Seasonal Staples for Every Man’s Winter Wardrobe

by jiatongma

Jan 10 2023

Seasons come and go, but what remains constant is the desire to look dashing throughout the year. Winter is an absolutely beautiful time of the year, albeit a little cold and chilly. However, the latter can be rectified by making sure you know exactly what you need for a perfect winter capsule wardrobe. Truly, when it comes to dressing for the weather, certain items are considered absolute must-haves, so you can stay warm and look incredibly stylish. If you’re in search of style inspiration in the icy temperature, look no further- here are some toasty and trendy wardrobe essentials for every man.

Sweater weather

For those living or heading to countries with winters that are often mild, with temperatures rarely reaching single digits, and also without the threat of snow, then luckily you would have more legroom to experiment with more casual, seasonal fabrics. For example, the classic round neck sweater, is perfect for just about any social or business situation when paired with a nice collared shirt underneath.

The classic crew neck sweater may seem like the default choice, but what’s great about that is that there are so many fantastic choices and variations. In fact, crooknecks probably come in more ‘flavors’ than Baskin-Robbins. While there is nothing wrong with a versatile monochromatic sweater, do not be afraid to get adventurous with vibrant or eclectic colors in various fabrics and silhouettes.

You could also change it up a little by playing around with textures, such as Intersil knits, classic cashmere, plush teddy bear-Esque bouclé- the different textures instantly change up a look, especially when paired with different types of overwear, like trucker jackets, fleece or flannel.

In addition to that, if you are thinking of injecting a little more artistic flair to your winter wardrobe, then the mock neck sweater is your friend. It is essentially like the turtleneck’s more laid back little brother, and it can be styled up and down in multiple ways. Our favorite way to style it is to rock a thick, relaxed mock neck sweater paired with some baggy chinos and a pair of loafers to really give that modern-day beatnik vibes.

If you are a fan of layering up, then you might want to give the iconic sweater vest a shot- it is perfect for those that want to show off the cut of their shirts without exposing their cores to the cold elements. It also looks amazing underneath all kinds of outerwear, without adding unnecessary bulk to your build. The sweater vest trend has really been ramping up in the fashion scene lately, and we are all here for it.

Truly, you can’t go anywhere freezing without a good sweater. Next to winter jackets, sweaters are the most fun part of your winter wardrobe. You can really turn some heads around with a sweet cable knit pullover with a classic button-down shirt-add a blazer to the mix, and you would be exuding hot professor vibes. You could also give the classic look a more urban twist by wearing an oversized jumper and adding a zip hoodie or fleece jacket on top for some mad cosy fit that will warm and thaw through the harsh winter.

The classic gentleman’s coat

Unfortunately, layering up with fleeces, hoodies and over-shirts might be all well and good, but when the biting cold comes, nothing compares to a proper winter coat. For those living or heading to colder climates, a winter coat is an absolute necessity to your winter wardrobe. Modern, sophisticated, and fashionable, winter coats are available in a wide variety of styles, but if you are looking for ones that give great insulation, it is better to go with wool or cotton fabric.

For most winter coats, it is recommended for the inner part be fully lined. Not only does this make slipping on the garment a smoother experience, but it also prevents any unwanted snags when any knitwear you wear beneath it comes into contact.

Some gentlemen tend to prefer the appearance of long winter coats that almost trail the ground behind them, but for those that want that to exude an air of chivalry without any hassle, a standard winter coat will pretty much do the trick.

Puffer up

Puffer jackets are a great option for the snowy season, as it consists of a quilted fabric that is insulated with either duck or geese feathers, which allows the jacket to retain warm air in between the layers. As puffers have a waterproof and windproof outer shell, and filled with down or synthetic insulation, it is the ultimate and ideal option for fun snow activities.

The best way to rock a puffer jacket while out in the grim winter weather is to incorporate some color-blocking patterns while keeping the rest of your outfit pared back and understated. We recommend a thick, heavy-duty puffer in a monochromatic shade and layer it with a bright flannel shirt and a contrasting T-shirt or roll neck on top, with neutral heavy denim or cargo trousers on the bottom. Shoe-wise, we would go for a pair of dark hiking boots with a dark fisherman beanie to keep that head warm.

Rebel with a Jacket; The Harrington

And no, we are not talking about the Stranger Things heartthrob, ‘Steve Harrington’. The Harrington jacket, (also originally known as a baracuta jacket) is a classic, lightweight, waist-length jacket usually made from either cotton, wool, polyester or suede. This jacket was a staple a few decades ago, popularized by an iconic style symbol of 50’e youth; the timeless heartthrob, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause as well as Steve McQueen, who wore the Harrington Jacket on the cover of Life, one of the world’s most notable magazines. Now, the jacket is considered more ‘vintage’ but no less iconic or beloved, as it suits all kinds of body types and personal styles, and is widely considered the ultimate trans-seasonal piece of outerwear, as you can rock it all year round.

Speaking of James Dean, he wore the jacket with the collar turned up and zipped just at the waist- exuding that sexy and bold, devilmay-caree attitude. In short, the Harrington jacket is the perfect stylish winter wear due to its detailing, simplicity, versatility, and, let’s face it, its super cool vibes. Our favorite way to style it is to pair it with dark blue jeans or chinos with an alogo-embossedd polo shirt for that casual smart look. Tie it up with crisp white trainers as well as a chunky wool sweater on colder days and you have an outfit that radiates an ivy league, old-school preppy aesthetic.

Winter footwear

If you are a sneakerhead, then you should let your sneakers hibernate during the winter and try out some shoes that are more suitable for the elements. Whether it be a pair of hiking boots, or army work boots, the point is to ensure that you would be able to frolic around or stomp through snow and slush with utter confidence. What good would a perfect winter outfit be if your footwear can’t keep the freezing water and snow out? Thankfully, there is a wide selection of stylish, winter-ready boots available out there. Personally, we prefer boots that are water-resistant and made from nylon or rubber soles- shearling-lined boots with rubber soles are known to be great for battling harsher climates.

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