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by jasmine

Apr 19 2022

Have you ever seen a snow flower? If you haven’t, check out some of the images on google. In Korean translation, this flower is called Sulwhasoo, and It is a most enchanting plant, almost magical in its subtle and graceful beauty. An unparalleled elegance emanates from each bud and each blooming flower that hangs like a snowflake suspended on a vibrant green stalk.

As if taken into a visual description of some elfen forest with mystical jungles and eerie, captivating creatures, this plant’s irresistible charm will leave you speechless, and so will its unmatched resilience. Sulwhasoo is known to survive in even the most challenging circumstances, and this is what the brand Sulwhasoo is based on, having vowed to value every woman’s inner strength.

In Malaysia, Sulwhasoo introduces a beauty and skincare line completely unheard of before. Its remarkable use of indigenous medicinal herbs in traditional Korean fashion that result in formulas known to fortify your inner strength and bring balance to your energies is truly the mark of a new dawn in Malaysia’s beauty and skincare industry.

We scoured Sulwhasoo’s website (click here) and chose some of the most popular items trending in the store. Have a read and fall in love with the brand and everything it has to offer! You will surely be deeply moved by its holistic approach to skincare!

Is Sulwhasoo a luxury?

Sulwhasoo is Amorepacific’s signature luxury brand. With 50 years of dedicated research on legendary Korean Ginseng and a rare element from the scarce plant, Sulwhasoo has formulated innovative skin solutions by infusing wisdom and modern science to awake skin’s radiance that is from confidence with a healthy glow. Below are some of its fantastic skincare collections! There must be one that is worth your try.

Sulwhasoo Malaysia

Sulwhasoo’s innovative product collections

Sulwhasoo first care activating serum 60ML

Use this anti-aging serum to bring back radiance and freshness to your skin. Its enhanced JAUM Activator™️ revives your skin’s natural glow and leaves you looking more youthful than ever after just a single application.

This Sulwhasoo serum has a potent moisturizer in its formula that will leave your skin with a strong moisture barrier, preventing it from becoming dry throughout the day.

Sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask

Using an overnight mask is a routine skincare practice. Confused about what you should buy? You need a Sulwhasoo mask on your shelf!

This product will keep your skin healthy and give it the nourishment and care it needs as you sleep soundly throughout the night. Notice the phenomenal change in your skin when you wash your face with lukewarm water the next morning; we’re sure it will leave you pleasantly surprised!

Sulwhasoo clarifying mask

Suitable for all skin types, this peel-off mask will remove any dead skin, illuminate your skin and clear it of any impurities, making it softer and more nourished.

Concentrated Ginseng renewing eye cream 20ML

This product is a game-changer for your eye care routine. Its three-way resilience boosting effect will target five major wrinkle-prone areas around your eye and give an overall smooth-looking skin. Use this product to bring back the liveliness in your expressions with many healthier-looking eyes!

Timetreasure invigorating eye cream

Use this Sulwhasoo eye cream to make your skin look firmer and bring back some youthful vigor into your eyes.

The product is infused with Upright Korean Red Pine blended with Poria cocos also and also has anti-aging properties that will give you extraordinary results in just a short time of use.

Gentle cleansing oil

With our climate and the level of pollution we have today, everyone absolutely needs a cleanser to get out all that gunk you accumulate on your skin throughout the day.

Sulwhasoo cleansing oil is your go-to product to add to your daily routine. This completely removes any fine impurities such as dust in your pores to give you much clearer and healthier-looking skin.

[New] perfecting cushion

Sulwhasoo cushion is new in the store and a product that will leave you in awe. Its strong coverage will give your skin a smooth finish without resorting to any stickiness. The soft texture of the cushion will be gentle on your skin and keep your makeup looking stunning throughout the day.

essential lip serum stick

We all know how important lip color is to give your makeup that sense of completeness. With Sulwhasoo’s lip serum stick, you will not be disappointed. Available in more than 10 shades, this lip serum stick locks in the moisture on your lips to give a long-lasting effect on your lips.

The surprise!

Can’t resist, can you? Neither can we! So get your wallets ready and go onto the online store of the brand Sulwhasoo to review all the products mentioned and more. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself splurging!

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What’s Atome?

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Scan QR code to download Atome app
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When shopping at Sulwhasoo Malaysia, enjoy exciting discount vouchers on Sulwhasoo’s services and products.

How to use Atome?

Use Atome’s groundbreaking app to ease the process of making payments when buying from Malaysia’s number one skincare and beauty store. Here’s how you can go about it:

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Skincare in Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, and with it comes a grueling routine, tiring days, and lack of sleep. In your quest to find spiritual sustenance, don’t forget to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. Visit Sulwhasoo’s online store and make the most out of Atome’s mind-bending offer to upgrade your skincare routine with the best blends known to mankind. Come to pick your desired Sulwhasoo items to celebrate Ramadan right now!

Concluding thoughts

Are you in Malaysia and ready to join the movement that will change how people have viewed and consumed skincare and makeup forever? We sure are!

Make the most out of your shopping experience by paying through Atome’s savvy and exciting app. Its flexible payment methods let you divide your bill into 3 payments, without any extra charges or interest charges! Shop at Sulwhasoo, Atome’s partnered brand, this Ramadan and get the best deals on your purchases.

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