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May 31 2022

KHIND ovens are reliable and high-quality, enabling you to flaunt your cooking and baking expertise in the kitchen. With so many types of ovens available in the market, it can be challenging to decide which one meets your requirements.

Rest assured, this article will highlight important factors you should consider when buying an electric oven.

  • Utility

The first question you should ask yourself is: What do I need an over for? If you want to toast slices of bread in the morning or make simple cookies, a toaster oven is perfect for you. However, if you plan to do more with it, such as bake cake layers, roast chicken, or try delicacies like choux pastry, an electric oven may be right for you.

  • Size

Countertop electric ovens take up space on your kitchen top, so you need to decide how much space you’re willing to allow it. The larger the oven, the more capacity it has. If you have a small family, a low-capacity oven may fare well, but if you want to make whole meals for a big family every day, opting for the largest-capacity oven might be a smarter choice.

  • Heating method

If you go looking for an electric oven, you will notice that some ovens have a setting known as ‘Convection.’ Traditionally, ovens heat up using the conventional method where there is a single source of heat usually found at the top or the bottom of the oven. Some have two sources, both at the top and the bottom.

A convection oven takes this heating method one step forward with an additional fan and exhaust system that helps circulate hot air around the food. This distributes the heat evenly around the oven, allowing the food to cook faster and with greater precision.

However, not every food is suitable for convection cooking. For example, cakes, soufflés, custards, and lava cakes cook better with conventional heating. The good thing is that modern ovens have the option to switch off convection heating systems when you don’t need them, making it an ideal choice for people who like cooking an assortment of things.

Now that we have discussed all you need to know before buying an electric oven, let’s find out why KHIND ovens are a good choice.

KHIND – A leading brand for kitchen appliances

KHIND is a brand that has been providing high-quality home appliances to its customers across 58 countries. The company aims to simplify everyday cooking hassles with easy-to-use appliances that reduce time spent in the kitchen while ensuring a delicious meal.

KHIND isn’t limited to kitchen appliances but also provides other lifestyle products. Here is a list of appliances you can find at KHIND stores.

  • Cooling and air movers (fans, air coolers)
  • Small and large kitchen appliances (induction cookers, double boilers, steamers, cooktops, freezers, display chillers)
  • Home appliances (vacuum cleaners, irons, water heaters)
  • Electrical appliances (insect killers, emergency lights)
  • Personal care appliances
  • Spare parts
oven khind 52l

KHIND electric ovens

If you are searching for an electric oven that is superior in quality and highly functional, KHIND has several options you can consider. Here are a few that might impress you.

KHIND oven OT2502

This oven has a capacity of 25l, making it suitable for small families and light cooking. Also, the compact size of KHIND oven OT2502 takes up less counter space, leaving room for other kitchen appliances. You can choose between the top and bottom heaters as per the recipe’s requirements.

The oven has a 120 minutes timer with a bell signal that signals you when your meal is ready. The temperature range is between 100ºC-230ºC, and the oven has a rotisserie function that allows you to roast your food evenly. The oven comes with two additional baking trays, so you will always have spares should one be in the dishwasher.

Here are the specifications of the KHIND oven OT2502.

  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Power: 1400- 1600W
  • Color: Black
  • Accessories: Rotisserie handle, rotisserie fork, baking tray, pincer, and grill.

KHIND oven OT5205

This KHIND 52l oven is suitable for everyday cooking and large meals. It is designed with a variety of heat sources to allow users to bake, boil, and roast food.The convection function of the oven distributes heat perfectly for an evenly cooked meal. The rotisserie function rotates 360° allowing you to roast your food uniformly.

The oven has a 120 minutes timer with a bell signal and temperature control of up to 230ºC. Have a look at the specifications of KHIND oven ot5205.

  • Voltage: 220- 240V
  • Power: 1600-2000W
  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Accessories: bake rack, baking tray, rotisserie spit, tray handle, and rotisserie spit handle.

KHIND oven OT52R

This is another oven KHIND 52l that has a convection fan for even distribution of heat. The oven has multiple heat selection options, so you can choose between the top, bottom, or both heating sources. In addition, the tempered glass door of the oven ensures that it withstands high heat temperatures.

The KHIND oven function symbols are easy to understand, so even a beginner can cook with it. Here are the specifications of the KHIND oven OT52R.

  • Voltage: 220- 240V
  • Power: 1750-2000W
  • Color: Black
  • Accessories: Rotisserie fork, rotisserie handle, baking tray, pincer, and grill.

KHIND installment plan with Atome

KHIND ovens can be the perfect addition to your kitchen, but you can make the deal even sweeter with Atome’s flexible payment plans. Are you wondering how that’s possible? Atome is a buy now pay later payment app that allows users to buy from over 10,000 merchant stores with easy monthly payments.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

KHIND is among Atome’s partnered merchants, so you can buy KHIND ovens without worrying about their full payment. Simply download Atome’s app (get the app) and start shopping from KHIND’s online or physical store. If you get the app now, you will be entitled to a welcome voucher of up to RM15 on your first purchase.

How to pay with Atome at the KHIND store

  1. Scan the QR code at KHIND using your Atome app, or choose Atome as your payment method when checking out.
  2. Pay one part of your KHIND bill and defer the remaining amount to the subsequent months.

Choose a KHIND oven for easy living!

KHIND oven range has lots of great options you can choose from, and KHIND oven reviews prove that users enjoy the versatility and functionality of their products. If you want a healthy lifestyle, the brand also offers KHIND air fryer ovens to help you prepare light meals. Thus, choose KHIND for easy living and transform your cooking style.

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