Omnidesk: Building Your Ideal Workstation

by jiatongma

Sep 27 2022

The Omnidesk was designed by entrepreneurs who wanted to make standing desks within reach of everyone. Fast adjustments and reasonable prices make Omnidesk one of the best and most economical brands out there. Each new version of the desk is better than the last, with more features and accessories and smoother functions than ever before.

Let’s look at some of the products in the Omnidesk line.

Omnidesk Ascent Eco collection

This table is designed specifically to keep the spirit of a greener planet in mind. The Omnidesk Ascent Eco is completely made from upcycled chopsticks. Yes, you read that right! Your future desk was a batch of chopsticks before. With all the same amazing features, the initiative takes us a step closer to a healthier Earth. The chopsticks are sent to a micro factory and coated with a toxin-free resin, after which they’re sterilized for 8 hours. They are then ultra-compressed into tiles and become the building blocks of an Omnidesk table.

Omnidesk doesn’t just provide a desk; it cares for all your workspace-related needs. Buying from the store means you will get the most courteous customer service and a whopping 10-year warranty on the products.

Omnidesk Ascent

Meticulously crafted and a manifestation of years of learning and relearning, this desk combines all the best features of the Omnidesk Singapore brand with none of the problems desk users often face.

A new, more handy, aesthetic Ascent remote now has larger and even more tactile buttons. This controller also has the added feature of lighting up with a sharp OLED screen. The Omnidesk Life app lets you manage your hours at the desk seamlessly, integrating your sitting and standing hours in an effortless fashion, which you can easily track. Furthermore, the app lets you control the ascent and descent of your desk through your phone and allows you to save 9 memory presets. Better yet, it is supported on both iOs and Android. Innovative minds at the company have redesigned the desk to incorporate fewer moving parts without compromising on the architectural strength and build of the desk. The structure takes remarkably little time to complete its ascent or descent, in keeping with the ethics of saving the consumer’s valuable time – a true feat!

If you’re someone who uses desks frequently, you know how messy cables can get. Especially if you’re accustomed to using multiple devices. Omnidesk solves that problem gracefully. The 3-Piece Magnetic Cable Tray will keep all your cables separated and clean. The additional Advanced Cable Management Bar and Zen Cable Management Pack keep connectivity easily accessible on top of the benefit of decluttering your desk.

Coming to the design of the desk, the tabletop is made from the highest grade MDF wood, and its micro-textured powder coat is deliberately incorporated so that the entire tabletop is one giant mouse pad. The Omnidesk’s size and curves are artfully crafted, keeping in mind the comfort of its user. Gone are the days when your back would feel as if it had been through the wringer after a few hours of standing at your desk. The Omnidesk intelligently angled and ergonomic curves will put your spine at ease.

Ascent Wildwood+

This table has an inch-thick wooden tabletop, so there is very little chance of warpage. To reduce the risk even further, the company has installed OmniAirStripsTM in Pheasantwood Table Tops. These are spacers located in specific locations to allow the wood to expand and contract without adding any extra stress to the rest of the structure. Omnistabilizers add extra strength and stability to the desk by reinforcing the tabletop with steel bars. Larger tables have more of these bars, while smaller tables require less. The Omnidesk reviews confirm that the feature ensures the table doesn’t even wobble, let alone warp.

The Wildwood+ is sleeker than ever, with improved Grommet Landings that now cover the entirety of the width of the grommet cut out. Red Cedar wood offers unquestionable strength and durability to the table, surviving in all weather and conditions. Cedar also has a natural and distinct aroma, a smell that permeates the room and makes the workspace more pleasurable.

Omnidesk Pro 2020

Fast assembly and reasonable Omnidesk price of this table will have you itching to buy one immediately. Like all the other products at the store, this one is also built to withstand long work hours and different conditions. It gives the user more control over his or her work mode, and fast ascent and descent make it all the more pleasurable.

You’re as excited to get your own desk from Omnidesk as we are, we know, but hold on, listen to another good news! Omnidesk is now a registered partner with Atome. You can buy the sleekest desk and Omnidesk accessories through Atome, a brand with goals to make shopping easier for consumers all over the world.

About Atome

Headquartered in Singapore with over 15,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases across three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Users of our app can even benefit from an additional discount. That’s right! For Atome MY first users: first order up to RM15 off. This is an offer you can’t ignore!

How to shop for Omnidesk products with the Atome app?

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout when shopping at the Omnidesk store.
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in three payments within 30 days intervals, with one-third of the total amount due at the time of purchase.

Concluding words

Omnidesk surely makes the most exquisite desks, complete with a variety of features and accessories, designed with excellent craft and expertise.

Now you can easily buy these beautiful desks through Atome. Visit the Omnidesk showroom and browse through the collection of desks to find your favourite one. Buy it by splitting the cost into three affordable amounts.

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