Unwrap the Secret to Christmas Magic
Unlock the magic of Christmas gifting in Malaysia with our guide! Delve into the rich tradition of gift-giving, exploring top-tier brands like Royal Sporting House, Sephora, and Garmin. Elevate your shopping experience with Atome, offering flexible payments and great savings. Discover the timeless charm of Christmas cards and the art of festive wrapping, incorporating Malaysian cultural elements. Tailor your gifts to preferences, from sportswear to beauty products and cutting-edge technology. 'Unwrap the Secret to Christmas Magic' with Atome, creating joyous moments for your loved ones in the heart of Malaysia.
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Dec 08 2023
Top 3 Gift Ideas for Your Loved One
Discover the joy of meaningful gift-giving this holiday season with our curated guide. From personalized treasures by renowned brands like Poh Kong and Habib Jewel to unforgettable experiences like surprise getaways in Langkawi, Penang cultural explorations, or tech innovations from Garmin and Huawei, elevate your gift choices. Let your gifts be a symbol of love and joy, creating cherished memories. Explore diverse options in Malaysia's rich cultural tapestry, ensuring your present resonates. Atome offers flexible payment options for convenient shopping. Scan QR code for details.
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Dec 05 2023
Unwrap the Season: Shop, Save, and Share the Joy of Giving
Atome: Redefining Your Christmas Shopping Experience with Budget-Friendly GiftsCelebrate the season of giving with Atome, a leading buy now, pay later platform. Explore top-tier brands like Royal Sporting House, Sephora, and Garmin, making Christmas shopping joyful and budget-friendly. Atome's three easy, interest-free installments let you treat loved ones without financial stress. Unlock a world of possibilities in sports, beauty, and tech. Dive into our curated gift options and participate in Atome's Exclusive Holiday Giveaway for a chance to win secret prizes. Embrace the joy of responsible shopping this holiday season with Atome – your guide to a delightful and rewarding experience.
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Dec 03 2023
Indulge in the Exquisite Delights of the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Premium Gift Box from Corus Hotel
Embrace tradition and luxury this Mid-Autumn Festival with Corus Hotel's exquisite Mooncake Premium Gift Box. Crafted with care, each mooncake tells a story of heritage and innovation, offering 4 signature flavors that delight the senses. Share the togetherness and joy of the festival with loved ones, made even easier with Atome's payment flexibility
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Sep 11 2023
Miniso | A leading brand for cute & affordable lifestyle items
Miniso is a product retailer that manages to strike a balance between excellent quality and reasonable price. Explore Miniso Malaysia to get daily items.
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May 19 2022
Flower Chimp Malaysia | A leading online gift service worth your try
With Flower Chimp, show the important people in your life how much they mean to you! Surprise them with a delivery of fresh flowers and lovely hampers.
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May 17 2022
Key Trends to Watch Out for in Malaysia’s Golden Age of E-Commerce
In our e-book “Malaysia – 2022 E-Commerce Industry Insight”, it reveals the top trends to look out for in this mobile-first landscape, which you can read more here.
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Feb 23 2022
Christmas Gift Boxes | Make your Christmas gift special with L’Occitane
Do you look for Christmas gift boxes to make your Christmas gift special to your friends and relatives? Read this post for inspiring ideas.
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Jan 25 2022
Happy Chinese New Year! Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022 in Malaysia
Happy Chinese New Year 2022: Celebration in Malaysia in style. Look at Chinese New Year foods, wishes, greetings, and more.
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Jan 12 2022
Buy Your Favorite Personalized Baby Gift Set from the Premium Baby Boutique Cadeaus
It can be a little for the parents of toddlers and babies looking for a one-stop shop to buy a baby gift set or other supplies. With all the things that you would like to get for your little ones, it can certainly save you from a lot of hassle if you are able to […]
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Nov 18 2021
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