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by Starry

Sep 10 2021

The New York-style fashion brand, DKNY, is popular among people of all ages for its unique and chic designs. DKNY dresses are perfect for any aesthetic. DKNY Malaysia offers a variety of trendy and classic items that can easily win anyone’s heart.  

Dressing well and paying attention to looking presentable every day has an impact on self-confidence. By being your most presentable self, you create an everlasting impression in other people’s minds. People pay attention and listen to the person who is dressed according to the occasion. But finding good quality items that suit you is a task in itself. DKNY Malaysia is here to help you with just that. This label tries to solve every woman’s dilemma by offering the best wardrobe pieces and accessories.

Brand Story and Motto

Donna Karan, the founder of DKNY, understood the needs and dilemmas of young women very well. She wanted to create a label that can make their everyday lives easier. The aim was to make getting ready every day less of a hassle and struggle. Hence, DKNY was born.

Now DKNY has become a well-known name in the fashion industry. This brand takes its inspiration from New York City and tries to provide the same urban feeling with its clothes.


DKNY first started as a clothing label in 1984. The brand prioritizes comfort and quality above all. All the products are easy to put together and pairable. Now, you won’t have to spend hours in the morning finding something to wear. Thus, it will take most of the stress out of your day.

DKNY Dresses

DKNY offers breezy and comfortable dresses for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer modest robes or figure-hugging gowns, DKNY has got you covered. The garments are made so well that every piece looks especially cut out and tailored for you.

This line is curated in such a way that you will find everything you are looking for in one place. If you are looking for plus-size dresses or want something with a slight sultry edge, this is the place you would want to look in.


Donna Karan offers an exquisite outerwear collection to help you fight off the cold weather. The puffer jackets are one of their kind made with built-in vests. They are also available in feminine styles. These vests have a slight curve to accentuate your waist.


DKNY has curated a sportswear line with eye-catching and classic designs. They offer New York-style modern athleisure. They will help you up your street fashion game.

DKNY Hoodies

DKNY offers the best hoodies for men. They are your best choice for spring. They will not only keep you warm but also help you make a fashion statement. They are usually made from the best fabric such as 99% cotton or neoprene material. They are comfortable enough for everyday tasks and provide a sporty edge to your outfit.


The brand is most famous for its comfortable slip-on. These sneakers have the logo of DKNY graphically printed on them providing a stylish look. Now, you can be cozy while being chic and stylish.


They produce mules made with high quality leather. They are peep-toes with sharp square edges. There sole is made with rubber to provide support. They go beautifully with skirts and trousers.


Accessories will complement your outfit and even build your style. By adding accessories to your clothes, you provide a hint of your personality. They can lift up your mood. They add to the beauty of your attire. The importance of accessories cannot be ignored in the fashion world.

Keeping in mind the needs of people, DKNY Malaysia has also introduced its accessories line. Their accessories are made from refined material and are effortlessly elegant.

DKNY Chambers Watch

Wearing a wristwatch signals that you are an organized and reliable person. It tells a person that your time is important and makes them value it. No matter how much technology progresses, it is unlikely for watches to go out of trend. They are here to stay and dominate the fashion world.

DKNY watches are sleek and have highly creative designs. They are made with stainless steel and exquisite rhinestones. DKNY watches for women have beautifully designed bracelets and gemstones embedded in the dial.

These timeless and versatile masterpieces are the example of best craftsmanship.

DKNY Perfumes

With the help of perfumes, you can create an impression in people’s minds even with their eyes closed. Some scents have the power to make the passersby turn their heads. Most people choose scents that are unique and complement their personalities. DKNY perfumes will help you find your unique fragrance.

 Donna Karan perfumes help you best experience the urban feel. They can easily become a staple in your wardrobe. Here are some of its most famous lines:

Be Delicious

The Be Delicious range is especially popular for its unique design. Their fruity and floral fragrance has a great spring nostalgia. This perfume will make you reminisce about the good old times. It will also make an excellent gift for your loved ones.

DKNY Stories

DKNY stories range has sleek and luxuriously designed bottles. They have relaxing scents of vanilla and sandalwood. You may also find some fruity notes of peach and guava in it.

With its unique quality and effortless designs, DKNY has certainly proved its mettle in the fashion industry. Surf their tasteful website now. There is no reason not to make a purchase right away.

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