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by jiatongma

Oct 19 2022

Best Point is one of Malaysia’s leading wholesalers of electrical and IT products. From home appliances and home entertainment to kitchen appliances, you can find a wide variety of products under a single roof.

What can TV screens be used for other than watching traditional TV?

Today, almost 47% of millennials and Gen X don’t watch traditional TV, but they all have a TV screen in their homes. Now comes the real question: what is the use of buying a TV screen when you are not going to watch TV?

The reason is that TV screens have become a medium through which users can access multiple entertainment channels. It is used as a computer monitor or for screen mirroring iPhone to TV, apart from other various applications.

People spend most of their time on their phones, whether it is for checking their emails, playing games, watching a movie, or streaming songs. Some even have fitness apps downloaded on their phones with different exercises. By screen mirroring Android to TV, users have a chance to enrich their viewing experience and enjoy whatever they are going on the phone on a much bigger screen.

For example, many people have fitness apps downloaded on their phones. These apps have built-in exercise videos that subscribers can watch and copy. Now imagine looking at the phone’s small screen, trying to make sure the posture and actions are correct. The same thing could become so much easier if you could mirror it on your TV. This is just one way a TV screen can be used for another purpose– the entire list is pretty exhaustive.

What should users look for on a TV screen?

Now that we have established the importance of owning a TV screen, it is crucial to know which one is better, considering the plethora of options available in the market. We will try to break down the specifications you should look for in a TV screen so that your selection becomes easier.

  1. The latest technology

This first one is a no-brainer. When you are out in the electronic market searching for a TV, your main preference should be to go for one with the latest technology built into its system. Why? Because technology will only get more advanced in the following years. So, if you buy a TV with old-school specs, chances are that it will not remain compatible with other electronic devices for long.

Therefore, look for a device that has the latest specs and is fully compatible with other devices you own, such as your laptop, computer, phone, etc.

  1. High screen resolution

Resolution is actually the number of pixels that make up the picture you see on display. It is calculated in terms of horizontal and vertical columns. As a rule of thumb, more pixels mean a better and sharper image with finer details. So, you should aim to buy a higher resolution TV for a good user experience.

The 1920 x 1080 has been the standard resolution for full HD TV screens for many years. However, manufacturers are now moving towards Ultra HD, also known as 4K. This newer technology has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is a considerable upgrade from its predecessor.

Many streaming services like Amazon Video, Netflix, and even YouTube have started providing content in 4K. So, if you plan to buy a new TV, you should opt for one with a 4K resolution or higher.

  1. High dynamic range

HDR is a new feature of the 4K resolution. The high dynamic range determines a screen’s ability to deliver more colors, higher brightness, and more contrast levels. HDR does not apply to 1080p HD sets since it is an upgrade of the 4K or Ultra HD format. The minimum standard for high dynamic range is HDR10, which has been set by the UHD Alliance. Therefore, every HDR TV will support HDR10 at least.

Dolby Vision is a step-up from HDR10 as it adjusts the HDR effect on a frame-by-frame basis. This result in a more dynamic and impressive result. Most leading TV brands, such as LG, TCL, Sony, etc., offer Dolby Vision in their premium models. Samsung has its own premium HDR format, known as HDR10+, for its smart TVs.

  1. High refresh rate

If you plan to use your TV screen for gaming purposes, the refresh rate will significantly impact the user experience. The refresh rate is expressed in Hertz (Hz), which determines how many times a picture is refreshed on the screen every second. The standard rate is 60 Hz, but the picture may seem blurry and jittery if you watch something with rapidly moving objects.

Newer models of TVs boast a refresh rate of 120- 240 Hz with additional support for content with higher than 60 Hz frame rates. So, whether you are a live sports addict or a gamer with PS5 or Xbox Series S, it’s always smarter to go for a TV that supports a higher refresh rate.

  1. Smart TVs

While most TVs available on the market are smart TVs with built-in Wi-Fi, newer models enable users to search for content across streaming services. When considering smart TVs, the interface will impact the overall user experience, so you should look into different options until you find one you’re happy with.

Major services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora are included in most smart TVs, but if you want more options, make sure to research different versions. Several budget-friendly brands have launched smart TVs without disclosing the actual platform they use. You can expect to run into problems in such cases as off-brand smart platforms have limited app selection.

It would be best if you aimed to purchase the latest technology in smart TVs that your budget can afford.

Best Point – The ultimate brands’ store

The safest bet when purchasing electronics is to buy from reputable brands such as Samsung, Sony, etc. It is because big brands are reliable, and you can be sure you’re purchasing a good quality product. Not to mention, the after-sales service of well-recognized brands is unparalleled.

When you visit a store like LG or Sony, you can expect to find only that brand’s products. That sometimes makes you wonder whether you’re missing out on better features that other brands might offer. Therefore, Best Point Singapore is the ultimate store for electronic shopping. It has many brands available under a single roof, so you can easily compare the specifications and prices of different brands and versions.

Best Point has various options, whether you are searching for a 4K resolution TV, smart TV, Android TV, or an LED TV. Here are some products you can compare on Best Point’s website to find your pick.

  • LG 48” 4K Smart SELF-LIT OLED TV (2021)
  • LG 55” 4K Smart Premium UHD TV
  • SONY 65” UHD TV
  • LG UP75 Series 65” Smart UHD TV
  • SAMSUNG 49” Led Color TV
  • SAMSUNG 55” UHD Smart TV
  • SAMSUNG 65” QLED Smart TV
  • PANASONIC 43” 4K UHD Android TV
  • PANASONIC 55” Android TV
  • SONY 49” 4K HRD Android TV
  • LG 43” LED Color TV

As you can see, Best Point has products from leading brands like TOSHIBA, SONY, LG, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, and more. Whichever model you select, rest assured your purchase will be 100% original and high-quality.

Best Point is Atome’s partner merchant

Purchasing branded electronic products is more like a long-term investment. These items and expensive but also offer great value for money. Best Point understands the importance of spending smartly and offers its users a chance to buy their favorite TV with flexible payments. It means Best Point customers can split their bills into three interest-free payments instead of paying them all at once.

What is Atome?

Atome is a BNPL company that is based in Singapore. Over the years, the company’s network has expanded to 8 countries, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam, etc. The brand, Atome was launched in late 2019, and today, more than 15,000 merchants are working alongside it.

The purpose of this service is to bring consumers closer to the things they desire. So, if there’s a product or service they want to buy, there’s no need to pay in full at the time of purchase. Instead, with Atome, users can divide their bills into parts and pay them over time. It is the perfect solution for modern tech-savvy consumers who want flexible payment options.

To become an Atome user, you need to download the app (Get the app) and create a new account. You can start shopping from any Atome partner merchant’s online or offline store when your payment details are verified. Also, if you download the app now, you get a discount voucher of RM15 off that you can use on your first purchase.

How to pay with Atome at Best Point

  1. Scan the QR code from Atome’s app at Best Point’s physical stores for payment.
  2. For online purchases, select Atome as your payment method when checking out of Best Point’s website.
  3. Enter your user details when redirected and continue.
  4. Pay the first part of your Best Point bill at checkout for online and offline purchases and defer the remaining amount.

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