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by Starry

Sep 26 2021

A commode chair is a portable chair designed for people with disabilities and older people. An easy-care portable chair can be moved at the desired place and has arms to support people to get in and out comfortably. 

The commode chairs from Malaysia are strong enough to support the people who have put on extra weight. This article aims to highlight the perks of having a commode chair for elderly and disable people. 

Types of Commode Chair 

There are many types of commode chairs out there in the market. However, knowing the right kind of commode chair for you can save you a lot of time and stress. Listed below are some of the main types of commode chairs. 

●    Static commodes

As the name implies, Static commodes are not mobile commode chairs as they don’t have wheels. However, you can carry them to the required place. These chairs have detachable arms, which eases the process of lateral transfer. Many static commodes also come with handles and lids for a better user experience. 

●    Portable commodes

The portable commodes are mobile commode chairs as they come with four wheels and can easily be moved on tiles, carpet, and wooden floors. To provide more privacy to the users, these can be carried over the present-day modern toilets. 

●    Bariatric commodes

Normally, commode chairs can not bear the weight of heavy people. Bariatric commodes are specifically designed for people who weigh more than 300lbs. These commodes have wider seats and help the users to sit in them comfortably. Many bariatric commodes come with a drop arm and ease the transfer of people from the wheelchair. 

Benefits of a commode chair 

The functions, adaptability, and many other amazing benefits of commode chairs make these chairs stand out. Let’s have a view of the numerous benefits that this chair affords. 

●    Commode chairs ensure independency

The people who struggle with their health usually have a strong desire to be autonomous to take care of themselves without being dependent on others. Going to washrooms, especially at night, is challenging for people struggling with their health and, hence, dependent on their caretakers. They usually wait for their caretakers to wake up to let their requests be known to them. Commode chair provides an opportunity for such struggling users to go to the toilet on their own. 

Hence, an easy-care commode chair placed at the side of the bed allows the patients to relieve themselves without asking for help. 

●    Commode chair provides enhanced safety

Disable people or patients with restricted mobility face the challenge of falling while walking, and hence. As a result, they get serious injuries. 

The people who don’t have the strength to stand on their own and maintain balance can get assistance from the support bars of commode chairs that ultimately helps to minimize the risk involved in mobility. It also helps in cutting down the distance to travel, especially at night. 

●    Commode chair preserves privacy

Physically limited people view it as a breach of their privacy when they depend on their caretakers to even go to the washroom, no matter how close the caretaker is to that person. The use of a commode chair allows such people to enjoy their enhanced privacy as they become able to relieve themselves independently. This increase in self-dependency leads to a feeling of improved dignity and self-worth. 

●    Cost-effective

One of the benefits of commode chairs is that it is a cost-effective option for uncomfortable people in their toilet seats. Hence, instead of renovating and installing your washroom, having an ideal easy-care commode chair can help you cost-effectively adjust your convenience. Moreover, these chairs are sight-appealing as compared to the other options. 

●    Ease of mobility

The mobile commode chairs can be folded, and you can locate them from one place to another. This allows the users to place the chair in a comfortable location. If you are looking for a mobile commode chair, you need to select some sturdy and lightweight options. 

●    Well suited for wheelchair users

Many wheelchair users find it difficult to gain access to toilets. The commodes chairs are designed in a way that ensures an easy way to relieve one’s need. These chairs are stable, and hence physically limited people can gain access to the chair without asking anyone for help. This makes the user feel self-dependency and enhanced self-esteem. 

●    Adjustable height

People with limited movement opportunities often face stiff knees, which results in aching hips and joints. This makes a journey to the washroom a challenging task. To solve this issue, many commode chairs come with adjustable height to suit the user’s needs. 

A higher seat means a comfortable position to use the toilet seat that reduces the pressure on joints, bones, and hips and lowers the anxiety and pain that otherwise results ultimately.  

●    Quick and easy access 

The portable commode chairs that can be moved to any place where required enable the placement of chairs in an accessible position. People can even place these portable commode chairs by their bedsides. These can be quickly made accessible at night when required by a person with limited mobility. 

●    Commode chairs preserve water

We are living in a time of water shortage. Preservation of water is a real-time challenge. During these circumstances, the usage of commode chairs results in decreasing the wastage of water. This is because these chairs require less cleaning, usually once in a while. 

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Commode chairs are a great option for users with limited mobility. These chairs provide several benefits, including enhanced self-worth, increased privacy, easy access, and adjustable height. So, when are you going to order a commode chair for your dear one? 

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