Enhance the Security of Your Home Through a Digital Gate Lock

by Starry

Sep 26 2021

Digital gate locks are easy to install. It is a very cost-effective solution to enhance the security of any building. Due to a large volume of people moving in and out, it is not easy to allocate keys for maintaining reliable security. If you have these locks in your home or workplace, you don’t need to carry keys or cards with you as it provides a keyless way.

Types of digital gate locks

All locks that don’t need cards or keys to open them, rather operate by electronic or digital means are called digital locks.

There are many types of these locks, which include the following;

Biometric lock

These locks are operated through the fingerprints of the owner. You must have seen this kind of digital lock-in area like your local gym.

Digital locks operated with a smartphone.

Some people use the smart locks that they operate through their smartphones. The users open their locks through the NFC or Bluetooth connection. These are not so common at present but will be soon in the future.

Wireless car keys

Now the majority of cars use these keys for opening and locking the car.

Access control system

The identification of users opens these locks through RFID cards. These cards are commonly used in hospitals and offices.

Motorized mechanical locks

These locks operate from outside through the conventional keys and mechanically from inside. People are largely installing these metal gate digital locks at their homes.

Common benefits of digital gate locks

Digital locks provide easy access to the home; by just pressing a finger against the lock sensor, you can open your door. Initially, these locks were installed in the cars, but gradually they have been extensively installed at homes, schools, offices, hospitals, etc. Some of the common benefits of using a digital lock include the following.

1. No need to carry keys

When you have installed a digital lock at your home, you don’t need to carry traditional keys.

2. Customizable

You can get a digital lock customized to cater to your needs. Many digital lock manufacturers provide digital locks that feature HSEC systems that are highly customizable according to the needs of consumers.

3. Improve on security

The major reason for installing locks is to enhance security. The perk of having a digital lock is that it provides an encrypted security system that cannot be replicated or broken down. These minimize the risks of a house being broken into by giving the owner the authority to decide who can open the door and at what time.

The digital lock system informs the owner if someone tries to break into the house, even when and how. This gives the owner an idea of the level of security of your home or office. Moreover, the smart alarms inform the owner about any case of burglary, fire, and vandalism. Moreover, through digital surveillance cameras, you can check who is at your door.

4. Operate through smartphone

You can operate your digital gate locks through your smartphones. You need to install a smartphone app that works in integration with the smart lock. You can even lock and unlock your gate even from a distance. This reduces the inconveniences; if you forget to lock your home while going to the office and realize this on arriving at the office, you can do it through your smartphone app integrated with your digital lock.

If someone attempts to tamper with your lock, you get informed through the alarm so that you can contact the nearest authority for a solution.

5. Authorize multiple people

If you have a hdb gate digital lock, you can allow multiple people the authority to operate it by giving each person a different access code.

6. For physically impaired people 

As digital locks can be operated from a distance through the smartphone application, it adds to the convenience of elderly and physically impaired people.

7. Highly detective

Digital locks are highly detective; they can detect any person either standing inside the gate or outside the gate. This prevents the locking of any person, either outside or inside.

8. No need for duplicate key

As digital locks don’t operate through traditional keys, you don’t need to own separate keys as a backup. As you access the lock through the code, you need to tell your trusted and close people about your code so that if you forget, they can remind you.

9. Easy reset

If you feel like the person you trusted with your digital gate lock is not trustworthy anymore, you can change your code and limit that person’s access, thus preventing them from gaining entry to your home without your permission.

10. Saves on money

Digital locks are a one-time investment; you don’t need to change them at any time. Because when you feel like changing your code, you can do it without spending even a single penny. However, this was not the case with the traditional locks. Because they did not ensure high security, you were always at a security risk. Moreover, whenever you wanted to change the locks, you needed to spend money on them.

11. Increase connectivity

You can maintain the connectivity of your digital gate lock with your smartphone, surveillance cameras, and smart alarms. The video cameras inform you about what is happening at the other side of your gate and who is at the door, smart alarms inform you of any suspicious activity.

Cons of using digital gate locks 

You can easily see that digital gate locks offer a large number of benefits. Still, they are not extensively used. The reason is the maintenance problem. Digital locks either operate through batteries or require an electrical connection. Changing batteries after a defined time is a task, and the same is with the digital electrical gates. You need to set up a vast wiring system to maintain it.

However, some companies are working on solving these issues by introducing locks that generate energy through the keys.

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