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by Starry

Sep 23 2021

Swirl into a soothing treat with Pokka Milk tea Premium. It is 100% real brewed from purified Ceylon tea leaves, and high-quality milk is used to make this tea. The creamy, rich taste of Pokka milk tea is delightful and proves to be the perfect treat for your taste buds. We make sure that this tea does not contain any preservative or coloring agent. We add natural oxidants from polyphenols of tea.

Pokka Milk tea premium is a less sugar drink. We have reformulated it from our enhanced, less sweet recipe to deliver a unique taste to tea lovers that they will love. Therefore, they can consume this drink without thinking about the amount of sugar intake.

Pokka Milk Tea Earl Grey Premium:

Pokka Milk tea Earl Premium is an amazing combination of Premium quality milk with royal earl grey tea. This tea offers soothing, velvety, and rich indulgence. Rejuvenate and unwind yourself with its perfect taste of tranquility. 

Pokka Milk tea Matcha Premium:

This milk tea is a soothing combination of quality milk, purified leaves, and Matcha powder from Japan. This amazing combination is perfect for Matcha lovers.

Da Hang Pao Milk Tea:

Da Hang Pao milk tea is an Atas dark tea. To enhance its taste, pearls of brown sugar are added, but their taste is very subtle, making it non-existent. It is a Chinese oolong tea made from leaves cultivated in the Wuyi Mountains located in China. It is considered one of the most expensive teas throughout the world; therefore, it is mostly purchased by only the elite class.

Da Hang Pao milk tea is one of four great bushes tea giving taste of the finest tea. It is greatly oxidized and provides a different flavor profile giving a sweet aroma that you can’t find in any other tea. In addition to this, the tea has earthy and peaty notes with a little touch of brown sugar, stone fruits, and molasses. It is enriched with a woody fragrance with hints of tobacco. 

The appearance is smooth, velvety giving an amazing hint of sandalwood. This balanced profile of Da Hang Pao milk tea is a mixture of different characteristics. It provides pure flavor with a fresh orchid sensation, and each leaf of the tea is roasted properly during its production. It is a perfect combination of mellow and sweet with a hint of liveliness that makes it interesting. 

Assam Milk Tea:

Assam milk tea is manufactured in Taiwan. Tea leaves used to make Assam milk tea are bright colors and famous for their strong flavors. It’s the perfect choice for breakfast that will boost up your energy. The tea leaves grown in humid temperature provides rich and strong flavor.

This drink provides you required amount of antioxidants, i.e., catechins. It decreases the chances of stroke and heart attack and also improves blood supply. Assam milk tea also improves the immune system and decreases the chances of cell damage. It’s good for oral health, fights cavities, and strengthens your teeth. It is also beneficial for conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, etc. You can add various ingredients of your own choice to your Assam milk tea to enhance its flavor and texture. It can impress your guests in the afternoon or breakfast party. 

The blend of these tea leaves with dry spices adds briskness and a strong spicy taste to your Assam milk tea. If you like creamy tea, then you can use only milk instead of water. You can use cinnamon or natural tea leaf for garnishing. Place them on your tea before serving. To make your customized tea, you can mix different leaves and spices to blend, but don’t use too many as it may make it bitter. A refreshing cup of hot Assam milk tea will surely rejuvenate your mind after a hectic day.

Super milk tea:

 Super Milk Tea is a perfectly rich, creamy drink that is loved by all tea-drinking cultures. It provides a smooth and creamy, rich appearance on the palate. The full-bodied taste gives the perfect mouthfeel. And is the most famous blend with a well-balanced flavor.

Super tea infusions are earthy and fragrant, produced from Asian ingredients and botanicals. Our carefully selected full-bodied beans are roasted properly by skillful persons. Super milk tea is perfectly blended with non-dairy creamer and brown sugar, giving you a robust aroma and a well-balanced taste that you will love.

Thai green milk tea:

Famous Thai green milk tea from green tea leaves combined with the scent of jasmine and freshness of mint. The leaves are harvested from cold mountains in Thailand and the greatest tea regions in the world. They are the perfect choice for green tea lovers and milk lovers. The base tea of Thai green milk tea is black tea flavored with spices, food colors, and vanilla giving it an orange tint. However, you can get in other colors as well. Using the right ingredients, you can also make it at home. Drinking this tea treat many ailments:

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases
  • Inflammation

You can make it daily in your breakfast or can use it as a folk remedy. The caffeine content in it is an energy booster. It is enriched will all essential antioxidants. These beverages taste sweet and have different spices: tamarind, star anise, cardamom, etc.

Xiang Piao Piao milk tea:

It is an instant milk tea from China and always occupies great space in superstores worldwide. Xiang Piao Piao milk tea has a taste of classic milk tea, i.e., HK-style milk tea. It has a sweet, strong taste and a hint of milk aroma. But the thing that makes it unique is the taste of matcha, cheese, red bean, and taro.

Happy Lemon

HappyLemon is a world leading beverage organization founded in 2016 by the Yummy-Town Group, a publicly listed tea culture company from Taiwan. The Yummy-Town Group also pioneers that brought and expanded tea culture and lemon drinks to Mainland China and Hong Kong. HappyLemon is also the first in the world to invent the Rock Salt Cheese tea.

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