The Importance of Washing Fruits And Vegetables Correctly with BIOLUX Malaysia

by jiatongma

Oct 25 2022

BIOLUX is a sanitation and wellness household appliance brand incorporated as BIOLUX NETWORK (ASIA) SDN BHD in 2018. With years of research and product development, the brand has created innovative products that are used in households, food processing plants, professional laundry, medical & healthcare industries, and water treatment facilities.

BIOLUX has over three decades of experience in research & development and product application. With a robust supply chain management system, the company has maintained its competitive edge over competitors.

BIOLUX understands the significance of hygiene, especially when it comes to food items like vegetables and fruits. While most of us consume these essentials every day, not everyone stops to think if the food they are eating is safe and clean. Let’s have a look at why cleaning fruits and vegetables correctly is crucial for good health.

Why handwashing your fruits and vegetables isn’t enough

When you bring fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, the first thing you usually do is hand wash them with clean running water. However, there’s no way to ensure that handwashing eliminates all the harmful bacteria and germs from the produce. Everything is loaded with contaminants, whether you look at organic produce or homegrown vegetables.

While washing fruits and vegetables with clean water may be satisfying, the process doesn’t remove pesticides and other chemicals used during farming. Did you know that consuming foods that contain chemical fertilizer can be hazardous to health? Here are just a few problems users have experienced with contaminated food.

  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Diarrhea and abdominal cramps
  • Respiratory issues
  • Decreased body coordination

Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and infants are at a higher risk of falling sick by consuming food with chemicals and fertilizers. Whether you wash your food in running water or leave it immersed in clean water for an extended period, it will not get rid of the residue of chemicals and pesticides on food items.

In an attempt to clean fruits and vegetables thoroughly, many people resort to using soap, dishwashing liquid, and other industrial cleaning solutions. But this can cause even more damage. Cleaning compounds that are not approved by the food authority are unsafe for use and can make you sick. When you use detergent or soap on fruits and vegetables, you may leave some residue behind that you ingest with the food. Even if you remove the peel, soap can seep into fruits and vegetables as their surface is porous.

Ingesting soap accidentally can lead to gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, and diarrhoea. It also interferes with good microbes in your gut.

BIOLUX Ozone Food Purifier: The perfect cleaning solution for food produce

Ozone is a powerful, instant-acting oxidizer that quickly oxidizes chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and other viruses. An ozone food purifier helps eliminate contaminants from food and makes it safe for consumption.

BIOLUX Ozone Food Purifier uses patented Electrolyte OZONE Generator technology to offer a thorough cleaning effect. All you have to do is place the purifier in a water container and watch it convert regular water into Ozone water for purification. BIOLUX’s technology ensures that the Ozone water created through the purifier does not produce harmful by-products like nitrogen oxide.

Here’s what you can expect from BIOLUX’s Ozone purifier:

  • Complete food purification
  • No harmful by-products
  • Removal of 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • Elimination of pesticide residues
  • Protection against pathogens and viruses
  • Sanitation of kitchen tools
  • Prolonged fruit and vegetable freshness

The food purifier by BIOLUX is a wonderful addition to any kitchen because it is a multipurpose product that delivers on several fronts. For example, you can wash meat and seafood with the purifier to degrade 94% of meat hormones and eliminate smell while maintaining its natural taste. It can even disinfect kitchen tools, cutting boards, etc., to avoid cross-contamination.

BIOLUX Malaysia has also introduced a portable version of its Ozone purifier called the Multipurpose Ozone Bottle. It enables users to convert water into high-purity Ozone water on the go instantly. The bottle produces 150 ml of ozone water each time and can generate up to 16,000 times which sums up to 2,400 litres of clean water.

The following are ways you can use the portable ozone purifier:

  • Food sanitizing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Eliminate pesticides from produce
  • Sanitizing tabletops and kitchen surfaces
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Disinfecting baby suppliers such as feeder bottles, pacifiers, etc.
  • Oral care
  • Cleaning towels, fabrics, and pets
  • Disinfecting kitchen tools

All in all, the BIOLUX food purifier is a sure way to disinfect food items and consume them without worrying about contaminants.

BiOLUX stores in Malaysia

If you want to view the complete product catalogue of BIOLUX, visit its online website or physical stores in Malaysia. You can see the following locations:

  • BIOLUX (Batu Pahat – Taman Flora Utama)
  • BIOLUX (Ipoh – Ipoh Garden Square)
  • BIOLUX (PJ – Jalan SS 22/23)
  • BIOLUX (PJ – Sunway GEO Avenue)

BIOLUX is one of Atome’s partner merchants

Nothing is more important than your family’s health; therefore, BIOLUX has made it easier than ever to purchase its sanitation and wellness products without worrying about their total cost. The company has partnered with Atome to offer its users flexible monthly payment options to make shopping at BIOLUX convenient and fun.

More about the payment service: Atome

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With Atome’s service, users can shop at any of its 15,000 partner merchant stores and split their bills into three parts. The first payment has to be completed at the time of purchase, but the remaining amount is deferred to subsequent months. What makes Atome a winner is its clear payment terms and no service and interest charges.

If you want to join Atome’s platform as a user, you can download the app (Get the app) and register for an account. Your account will be approved for use following a quick verification process. If you download the app now, you get a welcome voucher of RM15 off that can be used on your first purchase.

How to pay at BiOLUX with Atome

  1. Scan the QR code from Atome’s app when checking out of the physical store.
  2. For online shopping, select Atome as your payment method at checkout.
  3. Enter your user details when redirected.
  4. Pay one part of your BIOLUX bill now, and the remaing amounts later

Try BIOLUX today

The brand BIOLUX is synonymous with high-purity water and good health. Shop at BIOLUX today to bring its Ozone water purifier home. Why compromise on your family’s health when you have a more effective way of cleaning fresh produce? Partner with Atome for an improved shopping experience where you can enjoy healthy food with a well-managed monthly budget.

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