Ensure Your Child’s Safety during Car Rides with Quinton

by jiatongma

Feb 03 2023

Travelling through transportation, there might be some hidden safety hazards to be aware of. No matter what transportation it is, motorcycle, bicycle, car, bus or flight must be designed compulsorily with safety devices such as seat belt, helmet and bus grab handle to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

For adults, they have awareness to protect themselves by using these devices when they are travelling whereas children do not have the knowledge and mobility to access the safety devices. In fact, the first child safety seat was invented in 1960 by the American Leonard Rivkin to strengthen the protection of children in vehicles.

Why does a baby ride need a baby chair?

First of all, in terms of physical size, babies are a lot smaller than average adults. Hence, a baby chair is needed so that children can have meals with their parents at a proper distance and height.

Considering the unexpected activities from toddlers and children, a baby chair is needed so that the little ones are restricted from contact with items that are hot and sharp. A baby chair restraints the range of activities of children as it is a seat with restraint equipment, which can also prevent children from the event of a car accident and ensure their safety of children.

Some of countries have implemented certain laws which require vehicles that carry children to have child seats, such as China, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The features of Quinton baby chair

Quinton’s baby chairs have their own characteristics to provide convenience for the parents and safety for the children. Infinite 360° and One spin 360° are the new generation design baby seats that enable the product to spin 360° angle. This brings convenience to parents even in and out with a door facing angle when they are traveling.

It is also able to assist in the direction of children as the 360° orbital rotation enables parents to comfortably face their children when boarding or leaving the seat. Besides, the weight of a child from newborn to 36kg is allowed to be put in the baby seats. In vehicles, Quinton Infinite 360 suggests that toddlers under 9 kg should be put in a forward-facing posture, which keeps the small ones even safer and helps prevent overuse.

Coco highchair is a daily chair that they highly recommend to be used by children while they are taking their meals. It is suitable for infants and toddlers, as it is loaded with useful features to make mealtimes enjoyable. Coco highchair is the only highchair the parents ever need as it has a special infant cradle mode, multi-stage reclines, and 7 adjustable height options that enhance in terms of safety and flexibility for both children and parents.

Another unique feature of the Coco highchair is the compact fold for easy storage when not in use, applying the easy folding manner that corresponds with the concept of cutting down the storing space needed.

What is Quinton? What else does it have?

Quinton Baby Malaysia specializes in creating infant products that provide customers with a more just, healthy, and secure environment. Not only can you discover the best baby furniture at the lowest prices at Quinton, but also amiable and joyful individuals. Quinton is made up of dependable, polite, and professional staff, who constantly ensure that the customers will be highly satisfied with the services they provide. Customers can rely on Quinton when it comes to the baby’s needs as they absolutely put emphasis on the safety of the youngest users as their priority.

Besides the baby seat, Quinton also provides other baby’s supplies, such as a stroller, play mat, and baby potty. All of the designs are ergonomically designed to ensure the safety and comfort of the child when using their products. Quinton also provided a warranty for their products in order to ensure the quality was in good condition. The warranty for baby chairs will be 1 year while baby car seats will be 3 years. There is a point that customers should take note of is their warranty register must be done after 30 days of purchase in Malaysia.

Quinton comes out with the SAFE CAR SEAT PROGRAM which offers parents the opportunity to replace the seat with a new one. In other words, Quinton keeps up with the customers by helping poor families to reduce their burdens as well as reducing wastage for the environment.

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Safety always comes first, especially for the little ones. The baby seats are designed in the hope that children are able to enjoy the accompany with their parents and at the same time enrich their relationship in safe and sound.

Quinton is the first choice for parents to consider as they prioritize children’s safety, comfort and parents’ convenience when designing their products. However, parents should not rely on the device to protect the children, they also need to ensure the environment of children staying is safe to minimize accidents. Ultimately, prevention is better than a cure.

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