Braun Büffel Wallets And Some Easy Tips To Clean Them

by jiatongma

Feb 23 2023

Braun Büffel is a brand that produces timeless, refined, quality leather products. The bags and wallets at Barun Büffel are the most durable and majestic pieces you will ever come across. Due to its high-quality and elegant designs, this brand has earned a significant space in the market and ignited a love for fine leather. No matter the type of bag you are looking for, Barun Büffel has got you covered.

Leather has always been a material that represented class and has been a symbol of grace. Great artisans have perfected the manufacturing of leather products over the past centuries. However, caring for such a luxurious commodity is also an art. Legendary leather manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the Middle East have always followed their respective methods of caring for and cleaning their finished crafts. This tradition has been carried forward and modified by Braun Büffel, incorporating the marvels of modern technology. 

With over 135 years of experience in beautiful craftsmanship and the art of leather, this brand has launched an excellent range of leather products for everyone. In addition to bags and wallets, Barun Büffel offers other products such as tee shirts, travel accessories, key holders, chain holders, and gift sets for both men and women.

Although the brand has a century-old legacy, the innovative designs and details of the products still leave the customers in awe. Whether you are someone who loves vintage designs or someone who loves to stay updated with new trends, you can be sure that Barun Büffel will deliver the utmost satisfaction to your purchase.

Customer Care At Braun Büffel

The best part of Braun Büffel Malaysia is its customer care services. The role of the brand is not limited to the sale of products, but it also remains after that. Customer satisfaction is the brand’s first priority; therefore, they have a set of care instructions and bag cleaning services for the products sold.

For instance, if you have bought a great Braun Büffel leather wallet, the company will ensure to add the care instructions in the packaging and provide a cleaning or restoration service after the purchase. Isn’t it amazing?

However, if you are interested in the secrets behind keeping leather products in mint condition, then we have a range of instructions for all of you. Following these instructions can increase the longevity of the finished product and can save the customers from spending big bucks on the maintenance of their leather possessions.

How To Clean Leather Bags and Wallets 

Braun Büffel Malaysia online and in-stores welcome its customers for the ultimate care of their leather products. However, we all must be aware of the easy and quick ways to clean the stains on our leather products. We unconsciously touch our bags and wallets without washing our hands properly, especially if we always have them by our side. 

Sometimes we notice minor stains such as water, dust, ink, oil, and grease that are difficult to remove, and other times the stains are big enough to be noticed easily. What should we do in such a situation, and what should be our first emergency response?

Well, the answer depends upon the type of stain you have on your fine leather bag. First of all, do not panic. Assess the stain properly, know the source, and then think of the best possible way to remove the stain. Below are some common types of stains that we usually end up having on our bags.

  1. Water Stains

Suppose you accidentally spill water on your leather wallet. In that case, the best emergency response is to remove everything from the bag, gently dab a soft dry cloth to remove the excess water, and then let it dry without further treatment.

Although the water stain will dry out, most likely, the stain of water boundaries will be left behind. To remove this stain, apply a good quality leather conditioner on the entire wallet and leave it overnight for a better-rejuvenated look. 

  1. Ink Stains

If you have to do a lot of paperwork, ink stains are the most common stains you will observe on your wallets and bags. Fortunately, we can also remove ink stains from leather by using simple, cost-effective techniques. 

The most followed technique is to use isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) by mixing it with water. Apply the mixture to the stained part and gently massage in a circular motion. Once the mixture is dry, apply leather soap or leather conditioner to make it look as shiny as new.

People often use the second method to apply non-gel toothpaste on the ink stain. The toothpaste is applied by using a damp cloth. The paste is gently rubbed on the stain for five to ten minutes; after that, notice the results. While many people commonly use this technique, it is not always practical.

  1. Oil Stains

Oil and grease stains are one of the toughest stains that are prominent on the leather if not treated quickly. If you observe any oil or grease stain on your leather bag, DO NOT rush to wash your wallet or immerse it entirely in water. Keep these stains away from water. 

To remove these stains, you must take a clean fabric; it will be better to use a microfiber cloth and gently clean the stained cloth. If the stain remains, take a small amount of baking soda or talcum powder and sprinkle it over it. Let the powder or soda rest for some hours, and then gently brush it off. Talcum powder or baking soda helps absorb the oil or grease from the surface.

  1. Wine Stains

Removing wine stains from a leather bag is a serious deal. You must have the correct knowledge about the type of leather used to make the bag to remove the stain. For example, if you have an unfinished leather bag or wallet, you must seek professional help to remove the stains.

However, if you have a finished leather wallet, you can try DIYs to remove these notorious stains. The most common DIY used is the application of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Use one part of each product, make a paste and gently apply on the stain for ten to fifteen minutes. Afterward, wipe the paste with a clean cloth and apply a leather conditioner. 

Precautions While Cleaning Your Wallets

There are some basic precautionary measures that you must take while cleaning your leather products. Some of them are as mentioned below.

  • Always use a clean and damp cloth for cleaning the wallet.
  • Never machine wash your wallets.
  • Never use strong heat from the hair dryers on the wallets.
  • Avoid using detergents and strong bleach on leather wallets.
  • It is always recommended to do a spot test before cleaning the complete stain.
  • If you believe the stain is tough enough or have an unfinished leather wallet or bag, seek professional help rather than trying basic DIYs on your expensive leather products.

Braun Büffel- Professional Bag Cleaning Service

A few professional bag cleaning services in Malaysia can carefully and competently provide this service. One such brand is Barun Büffel. You can easily avail of the service in-store and online and enjoy the luxury of restoring the lavish leather products that you bought from their online store. 

All you need to do is to contact them through their email or customer care service. In your email, you have to mention your queries, issues, and the photograph of the purchased product and the company will contact you as soon as possible to schedule the restoration of your bags and wallets.

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