The Pencil Skirt – An All-Rounded Choice for Women of All Age Groups

by Starry

Sep 29 2021

These days, we can see skirts in a massive variety of types and lengths, and as with all other kinds of apparel, they are made in a variety of different fabrics. Usually, this determines whether the skirt is worn for professional or casual purposes. Out of all the varieties of skirts, when we talk about the pencil skirt, it is known to be the most dependable and popular one as it is capable of showing off your figure.

For a skirt that has been around for over a century, a pencil skirt has always been a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Several people have talked about the effect of this skirt type on fashionistas for many decades all over the world. Different kinds of these skirts, including a knit pencil skirt or a black mini pencil skirt, can make a great addition to any closet.

What is a pencil skirt?

A woman’s skirt which has a straight and narrow cut is known to be a pencil skirt, and it usually hugs the woman’s body curves. When we talk about the pencil skirt length, it usually ends at or below the knee. In the 1950s, the pencil skirt was quite a popular style and was seen frequently in women’s office wear. When we go back to the earlier versions, these go back to 1915 and are around the ankle length.

As the pencil skirt is a little restrictive, it can feature a kick pleat or a black slit to give women some more room to walk. Although every year’s fashion may declare it to be out or assert its preeminence, it still survives and remains a popular style all over the world. It usually is sold as a part of a women’s suit, and one can pair it with jackets of any length. The pencil skirt length varies from time to time, so any length that is above the knee may not be this style, and it can also be called a mini-skirt.

A pencil skirt goes through across all seasons

The American apparel pencil skirt is among the most popular ones, and a delicate way of using it is a peplum top. There is no doubt that the peplum top can highlight the waist and offers an hourglass shape because of its wide bottom. A user can wear a black mini pencil skirt for work or in the evenings with a built as waist accessory. Other than that, a pullover with a jacket can work great as a light top.

Types of the pencil skirt

If you would like to work this iconic piece into your style but you are not unsure about the different types, then there are different pencil skirt types that you can find easily in the market.

  • Buttoned pencil skirt

You can never go wrong with a buttoned pencil skirt if you are planning for a meeting at the office, an evening out with friends, or any time when you would like to have a structured or sleek silhouette. Nowadays, this high-waisted design has become a trend, and out of the different designs, the black one with gold buttons can stand out with combination. It can either be paired with a crisp white shirt and flats and then for dinner in the evening; you can switch into the pumps.

  • Knit pencil skirt

When you wear different types of pencil skirts, you will have a kind of stiff feel from almost all of these; therefore, you need to try a knit pencil skirt if you plan on wearing something more convenient. A knit pencil skirt has side slits and is somewhat stretchy, which makes it excellent for your daily wear. You should keep in mind that this particular skirt can make you posh enough for any special occasion.

  • Tweed pencil skirt

It would be best for you if you kept in mind that the work gear should never be boring, and the best way to do this is to use a tweed pencil skirt that offers some vibrant colors in a classic print. You can also find a good variety on the American apparel pencil skirt that would look great. You can pair it above your knee with a coordinating blazer for total vibes, or go for a bodysuit so that you can make a tailored look work great for a night out.

  • Camel pencil skirt

If you want to have a staple piece that can easily carry you through the fall and the winter, you can go for a camel pencil skirt that has a substantial and fully lined fabric. The camel pencil skirt stretch is superb, while the off-center slit can work significantly with the boots, as well as a concealed zipper to give you a complete, polished finish. If you like to stand out, you need to finish this great look with a camel pencil skirt stretch, a simple cardigan, a beach shirt as well as pearls.

Why should women buy a pencil skirt?

A pencil skirt is undoubtedly a staple for the closet of many professional women, and that is for a reason. This particular style is cut straight down and forms a rectangle when it is laid flat. The retailers have started to make these in a variety of fabrics, including cotton blends, colorful wools, and heavier jacquard prints.

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