach towels, towel clips, water-resistant bags, sheets, extra pair of sandals, and a small first aid kit.

Products at ezbuy Malaysia

At ezbuy, you can find almost every trip-related item, such as women’s and men’s clothing. Whether you need a skirt or shirt, cover-ups, or lingerie, you can find them all. You can buy a variety of sandals, shoes, wallets, luggage, or travel bags easily on this website. Moreover, you can also find tech-related items and accessories in the store.

You can find the following categories in-store:

  • Women’s fashion
  • Shoes, bags, and accessories
  • Home & garden
  • Home furniture
  • Mobile, PC, and home appliances
  • Toys, mother, and kids
  • Beauty and health
  • Men’s fashion
  • Groceries
  • Office & stationery

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Choose ezbuy for a complete shopping experience

Shopping for different products at various stores can be exhausting, especially if you’re planning a vacation and need an assortment of travel essentials. Ezbuy Malaysia is an ideal store because it has everything all under a single roof. All you need to do is add your favorites to the cart and select Atome at checkout.

Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with the perfect partnership between ezbuy and Atome.

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