Trusted Online Payments with Global Payments

by Starry

Sep 14 2021

With the option of global payments, there are better and more secure online transactions now, which is why most sites and trusted apps have started to use this technology for their online payments.

Global payments are an American company designed to provide better and safer technology for online payments. Because you never know who is sitting on the other side of the screen, it is better to take a trusted route. Global payments innovation is a plausible one.

Global payments innovation

When online payments are leveraged, Global payments have become a more trusted way of purchasing items. But what exactly is this global payment innovation? In simple words, the global payments innovation is an American company that provides different payment times required by the merchant.

You can purchase items and products through credit card or debit card, or any other way. Perks of such payment is you can gain 1-2% of your credit card transaction value.

Now, if you are wondering why should you trust another third-party site for your transactions other than directly paying for your items, well, there are plenty of reasons;

1. Global payments provide a safe and trusted transaction. When you are about to pay through your card or even account, the page that opens for you has a limited time on it, and it expires after a while. This secures the card details to be saved on the internet or any hacker to access your account. The site needs constant verification from you to carry out the transaction as privately as possible.

2. Directly paying on a site or an app may have an almost 50% chance of fraud. Online frauds are becoming highly common because it only takes a fake picture and a fake description to fool anyone.

With Global Payments, you can send money with ultimate trust that no other application provides; this global payment innovation provides a few safe sites that you can send your money to; if the site is suspicious or not on record, this site provides alarms and warnings to the cardholder before proceeding to transactions.

3. By using Global payments, you can retain a few points on your credit card, known as value percentage. When you use a credit card to pay, this site not only provides a safe environment but helps you gain 1-2% of your transaction value. After a certain percentage that you have as points on your credit card, you can use it as money on plenty of items. The point system for credit cards has become very popular and has become a point of interest for all credit cardholders.

4. This site already has a few sites allocated and familiarized with the algorithm, which helps make better decisions. Also, this site is user-friendly and has all the instructions on the main page for the user to understand and use.

Global payments Malaysia

Even though Global Payment is an American company and has become a trusted service in the US, this site is slowly branching out, such as the Global Payments Malaysia. This service now allows transactions in and out of Malaysia.

This means that the global payment Malaysia manages all the transactions that have been made to or from Malaysian brands and shops. This has plenty of apps collaborating with it, and the trusted payment can be made easily through the Malaysian site.  

Having a site that provides the possibility of changing currency is a very sophisticated one. It means that it has very high security on both ends; it has also been affiliated with card companies and banks to interchange currencies. When you log on to Global payments, you will see plenty of options on cards and banks. This shows that bank and card companies trust this site and made it their transaction merchant.

Money Theft

No one enters your house and takes money from your cupboard and your wallet in today’s world. Rather hackers get access to your bank through your credit card and even emails. Thanks to Global payments, you can now safely use your cards and not worry about being a victim of online theft or fraud.

Global payments careers

It is a known fact that with technology and digital innovations, most of the success made will be online or on computers. It is a vast industry, which is why Global payments have plenty of opportunities in global payments careers.


With different digital innovations, Atome has decided to collaborate with Global payments to provide secure payments to its customers and collaborated brands. Headquartered in Malaysia, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of more flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making higher-quality products more affordable.

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Is Atome safe?

The name Atome is an abbreviation of ‘Available-to-Me,’ which highlights the company’s dedication to making multiple products and services more accessible to its customers.

Since its inception in 2019, Atome has taken over the buy now, pay later scene by storm. Currently, it is functional in 8 Asian markets, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China. I believe such exponential growth is the biggest proof that transactions via Atome are one of the safest modes of payment.

Another factor that might bring you to trust Atome is its partnership with over 10000 renowned local and international brands. Companies like Nike, Sephora, OPPO, ASICS, JBL, Lenovo, and countless others give their customers the facility to pay bills via Atome.

It’s safe to say that Atome is indeed safe to use!

What does Atome bring to the table?

This application is based on cutting-edge technology to provide maximum ease and convenience. There isn’t one but several reasons why Global Payments Malaysia has come together with Atome; here are a few.

  • The application gives you the freedom to pay bills in three small payments without charging interest or service charges. You read that right, Atome offers its services free of cost!
  • Its user-friendly interface will allow you and your family to navigate the app in no time. You just need five minutes to download the application (get it here), sign up and get shopping!
  • Flexibility is a valuable trait, and Atome is all about it! You can use the application to pay for your online and in-store shopping haul. You would not have to step out of your comfort zone to take advantage of the application.
  • Atome gives you easy access to so many brands’ products and services that it is impossible to mention all of them! If you previously found a brand to be too pricey, this app will rectify that.
  • Atome shoppers are eligible for several deals, vouchers, and discounts at affiliate brands, so get ready to save some bucks!

How to use Atome?

In-store payment

  1. Open the application on your phone.
  2. Use it to scan Atome’s QR code located at the checkout counter.
  3. Enter the total amount of your bill.
  4. Apply the available discount code, if any.
  5. Review the payment schedule and make the first payment.
  6. Leave with your haul, and the app will automatically deduct the remaining payments when they are due.

Online payment

  1. Select Atome to pay for your purchases when checking out.
  2. Sign in to your Atome account or create a new one.
  3. Enter the total amount of your bill.
  4. Apply the available discount code, if any.
  5. Review the payment schedule and make the first payment.
  6. Your order will be shipped, while the app will take care of the remaining two payments when they are due.


Technological advancements like Global Payment Malaysia and Atome have simplified shopping and paying bills. You no longer have to worry about carrying enough cash or going over budget. A lot of people have already switched from traditional payment modes to the latest ones, and it’s high time that you do it too!

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