KF94 Mask in Malaysia: A must-have protection against the pandemic

by jasmine

Mar 28 2022

Today, we all know that the restrictions pertaining to wearing masks are abating throughout the country; however, hundreds if not thousands of experts say otherwise – they say that wearing a mask is absolutely a must if you so much as come near to publicly crowded locations.

Plus, even if you’ve had your vaccine shot, doctors still emphasize tons on wearing a mask when you step outside. If you’re looking for a trendy yet robust mask, we suggest that you take a gander at KF94 masks in Malaysia that are showcased by Sasa Malaysia.

Today, in this article, we will be taking the plunge into the realms of Sasa Malaysia. We will be looking at different KF94 masks that are exhibited by the online store, including Neutrovis masks KF94. Moreover, for you, we will also be giving an insightful comparison between KF94 and surgical masks. So, without further ado, let’s get started – we have got a pandemic to beat!

Understanding the face masks KF94

A KF94 mask, like an N95 or KN95 mask, features several degrees of filtration to assist in keeping dust, debris, and possibly hazardous particles out of your reach.

The “K” in “KF94” stands for the nation of origin, Korea. Meanwhile, the “94” implies that the mask can provide at least 94% filtration (in comparison, the “95” in N95 and KN95 suggests that those masks can filter out a minimum of 95 percent of particles).

The latest KF94 masks are used to defend against Covid-19, including its Delta and Omicron variants. Traditionally used by Koreans to filter out dust, bacteria, and debris, the face masks KF94 are now being used to defend against Covid-19 and its offshoots.

There’s no resemblance between the KF94 masks and KF94 masks in appearance. Instead of sticking out like a beak, it folds flat and stays close to the face. Some people claim that it provides for more space between the mask and your mouth, resulting in a more comfortable fit.

The KF94 mask, with four layers of filtration instead of three, is pretty similar to a hybrid of medical-grade N95 masks and more common cotton masks. Furthermore, KF94 masks appear to be more accessible and less pricey to many consumers, making them an excellent choice.

KF94 vs. surgical masks

The KF94 mask gives a staggering 94% of protection against the bacteria and viruses lurking in the atmosphere. In comparison, surgical masks aren’t as effective. Surgical masks do pretty great in blocking large droplets from entering your system, true, but they don’t go beyond that. Conversely, the mask KF94 also blocks harmful bacteria in addition to droplets of fluids.

That being said, it’s clear that if you make the comparison (KF94 vs. surgical masks), KF94 most certainly has the edge!

Get KF94 masks in Malaysia from Sasa

If you’ve decided that it’s a KF94 mask that you want, it’s a KF94 mask that you’re going to get! Sasa Malaysia offers an exclusive variety of Neutrovis mask KF94s, so if you want one, you know where to start.

Mentioned below are some products from Sasa’s range that are definitely worth a look.

KF94 Korean Premium Face Respirator 10s

The Neutrovis mask KF94 is preordained to keep impure air out by keeping the flaps flat across your face. This creates a solid barrier as well as double coverage from all corners of the mask. The two layers of inner melt-blown cloth and the novel 3D construction allow for greater room around your mouth and face mask, dipping the need for the wearer to re-adjust their face mask.

At Sasa Malaysia, you’ll find different varieties, colors, and packages of the same mask – you’ll definitely find one that resonates with you!

Face Mask KF94 4ply Protective Mask 10s

This face mask KF94 comes with a protective, breathable, and dustproof layer, all thanks to the four layers engineered in its meticulous construction.

● Layer 1 – Water-resistant, non-woven

● Layer 2 and 3 – Meltblown fabric (PFE 99%)

● Layer 4 – Gentle and sensitive non-woven layer

About Sasa Malaysia

Sasa is an Asian beauty goods selling conglomerate. It offers a wide range of high-quality items, flashing more than 700 labels. These include skincare, cosmetics, perfumes, body & hair products, fitness and health products, and cosmetic devices.

Sasa runs retail outlets in Hong Kong, Macau SARs, China, and Malaysia. Sasa provides its clients with a seamless shopping experience via various e-commerce platforms.

Lastly, Sasa is even a renowned merchant of Atome – meaning that you can split your bills using Atome, and no one would bat an eye!

What’s Atome?

Atome (download the app) is headquartered in Singapore and works with over 5,000 offline and online shops in Southeast Asia, including Sasa Malaysia (Atome’s merchants ).

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Here’s how you can pay using Atome:

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The KF94 Mask has proven to be the most efficacious of all the masks tested in combating the novel coronavirus. It filters dirt particles more quickly and safeguards you from nasty viruses, pathogens, and diseases. Go get your KF94 mask in Malaysia from Sasa and use Atome as your payment method!

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