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by jasmine

May 11 2022

Have you ever tried to shop for your sports items from Al-ikhsan online? Established in 1993, Al-Ikhsan Malaysia is a leading name in the Bumiputra retailer sportswear industry and is a popular, cheaper, and the most sought-after brand in Malaysia. It is distinctive, exquisite, and exclusive, which sets it a class apart from all the other competing brand stores in the game. Moreover, it retails apparel, footwear, and sports equipment from the top guns in the game, such as Al-Ikhsan Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Lotto, Asics, Skechers, Under Armour, Canterbury, Speedo, and Fila, to name a few!

Al-Ikhsan sports

Al-Ikhsan has a diverse range of sporting products to cater to the needs of all ages and sexes. It has a separate section for men, women, and kids. Specializing in footwear, it has shoes for all sorts of sporting and non-sporting activities and occasions, such as futsal shoes, Al-Ikhsan running shoes, basketball shoes, boots, slippers, training shoes, court shoes, sandals, etc.

Apart from that, there’s a section of apparel in Al-Ikhsan stores, which is often overlooked, such as football jerseys, round necks, polo shirts, pants, base layers (tights), jackets, etc. The clothing line is made from intricate processes to make sure the wearer can enjoy the soft, breathable fabric. There are also miscellaneous sporting and daily accessories like caps, socks, bags, balls, and football accessories.

So, this sports brand can be thought of as a single destination for athletes to shop and complete their ensemble. What’s best is the fact that you have all the big brands under one roof, so you need not open countless tabs on your phone/laptop to compare between different brands when you can do just that in a single app.

Al-Ikhsan is gaining traction…

Since its inception, Al-Ikhsan has exponentially bloomed in success with over 125 stores all over Peninsular Malaysia and is the winner of the 2011’s ASEAN Business outstanding award. 2016 was yet another year of a turning point in the history of Al-Ikhsan Sport as the Government-linked PE fund Ekuinas (Ekuiti Nasional Berhad) bought up 35 % shares in Al-Ikhsan Sports.

The largest outlet opened in MyTOWN Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur (Al-Ikhsan Kuala Lumpur) in 2017. Apart from this, as mentioned already, there’s a myriad of Al-Ikhsan stores. Still, some of the bigger outlets include Al-Ikhsan Factory Outlet in Skudai- Johor, and Al-Ikhsan Sport Sunway Pyramid in Petaling Jaya- Selangor.

You’ll find plenty of other outlets when you search for Al-Ikhsan near me online. Suppose you want to be area-specific to find Al-Ikhsan stores near you. In that case, you could search for Al-Ikhsan Alor Setar, Al-Ikhsan Penang, Al-Ikhsan Melaka, Al-Ikhsan Sungai Petani, Al-Ikhsan Ipoh, Al-Ikhsan Kota Bharu, Al-Ikhsan Kuala Lumpur, to name a few examples. You’ll find such stores within these cities.

Al-ikhsan malaysia

Why try Al-Ikhsan Sports products?

You’re not to blame if the flamboyant introduction didn’t cut to the chase, and you’re still here instead of shopping at Al-Ikhsan online. It’s a cumbersome task to be treading unchartered territories and exploring new options that, too online, seem a bit too much.

But no need to fret; Al-Ikhsan is not just a brand; it’s a family. Our customers and their valuable feedback are paramount to our growth and success. This is why you shouldn’t settle for our word; hear what our fraternity has to say about us on Reddit and Facebook reviews! You’d find mixed reviews and mostly intrigued individuals trying Al-Ikhsan online for the first time, who are equally skeptical about the prices being too good to be true as you might be!

Al-Ikhsan’s promise of delivering the best is attributed to its discipline of following its principles of keeping the customers satisfied, which became a testimonial for its unfaltering success.

Al-Ikhsan has also made waves in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities and is known to conduct philanthropic and humanitarian activities because it, as a corporate, believes in giving back to the community beyond measure. The CSR activities include Education, Donation, and Responsible Individual Enlightenment programs. These CSR activities focused on helping mothers and orphans, helping the poor go back to school, conducting Public Relations with Zakat institutions, educating the staff in Human Capital sessions, etc.

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So, to sum it up…

Al-Ikhsan sport has a reputable name in the sportswear industry and is needless of an introduction. It’s a trusted brand for sportswear, specializing in footwear but also offering apparel and accessories of all sorts and catering to all age groups and sexes. Happy shopping to you!

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