Face Mask | The best face mask to keep you away from pandemic

by Starry

Feb 21 2022

Ever since the pandemic has invaded our lives and enshrouded us in its vile, diabolical roots, face masks have become a necessity. The terrors of the Covid-19 virus spread like wildfire back in 2020. Today, the pandemic has not eradicated itself from existence, but people know how to dodge the bullet – following the SOPs and wearing face masks at all times when going out!

As every quarter we see a new variant of the pandemic birthing, planning to end the human species, we aren’t as terrified of the virus as we initially were. We are living in a new era – the Covid era and we aren’t afraid of it. Throughout the pandemic, and even today, face masks stuck with us, shielding us from the germs of the pandemic.

Today, in this article, we’ll be shedding some serious light on the best face masks in Malaysia. This includes face masks from renowned brands, including Callie face masks.

How to wear a face mask?

Can you really evade the wrath of coronavirus if you don’t wear your face mask the right way? The sad answer to this is no! So, before going knee-deep into finding the best face masks for ourselves, we should learn how to wear face masks the right way first.

Here’s how to wear face masks the right way:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands before putting on your face mask. In fact, before touching your face mask at any time, your hands should be clean.
  • When donning a face mask, ensure that it covers your chin, mouth, and nose.
  • When taking off your face mask, put it in a clean plastic bag, and then dispose of that bag in a trash can.
  • Don’t buy masks that have valves.

Face Masks in Malaysia – Mobile2Go’s variety of the best face masks

If you’re looking for top-quality face masks in Malaysia, we suggest you buy them from Mobile2Go. These face marks are simply flawless, and you can order them online without having to step a foot away from the comforts of your sweet home.

Here are some face masks you’ll find on Mobile2Go’s website.

Disclaimer: We are only mentioning SOME of the face masks you can buy from Mobile2Go; there are way more face masks they are offering – visit their website to find out!

Callie Face Mask 3 PLY [50 Pieces]

  • Three packs of teddy white face masks and two packs of brown bears’ face masks.
  • For adults.
  • Fifty pieces of 3-ply face masks.
  • Highly breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • MDA-, FDA-, and CE-approved.
  • Made in Malaysia.
  • Mask size: 175mm (Width) x 95mm (Length).

Callie Face Mask Base Series – 4 PLY [50 Pieces]

  • Available in windsurf blue, pink beret, and neutral beige colors.
  • Highly breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • MDA-, FDA-, and CE-approved.
  • Made in Malaysia.
  • Mask size: 175mm (Width) x 95mm (Length).
  • Fifty pieces of 4-ply surgical grade face masks that provide up to 99% of submicron protection.

Durio 502 – 3PLY Face mask [50 Pieces]

  • Highly breathable and comfortable face masks.
  • 175 mm (Width) x 95mm (Length).
  • Made in Malaysia.
  • Fifty pieces of 3-ply FDA-approved face masks.

Xiaomi Smart Mi Anti-Pollution Air Sport Face Mask

  • Available in dark gray color.
  • Face mask material: TPU.
  • Filter efficiency: More than 97%.
  • Suitable for adults.
  • Wearing way: Around the ears.
  • Mask size (L x W x H): 19.5 x 138 x 5 mm.

Callie Nature Series Face Mask – 4PLY [30 Pieces]

  • Face masks that boast a nature-like design – #FashionablySafe!
  • Highly breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • MDA-, FDA-, and CE-approved.
  • Made in Malaysia.
  • Mask size: 175mm (Width) x 95mm (Length).
  • Thirty pieces of 4-ply surgical grade face masks that provide up to 99% of submicron protection.

If any of the above-mentioned face masks or those there at Mobile2Go’s website look appealing to you, buy them now from Mobile2Go!

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How do I pay using Atome?

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Ending Note

Face masks are more of a need today if one wishes to escape from the grasp of the novel coronavirus. However, wearing a face mask is useless if you’re not wearing it properly – you need to wear it the right way to reap all of its benefits!

If you’re on the quest to look for the best face masks’ seller in Malaysia, choosing Mobile2Go would be a wise choice.

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