Experience the Perfect 10/10 Feeling with Atome: Elevate Your Lifestyle the Malaysian Way
Experience a shopping revolution with Atome that seamlessly blends fashion, lifestyle, and technology. Shop conveniently online and offline, with flexible payment options that cater to your needs. Join us for a shopping extravaganza on the 9th and 10th of October, featuring exclusive offers like RM10 off your purchase and a chance to win an Apple iPad or iPhone 15 Pro. Discover the Atome difference: flexibility, an expansive merchant network, a user-friendly experience, and instant approvals. Elevate your lifestyle, shop smart, and embrace the future of retail therapy with Atome. Experience retail like never before—welcome to the Atome revolution.
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Oct 02 2023
How to Make More Money: Tricks to Getting A Higher Salary
There are different ways to make more money at work. This article discusses how to negotiate salary with your employers to get the best value for your time.
lifestylePost by jiatongma
Sep 29 2022
Here is what I Learned from studying the Habits of Successful People
We cannot deny the importance of setting good daily habits. In this article, we will discuss the habits of successful people that you can add to your life.
lifestylePost by jiatongma
Sep 29 2022
The Importance of Personal Goals – A Guide to Making The Right Choices
When you begin to set 'my personal goals in life,' you should ensure they're realistic and achievable. Unrealistic goals lack discipline, structure, and feasibility, and that's why they counter your productivity when they fail to materialize in the long run.
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Sep 29 2022
Tips to Increase Confidence And Conquer Any Presentation
Confidence is key if you want to impress viewers with your presentation. This article discusses tips and tricks on how to be confident.
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Sep 29 2022
Savage Gears: Don’t Let Obesity Knock You down
Savage Gears is home to the best gym equipment in all of Malaysia to ensure that people have the best resources to counter obesity and live a healthy life.
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Sep 08 2022
Want to Make Blankets by Yourself? Welcome to LIVLOLA
LIVLOLA is conducting entertaining and productive workshops exclusively for the ladies on how to tuft. Sign up now to master a valuable skill while having fun!
lifestylelivlolatufting-classesPost by jiatongma
Sep 07 2022
Miniso | A leading brand for cute & affordable lifestyle items
Miniso is a product retailer that manages to strike a balance between excellent quality and reasonable price. Explore Miniso Malaysia to get daily items.
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May 19 2022
Isetan Online | Let’s explore the exciting world of Isetan!
Isetan is a leading Japanese store that sells beauty, fashion, household and more items. Can I order from Isetan Online? Let's dive into Isetan Malaysia.
home-decorisetanlifestylePost by starry1989
Mar 31 2022
Explore E-Scooters at Beam Solo for an eco-friendly world
Can you ride a e scooter on the rode? What is the best e scooter Malaysia? Turn to Beam SOLO for the best pick with Atome BNPL plan.
lifestylebeam-solosportPost by mavis
Feb 28 2022
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