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by Starry

Feb 09 2022

Many people are completely aware that fitness is a condition that is related to the health and well-being of the human body. Physical fitness basically involves the ability of the human body to perform any physical activities or other daily tasks in an effective manner. If one wants to achieve a good physical fitness state, then it is necessary to have proper physical exercise, diet as well, and fitness equipment.

As Malaysians are concerned about their fitness, they go for the best fitness equipment. Although there are numerous fitness equipment stores in Malaysia, GINTELL is a famous fitness equipment shop near me for an extensive range of fitness products aimed to serve worldwide. It is among the leading healthcare Malaysian stores that are well-known among the public for a wide range of lifestyle products. GINTELL has offered fitness equipment and healthcare programs since 1996. Besides fitness equipment, their products include massage chairs, humidifiers, portable massagers, and much more, whereas all of these products are in an affordable range.

What are the different types of fitness equipment available at GINTELL?

You will find several different types of fitness equipment at GINTELL, and all of these come from the top brands and some extraordinary abilities. The following fitness equipment Malaysia can easily be purchased at GINTELL.

  • Cardio machines

This equipment is specially designed to facilitate any physical activity that helps to promote good health and gets a pumping heart rate. You will find several types of cardio equipment available at GINTELL that have successfully stood the test of time, while you will find several pieces that might be new to the scene.

The idea of having cardiovascular machines is not only to focus on making the heart pump, but these are also helpful in strengthening the respiratory and muscular systems. These machines include a treadmill, a stationary bike, a rower, and much more.

  • Resistance machines

Out of the fitness equipment Malaysia found at GINTELL, you will find two different types of resistance machines, one is pin loaded, and the other is plate loaded. The plate-loaded machines are helpful in adding weight plates for increasing resistance. The pin-loaded machines move the hook up and down for the selection of weight on the cable machine.

In order to create resistance, you also have the option of using bodyweight exercises or resistance bands. Here at GINTELL, you will be able to find the Lat pulldown machine, Pilates reformer machine, and an ab crunch machine.

  • Free weight equipment

This kind of fitness equipment can cover any free weight for you to pick up and pick down. When you go for exercise, you normally see a good range of free weights in several different sizes. With these free weights, you are able to work out in any motion rather than using a fixed machine for performing a specific movement. Out of the several fitness equipment stores in Malaysia, GINTLESS has some of the best barbells, dumbbell sets, and a lot more.

What makes GINTELL the top fitness equipment shop near me in Malaysia?

  • It has everything you need to stay fit

Everyone loves to have the fitness equipment in the backyard, but these days, anything is possible. Whether it is the treadmills, strength machines, or yoga mats, you will find everything at GINTELL. Although the idea is to build overall strength, it is up to you to focus on what you want to target, and therefore, strength-building fitness equipment Malaysia is the best.

  • Their machines are great for building your strength

When it is about building your strength for a muscled physique, many machines help you in your quest. Strength machines available at GINTELL keep you on track to get maximum power. Out of the several fitness equipment stores in Malaysia, the products available at GINTELL are affordable and available easily at their different stores.

It would help if you kept in mind that with these machines, you can start off small. When your body compensates, it will be easier for you to work out. It is important to note that you need to continue all this to achieve aesthetic perfection.

Shop for the best fitness equipment at GINTELL with Atome

There is no doubt that the GINTELL products come with advanced features so that you are able to attain a healthy lifestyle. As GINTELL has a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle awareness, it is well-served with all its equipment. GINTELL is a fitness shop near me that is helpful in establishing the core values of the brand with the advanced features, and all of these features are helpful in developing good health and fitness.

In order to provide you with the best fitness equipment, GINTELL has partnered with Atome, which is a leading buy now pay later in Malaysia. Atome is headquartered in Singapore and has partnered with more than 5,000 merchants, including GINTELL, in 8 different markets. Atome users have the option of paying flexibly for several products and services.

Atome app allows the buyers to split their purchases into three equal monthly payments without any interest by scanning a QR code or when checking out of the website. The payment split allows Atome buyers to manage their finances in a good manner while the best quality products and services become more reachable to them. You can check out Atome’s merchants at

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