Graduation gifts in Malaysia to celebrate graduation ceremony

by Starry

Sep 16 2021

Looking for the perfect graduation gifts Malaysia – a hallmark for a significant turning point in life – for your loved ones? This gift can be a graduation bear or a bouquet, but certainly, it has to mean something and should be delivered on time right at day/ Need more ideas on graduation gifts Malaysia? Please stick with us and continue reading!

How to choose graduation gifts Malaysia?

Graduation marks our milestones through adulthood, and it is quite a success proof that we will remember for life.

What matters in graduation gifts Malaysia choices?

  • Deciding on the concept: It depends on the personality of the prospect graduate. In case you are more inclined to give more durable, useful or expensive gifts; you can go for a watch, a wallet from well known brands for males and a pearl necklace, a purse or an earring set for females without getting into graduation themed small gifts.
  • Quality and options: Quality does not mean high prices all time. What you can do to ensure high-quality graduation gift options, go for well-known e-commerce platforms. For instance, graduation bear wholesale Malaysia sellers can offer better prices than some brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Pricing and payment: Graduation ceremonies are held during a certain period in a year. Hence, it means that the demand will increase, resulting in a fall in stock numbers for different products and a rise in prices. In order to prevent a possible crisis, start searching at least a month ago and consider installment options available on online shopping sites to make savings.

Since we have understood the graduation gift concept, let’s look at the options regarding graduation-themed gifts.

1. Graduation bear Malaysia

One of the best graduation gifts Malaysia options is adorable graduation bears with cute graduation gowns and hoods. We can assure you that the prospect graduate in question – your loved one –  will keep this for quite a long time.

Do not think that it is childish or inadequate for males compared to female graduates. It is not about that, because this cuteness overload will almost allure everybody.

Besides, if you are looking for graduation gifts sg with a customization option, this is the one. You can do it by imprinting the names of the graduates on them and school names as initials! And also, you can have this teddy bear wearing a graduation gown and hood.

2. Graduation bouquet with a bear

If you want to get things more personal, emotional, or romantic, offering a graduation bouquet with a bear will be a touchy yet adorable option among graduation gifts in Malaysia.

While inheriting the cuteness overload from the previous graduation gift idea, this one brings a more classic touch of ceremony with flowers. You can also add a personalized congratulations message in front of the bouquet, and maybe a little teddy bear can hold this message.

Do you need more than a graduation bear and bouquet? Options are endless; now, let us pitch you another graduation gift idea!

3. Graduation Balloons

Planning on more attention-grabbing surprising? Go bold and look for large graduation balloons. This idea is a terrific way to both surprise a person and make them smile heartfully.

You can go big with unique designs and colors, and again, personalize them with congrats messages. Some individuals also like to use LED fairy lights around the balloon and as balloon string since they complete the look and add a WOW effect.

But to be honest, they are ideal for seizing the moment but not as durable keepsakes. You will show off, get attention, and enjoy the moment, but balloons will lose their form after several hours or 1-2 days.

4. Graduation Mugs

These are both durable and handy. And you will be sure that your gift will be used frequently.  In case the future graduate of yours will not fancy any flower bouquets or cute teddy bears, you might consider something more useful graduation gift idea. And customization options will be plenty in this case. You can personalize graduation mugs with names, school initials, funny messages (there are several ones in the market as pre-written).

With the flexibility of giving these graduation gifts Malaysia to female and male graduates, we can say that these statement piece mugs will decorate their shelves.

How to buy graduation gifts Malaysia?

Several graduation gifts sg retailers can offer plushies and graduation bear Malaysia models, mugs or other options like purses, pillows and so on. Besides, for better rates, you can look at different merchants focused on only graduation gifts & ornaments, such as graduation bear wholesale Malaysia options.

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