New Era: Boost Your Fashion Level with The Trendiest Caps

by jiatongma

Dec 01 2022

New Era Malaysia has been around for more than a century, handcrafting the finest headwear since 1920 that started off from its humble origins in Buffalo, New York. New Era has been the exclusive supplier of baseball caps for Major League Baseball since 1993, reflective of the blind trust in quality that major sports franchises have in New Era caps. Though New Era is headquartered in Buffalo, it is an international conglomerate and apparel giant with outlets in over 80 countries.

Different types of caps you’ll find at New Era

When you visit the New Era Malaysia store, you will see all the products that New Era has to offer. New Era Malaysia has multiple categories on its website; New Era caps (Malaysia)/ caps of New Era – which further has many categories such as New Era trucker caps and New Era NY caps. New Era features caps according to styles such as 59FIFTY, 9FIFTY, 9 FORTY, 39THIRTY, 9TWENTY, Buckets (New Era Hats), Women, and Kids.

Size is never an issue with New Era caps. There is an extremely diverse range of New Era cap sizes. You just need to tally your size through the New Era size chart, and you will definitely get your perfect fit.

New Era also sells the official merchandise (caps) of sports leagues such as MLB, NBA, and NFL. New Era has multiple collaborations, such as Staple, Fear of God, Philippine collection, NE Tech, Entertainment, and DC.

Apart from caps, New Era also houses a separate section for apparel. These include New Era sweatshirts and hoodies, New Era T-shirts, New Era Jackets, New Era Pants, New Era Women’s apparel, and New Era kid’s apparel. New Era also has a section for accessories (such as masks and New Era logos) and cap cleaning products.

How can you choose the right cap for your head?

This question is honestly quite vague and open to interpretation. There are several different factors that need to be equated and considered before you settle for a cap.

Your face shape plays a key deciding factor in choosing a hat

This is perhaps the most important factor to be considered before choosing a hat. Choosing the right hat is synonymous with choosing the right pants; you have to try the best one to go with the structure and shape of your face. If you have a long face (no pun intended), wide brims cowboy hats, sunhats, and essentially any hat that makes your forehead appear shorter would work wonders since they will make your face look shorter.

If you have a round face, then retro-styled cloches and fedoras would do justice. If you have a heart-shaped jaw, fedoras, newsboy, and baseball caps will suit you the best. A similar face structure to the heart-shaped one is the diamond-shaped jaw. Pull-on and pork pie would look great on a diamond-shaped face. And lastly, the oval-shaped individuals have complete liberty to choose whatever they want because the shape of their face endows them with the versatility to go with whatever choice they make.

Purpose of the hat/ cap

How can we forget the most important deciding factor for choosing the right cap? Over the course of many decades, many items are worn for name-sake and fashion sake while we may forget what purpose they actually serve us. If you’re just wearing a cap to complete your ensemble, for casual wear, or party, you’re up for funkier ones. But if you want sun protection, your caps should have a larger bill to provide effective shade.


True gentlemen and chivalrous men know that different colors and dressing senses have different implications, and there isn’t a universal dress code that can bode well for all occasions. There are colors of joy, and then there are colors of melancholy. The British are especially wary of their dress codes so that nonchalant behavior doesn’t come off as disrespect, such as wearing the wrong colored hat while mourning at a funeral.


The material of the cap is certainly an important deciding factor when choosing a hat. This again ties in for the occasion you want to wear the hat to. Most sports-related activities that require wearing hats often operate in very hot and humid conditions. Therefore, you would require breathable and cool hats. Similarly, if you’re wearing casual attire and partywear, you can choose plastic/ rubber funky caps that are relatively more insulating than the usual cotton ones.

Another important reason to pay special attention while selecting the material of the hat is your dermatologic prerequisite. If you’re struggling with hair loss, you would need a breathable and less tangible material so that further hair is not plucked off your head. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, you should choose a material that doesn’t cause excessive diaphoresis of your scalp. Similarly, if you have allergic dermatitis or contact dermatitis, you should ensure that the material of your cap does not trigger the onset of the disease.


To segue from the last point discussed, the weather also plays an important role in deciding your hats. The colder parts of the world would require wearing a thick and warm hat with minimal use as a sun visor. On the contrary, hats worn in tropical countries would require maximal sun protection and optimization to improve the cooling effect of the hat.


The pricing factor is unanimous for choosing anything to shop, not just caps. Don’t burn a hole in your pocket to slay an outfit or to fit into society by purchasing extremely expensive caps. There are thriftier options to choose from in the market; you don’t need to adopt everything you see on social media blindly. If you can afford it, then be our guest, but otherwise, it isn’t a wise choice to opt for caps that cost an arm and a leg.

Use Atome to pay for New Era Caps in Malaysia:

Caps can be very expensive, especially if you purchase an official, branded one. But the heart wants what the heart wants. If you’re worried about it being expensive, you need not fret; Atome is here to the rescue. Even if something costs an arm and a leg, Atome hopes that the brunt of one expensive transaction doesn’t take a heavy toll on you, which is why Atome is your guardian angel in rescuing you from getting broke. Atome breaks down your expenses into three easy installments so that you don’t pay the entire amount right away, making it much less of a burden. Atome doesn’t charge for its services, doesn’t levy interests on the amount you pay back, and there are absolutely no hidden charges. You pay for your merchandise and nothing more, nothing less.

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Scan QR code to download the Atome app
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How to pay for your merch from Premier Football Singapore using Atome?

It’s super easy, really.

1. First, make sure that you have an account on Atome. If you don’t, fret not; you can make one today completely free.

2. Select all the items you wish to shop for, proceed to the checkout, and from all the given options, choose Atome.

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You’d pay 1/3rd of the total amount; the rest of the amount will be paid in two consecutive months.

New Era Malaysia is an esteemed name and internationally acclaimed brand specializing in hats/ caps and now apparel as well. Whether you want to pay homage to your favorite baseball/ basketball team, or you just want something funky and stylish to complete your outfit, New Era is your go-to place, and you can place blind trust in New Era to help you slay in any outfit you go with.

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