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Apr 07 2022

Oxwhite has been a major online shopping destination in Malaysia due to its variety and enthralling shopping experiences that bring joy to the customers. With the emergence of eCommerce shopping sites, physical shopping trips have seen a significant drop in popularity. Where online shopping is the preferred route to complete a shopping experience, platforms that provide quality are always on shoppers’ radars. People have become increasingly careful with online shopping due to the low quality of items. Therefore, it is paramount to spot a platform that ensures quality while maintaining a decent price structure.

Oxwhite Malaysia is one such platform that has benefitted users greatly. Through its diversified shopping categories, it stimulates easier buying experiences. With a spread-out shop list, Oxwhite gives customers an option to shop various products on their list from a single platform, which helps them save energy and multiple delivery charges. Moreover, an Oxwhite discount code can prove to be highly fruitful for customers. It can help in cutting down the purchase cost significantly.

Whether you’re looking for garments, face care, skincare, sportswear, footwear, or basic accessories, Oxwhite has it all! Moreover, Oxwhite has been in the good books of customers due to its ability to offer feasible items which prove to be problem solvers. Oxwhite products are also presented as Ramadan gifts to relatives. It goes on to reflect the trust people hold in Oxwhite items.

A quick look at varying product categories at Oxwhite

Oxwhite puts out a varied collection of various products which extend to multiple categories. Oxwhite Malaysia is recognized for its commendable garment collection that includes Oxwhite Shirts, Oxwhite Pants, underwear, bikinis, panties, sports tops, etc. Moreover, Oxwhite masks are highly popular because they maintain good skin behavior without extensive or repulsive reactions. Oxwhite bags have seen a soaring elevation in demand because of their spacious nature and durability. They are available for both men & women. Oxwhite Malaysia boasts a footwear collection that showcases impressive diversity. Incorporating emerging fashion trends, Oxwhite has managed to catch up with the modern fashion demands. Additionally, It has towels in different shades available on its shop list.

Most Popular Oxwhite Items across categories

Oxwhite products boast immense recognition among the masses. We have compiled a list of the most popular items at Oxwhite that connect with the customers due to their supremacy.

Slim Fit Men Polo Tee

Slim Fit Men Polo Tee is one of the most popular Oxwhite shirts, which has resonated with the audiences because of its caliber that ticks multiple boxes. Available in various colors that include white, black, purple, grey, yellow, etc., this shirt holds its own through its simplicity. With no design on the front, the T-shirt gives all the classic vibes that we want to exhibit through our dressing.

The main feature of this shirt is its fitting. The slim-fit shirt is manufactured in alignment with the Asian body, features, and demands. Gone are the days when oversized clothing used to be the primary choice, with fitted shirts being the new normal.

It is manufactured from a couple of materials that include polyester and cotton. It is an extensive and practical reflection of the brand’s dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing. Additionally, the shirt is highly comfortable in extremely hot weather conditions due to special weaving techniques applied during manufacturing. Therefore, this Oxwhite shirt is one you would not like to miss out on!

Women Pleated Skirt

Oxwhite, along with its casual clothing options, has a reputation for offering expansive women’s clothing. The women’s pleated skirt sits right up there with the best products at Oxwhite due to its apt representation of what the brand stands for, which happens to be simplicity coupled with products tailor-made for Asian bodies. With a white upper part, the swirly half is available in sky blue, peach, and beige.

This maxi skirt is based on the fundamentals of comfort. A highly stretchable elastic waist ensures comfort for people of different body structures. Beautiful pleats add to the overall feel of the skirt, which exudes classical and royal vibes. If you’re worried about see-through skirts, this one comprises a double-layer with an opaque inner lining. It is made up of polyester, which is an extension of the company’s policy to ensure environmentally friendly manufacturing.

A skirt is an option that can be considered on multiple occasions. Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a birthday, gathering, party, or royal dinner, the Pleated Skirt can be your partner on any of these occasions. Through its offering of diverse usage, it further involves the customers. Therefore, it is a wonderful dressing option to have in your wardrobe!

Clutch Bag

Women are always on the lookout for bags, and this Oxwhite bag ensures maximum comfort. Clutch bags are mostly expected to promise minimal space. However, this clutch bag differentiates from the myth through its high capacity because of its vertically extended structure. Available in dark green, silver, and jet black with no design upfront, the bag presents a good ode to classical fashion.

The clutch bag comprises two multi-function pockets and one zipper pocket at the top. The zipper pocket with a fabric lining wrist strap ensures easy portability. It is made of Korean nylon and microfiber with the zip put together from premium quality metal. The simplicity and spacious nature of this clutch bag make it a wonderful option for customers who are mostly on the go.

The Foundation, Emergence, and Goals of Oxwhite

Oxwhite Founder CK Changr conceived the idea for the creation of Oxwhite through a simple yet satisfactory clothing experience. The notion behind the inception of this home-grown brand was to fulfill the need for fine clothing among the masses. The emergence of Oxwhite through the years has been immense. How it has managed to fit into the mould of modern-day fashion while maintaining an ethnic core is appreciable.

Oxwhite Malaysia has always been devoted to providing wholesome customer experiences. In its devotion to this prospect, it has set pricing structures highly reasonable for the common man to make fashion accessible. This motive has played a huge role in diversifying fashion because of its ability to include the lower classes. Oxwhite has always been dedicated to crafting pieces cut out for the Asian body to make people comfortable in what they wear. Oxwhite discount codes have also made for better shopping experiences for buyers because of their rewarding nature.

Moreover, the brand has taken on a mature stance towards the changing environment through which it has managed to craft a policy that is a role model for businesses around the globe. There has been an intentional direction toward using polyester in shirt manufacturing. Additionally, there has been a motivated effort for reusable packaging. The brand holds elevated goals for enhancing this business to make a brand that resonates with diversified populations. Check out Oxwhite collections and categories on their website.

Oxwhite in Collaboration with Atome

Oxwhite in Collaboration with Atome

Headquartered in Singapore with over 10,000 partnered merchants and available in 10 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services.

The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

So if you’re looking to shop from Oxwhite Malaysia, don’t forget to choose Atome as your payment method and divide your purchase into three payments! Additionally, an Oxwhite discount code can also be utilized to further bring down the purchase cost.

How to pay for your purchases from Oxwhite through Atome

Paying for your favorite products through Atome app is very easy. Follow these three steps to complete the payment process:

  1. Choose Atome as your payment method at the checkout menu
  2. Enter user credentials on the following menu
  3. Complete your first payment and conclude the purchase

Ending Thoughts

Oxwhite has set new standards for online shopping sites. Therefore, if you’re looking for products that promise quality, durability, style, and comfort, Oxwhite Malaysia is the place to be! And make sure you complete the payment through Atome to divide your purchase into three payments, and thank us later!

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